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Checking Out the Baltimore Aquarium

I can't even begin to tell you guys how much I loved exploring the National Aquarium!  It's hands down one of the most amazing places I've ever visited.  With close to 20,000 animals (including birds, frogs, sharks, and dolphins), you'll spend a good three hours just walking around.  
The building itself was super impressive - I was definitely a huge fan of their architecture.  I loved that they had a big area with "open water," and I may or may not have spent a good 20 minutes or so watching a giant 3-finned sea turtle swim around.
...this wasn't him, but isn't he ridiculously cute?
I totally found Nemo here, but he was swam away before I could get a good shot of him.  You can kind of see him at the bottom though!
The aquarium had SO many amazing exhibits, but my favorites were Blacktip Reef, Shark Alley, Upland Tropical Rainforest, and Jellies Invasion.  You can read all about them here if you'd like! They also live stream videos of their inhabitants so you can get a sneak peek from home if that tickles your fancy.
Here's a shot of the adorable jellies I got to touch!  For those of you interested, you can "pet" different animals here (ie. stingrays, crabs, and the like).
Fossilized creatures!
A golden lion tamarin (my new bestie) from the tropical rainforest exhibit!
I didn't get to check out the 4-D films this time around, but I hope to do so next time!  They're apparently 3-D films brought to life with multi-sensory effects like leg ticklers, scents, enhanced lighting + seat vibrations. They're currently playing Happy Feet and Coastal Predators.  

If you're looking to have a fun day with the fam or a date, head on over to the aquarium.  There's SO much to do, and you'll enjoy it regardless of your age/gender.  Tickets are $39.95, and they're open 10-4 Mondays through Thursdays, 10-8 on Fridays, and 10-5 on weekends.  For the best possible experience, visit before 11 or after 3 to avoid the rush.  


  1. Oh it must be such an experience!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. seems like you had fun !


  3. How fun! It looked like you had a great time at the aquarium. :)

  4. Those animals are all so adorable, especially the birds!