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The Dreamcatcher

Time for a casual look, YAYZORS.  For today's post, I styled a fun yet comfy outfit for a chill day with frands.  Isn't it amazing how shoes and sunnies can transform an entire look? I mean, I know I'm biased - this is my blog and all (ha) - but the half-tint sunnies and strappy sandals really make a difference.  If you're looking for cute affordable sunnies, make sure to check out Sunglass Warehouse. They have awesome picks for sweet prices.  What are you waiting for? Go check them out!
MY SHIRT HAS MINI-HEARTS ON THEM!  I had to use caps.  How else would I convey my excitement?  When I saw this tee, I legit flipped out. Well done, The Girl That Loves, well done ::slow clap:: Make sure to pick one up for yourself HERE...
A close up of my temporary dreamcatcher tattoo.  I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Tattoo For a Week and I'm obsessed!  I've always wanted a tat, but the whole "you-have-it-until-you-die" kept me from getting one, haha.  I'll definitely be sporting different ones for fun from now on.  I'm not gonna lie.  I felt like a total BAMF sporting this around!
 Tee:  c/o The Girl That Loves ($29)
Temporary Tattoo:  c/o Tattoo For a Week ($4)
Jacket:  c/o Aeropostale 
Jeans:  Bongo via Kohl's - old
Shoes:  c/o Deb ($49.90)
Sunnies:  c/o Sunglass Warehouse ($14.41)
Bag:  c/o Chicwish


  1. nice outfit :))

  2. Love the temporary tattoo.....are you thinking of getting inked?

  3. love your tattoo ><
    you're so pretty too :3

  4. I agree, sunglasses change one's look so radically (:
    Love your tattoo, even if it's omly temporart, why not make it a real one?

  5. That's such a cool tattoo !
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  6. You look so charming and pretty) That top is absolutely great, I'd love to own same one)
    BTW Happy international women's day! Wishing you a great day;)

  7. Amazing look, that temporary tattoo looks pretty cool! :D

  8. amazing outfit. I will use as inspiration....or copy it lol :-)

  9. Lovely look!!

    Hope you have a lovely day and I'm looking forward to your next post :)
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  10. cool outfit! Happy IWD! I like that temporary tattoo!

  11. It's perfect! Those shoes are insane! I have the same tat, but haven't worn it yet! I think I'm going to have to copy Miley and put it on my ribs... I just need the perfect outfit to show it off! Might need to wait until spring break to show that one off!
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  12. that's gorgeous! and I loveeeee those sandals!(:
    That's a fake tattoo!I never would have guessed,it looks so real!(:
    I might have to get one of those,it looks great(:

    Courtney Dunsmore

  13. You're very great :)
    Super awesome work
    Love it so much!!!

  14. Your tattoo is fab, I really need to get one
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    Have a nice day

  15. These heels are completely fabulous! I love this look on you and you definitely know how to rock leather!

  16. love your jacket!
    that temp tattoo is so awesome

  17. Sweet pictures and a lovely look - amazing shirt! :)

  18. Great casual look! Love the shoes! Amazing!

    xo, Kenya