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4 Statement Necklaces You NEED in Your Life

It's no secret that I'm a HUGE fan of statement jewelry.  I mean, I talk about fabulous accessories on the daily, but I have yet to share my essentials all in one place SO I thought I'd feature 4 favorites for you guys today on SS.  The following necklaces are all available online at JWholesale for ridiculously low prices, and no, I was NOT paid to write this post so I'm making zero $$$.  Anywho, without further ado, let's tackle no. 1:

If this necklace looks familiar, it's because it totally should.  I've worn it on SS several times already in both silver AND gold! The piece oozes steeze and elevates any and every ensemble.  I recommend purchasing it in both colors because of its cool versatility.  To see the full outfit post, click here.

I can't get over how cute this piece is.  If you're looking to elevate your style game for date night or a fun night out with friends, purchase this STAT.  It looks great with plunging + boat necklines and turtlenecks, and it's perfect for those of you looking to instantly glam up your OOTN!  To see more from this post, click here.

Hands down, my favorite by far!  I haven't found anything quite like it, and I just can't get enough of the design. Up your texture game tenfold with this gorgeous piece.  I seriously can't recommend it enough!  It looks WAY more expensive than it actually is and could easily pass as a designer item. Like the round choker mentioned above, this works for both casual and dressy settings!  To see more from this post, click here.

This stunning statement piece is a do on so many different levels.  It sparkles like nobody's business and steps up your everyday style game tenfold.  Wear it on top of a comfy knit + skinny jeans for a killer casual ensemble that slays.

Andddd that's it for today!  What do you guys think of these necklaces? Do you have a personal favorite?  Oh, and before I forget, I have to tell you guys about JWholesale's store policy real quick. You have to purchase a minimum of $50 to shop there.  I know that seems steep, but you have NO idea how much stuffs you can get there for that amount, and they have a gi-GAN-tic selection available so you'll be able to fulfill that minimum easily.  Let me know if you have any questions, and remember to check back DAILY - I've decided to blog 7 days a week so there will be new content EVERY day.


  1. We <3 you Kim! Thank you for being so genuine and generous! Have a Blessed and Kick Butt Day!

  2. The Fringe Necklace is my favorite!
    All of the necklaces makes a good statement piece. :)

  3. All very attractive. . . especially like the third one. Michael

  4. Not a great fan of necklaces, but all of these looks great on you,..

  5. A statement necklace is perfect and the easiest way to add chic to a casual look. My fav is the round pendant I find it beautiful and minimal.

  6. cute necklace !


  7. All your necklaces are so amazing and you really know how to wore them and pair them with your amazing ootd, keep inspiring ^^