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Exploring R. House with DCFoodPorn

I'm SO beyond pumped to tell you guys all about my latest adventure at R. House with DCFoodPorn. Located in Remington, this space is, hands down, one of the COOLEST places I've ever been to. A few years back, Seawall assembled a group of ten BAMF chefs to launch new restaurants while transforming an old auto body shop into a 350-seat food hall.  

The decor was on point, and the food was impeccable.  Justin and I got to try dishes from several different stalls, and we were beyond impressed with it all.  We started with Hilo, a delish joint specializing in poke bowls and sushi.  Everything looked ridiculously yummy, but we decided to go with a sushi burrito with all sorts of nomtastic ingredients inside.  Unfortunately, I don't eat raw fish anymore so I passed on this, but Justin told me he really enjoyed it. 
Then we hit up White Envelope to try one of their famous arepas (crisp cornbread pockets).  I think this one was called the queen!  I don't remember everything in it exactly, but I believe it contained chicken thigh, beet, cilantro, and peas.  It came out piping hot, and each bite was a flavor explosion in my mouth.

Next, we hit up Blk // Sugar to try one of their ube croissants!  This pastry was seriously to DIE for, and the purple filling was such a fun surprise.  They also had cute cookie shots, macarons, and other nom delights!  
 Just look at that gooey goodness oozing out!
You'd think we'd be stuffed at this point, but we were still going strong.  We headed over to Stall 11 to check out their menu and ended up ordering a beautiful smoothie bowl to share!  If you're into clean eating, this is THE place for you.  They have fresh juices, locally-sourced vegetarian dishes, and lots more.
We finally ended our food adventure at Little Baby's Ice Cream where we each got two double-scoop cones.  They specialize in unique flavor combinations + non-dairy & vegan ice creams so there's something for everyone.  I got cucumber dill and chocolate salt malt; both were yum, but I really, REALLY want to go back and try earl grey sriracha, thai iced tea, and balsamic banana.  
Anywho, that's it for today.  If you're looking for a cool new place to work, hang or eat, make sure you check out R. House STAT.  It's like Union Market except homier!  Andddd I can pretty much guarantee you'll have a good time here so grab your lover or frand and head on over. Also, parking's free so that's a huge plus.

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