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SS Eats: Shake Shack's Limited Edition BBQ

Last week, Natalie (one of my besties) and I hit up the Shake Shack in Baltimore, MD to try their limited edition BBQ menu.  We sampled everything, which was all sorts of awesomesauce.  Here are the items we devoured: BBQ ShackMeister Burger, BBQ Chick'n Shack, BBQ Bacon Cheese Fries, and three different seasonal shakes.  
Crinkle-cut fries with bacon, cheese, and Shack BBQ sauce? Um, I think yes.  This was ridiculously tasty, but I may or may not be biased because fries can do no wrong in my book.  I mean, let's be real though.  How could that combo NOT slay? 
Our three shakes:  Mint Cookies & Cream, Mud Pie, and Salted Vanilla Toffee.  The mint flavor was by far the best in my opinion - it was refreshing and just the right amount of sweet.  Quite possibly the best shake I've had in a while!  It contained mint frozen custard and chocolate wafer cookie crumbles.  Mud Pie, marshmallow custard blended with fudge and coffee, was way too sweet for me, but Salted Vanilla Toffee was pretty good.  All three drinks were topped with whipped cream, but you can definitely get it without!
 A closer look at the Chick'n Shack - contains antibiotic-free chicken breast, BBQ sauce and pickles.
The ShackMeister burger was on point!  Made of 100% all-natural Angus beef, it was topped with cheese, crispy ale-marinated shallots and BBQ sauce.  We also got an extra 'Shroom burger for good measure.  For those of you wondering, it's a fried portobello mushroom filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheeses topped with lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce.
The food was awesome as per usual! If you haven't tried their new menu out yet, you need to go STAT!  You really can't go wrong with anything, but like I mentioned, if you decide to get a shake, the mint is a must-try.  These noms are available at all US Shacks with the exception of airports, stadiums and ballparks.  


  1. The food looks so yummy !


  2. All of the food looks good, especially the fries. :)
    Great review and recommendations!