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Savvy Style Series: Haul Post

It's time for a haul post, errbody. generously gave me a $300 gift card to buy whatever I wanted.  Hell to the yes.  Oh the perks of being a Savvy Style Blogger ::grins:: Oh, and FYI all of the clothing pictured below is from Charlotte Russe...

1.  Textured Cross-back Skater ($20.25) - I loved this dress so much that I bought another one in yellow.  The cross-back's a bit different, but it's pretty much the same design.  CR dresses run small so size up.  I usually wear XS but S fits me perfectly here.
2.  Topshop Coral Necklace ($28) - I'm SO obsessed with this necklace.  The flowers are so cute and springy!  I bought this piece at Nordstrom - it's my first official Topshop buy.  Anywho, if you're lookin' to shop there anytime soon, check out these Nordstrom coupon codes beforehand for the best deal possible.
3.  Lace Bell Sleeve Chiffon Shift ($21.75) - Super cute dress.  I love the lacy sleeves!  If you're looking for a chic shift dress, you're welcome in advance. 
4.  Raglan Lace Skater ($21.75) - Another cute dress option.  SUCH a pretty color - I love anything mint! It's a little on the short side so I might actually have to skip heels for once.  Oh the agony!
5.  Box-Pleated High-Waisted Skater ($16.20) - I'm not crazy about this skirt.  The material isn't great, and the design isn't that flattering.  I may have to return this ::sigh::  We'll see!
6.  Cut-out Tribal Print Hi-lo Dress ($20.25) - LOVE this dress.  As you can see, I'm a huge fan of cutouts and prints!  Tribal anything is totally "in" this season so if you want to be "trendy" - whatever that means - check this dress out!  OH, and the back has a cut-out as well.  
7.  Textured Cross-back Skater ($20.25) - This is the skater I was talking about! Which one do you guys like more?  The yellow or coral picture above?
8.  Tulip Peplum Mini ($15.30) - Super cute skirt.  It's tight though, so if you're not a fan of body-con, this piece is not for you.  
9.  Crisscrossing Cut-out Skater ($21.75) - This dress is definitely my FAVORITE thing here!  I styled it HERE a couple days ago. It's SO sexy.  Wear this and you'll definitely be breakin' necks ::grins::  

Anywho, I hope you guys enjoyed my haul post.  I didn't want to bore ya'll with a super long review so I kept it short and sweet. If you have any questions, feel free to tweet me, FB me, whatever, you get the point!  FYI:  if you'd like to purchase any of these items, surf for Charlotte Russe coupon codes first!  There are a couple of cool promotions going on right now so make sure to take advantage of them.  Oh, and the prices above are what I personally paid - they had a baller dress promotion going on at the time.  I think they're currently more expensive.  Just givin' you guys a heads up!