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Strong is the New Skinny

Alright guys, it's time for this month's fitness update!  Things have been especially tough for me as of late - I had my fourth and final doctoral comp a few days ago - but I've been keeping up with my regimen like a good girl.  I'm currently finishing up week 2 of T25 Gamma, and I couldn't be prouder. These workouts are no freakin' joke - there are four new modules this month, and they're all pretty ridiculous: Speed 3.0, Rip't Up, Extreme Circuit, and The Pyramid.  Shaun T definitely knows what he's doing, and he raises the bar with these circuits.  With the exception of Speed 3.0, everything is weighted.  I can feel myself getting stronger day by day, which is all sorts of awesomesauce.

I can't wait to finish up and tackle Insanity Max 30 next.  I was a huge fan of the original program, so I'm excited to give the shorter version a go.  I gotta admit that I'm a little intimidated though because T25's categorized as intermediate on Beachbody, while Insanity Max 30 is considered "advanced."  I mean, I thought T25 was pretty advanced, but I guess not? Ha. I'll have to see what happens.  

Also, I haven't weighed myself in ages, but the last time I checked, I was 110lbs.  I haven't been doing SUPER well with my diet, but I started eating clean again a few days ago (aka after my exam) so I'm not really worried about it. I have really bad anxiety and I deal with it by eating - NOT good, but hey, we all have our issues.  Luckily, I wasn't scarfing down TOO much garbage!

On another note, I'm planning on experimenting with thermogenics this month so I'll let you guys know what happens with all of that.  My BF recommended them to me so I figured why not?  I've never taken weight loss supplements before so it'll be an interesting experience to say the least.  They apparently speed up your metabolism with caffeine and other ingredients!  I've never been big on pills, but the manfriend's taken them before and he's still alive and kicking so I take comfort in that. Anywho, I'll keep y'all posted, and before I leave you, here's this month's playlist.  Enjoy!


  1. Yes I agree strong and fit is the new skinny,..

  2. Great playlist! I've been obsessed with "HandClap" by Fitz and The Tantrums. :)