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Checkin' You Out

HA! I'm such a nerd.  My post title is so goofy!  "Checkin' You Out" because I'm wearin' a checkered skirt, get it? Ha...ha...*weak laughter* ANYWHO, for today's post I've featured a SLEW of pieces courtesy of Deb. I centered my OOTD around my new skater skirt!  Loveeee the way it fits.  Not that I'm surprised because skaters are always mad flattering.  FYI:  this piece is also available in red.
I went the easy route and styled it with a solid black crop top.  Simple but cute!  I'll make sure to share affordable crop tops below so make sure ya'll scroll down...
I accessorized with a beautiful statement piece to elevate the look.  Fab jewelry really makes a difference, doesn't it?  Anywho, I got this stunning necklace from Lorraine Tyne - clicky HERE to see how I styled it on SS previously...

Bag:  c/o Deb ($20)
Skirt:  c/o Deb ($20)
Top:  c/o Deb
Necklace:  c/o Lorraine Tyne ($25)

PS. Here are my crop top picks as promised above.  I'm such a huge fan of the trend.  I'll be wearing these babies well into the Fall.  Hashtag layering FTW!  All my picks are under $5 FYI.  Happy shopping, guys!  OH, and what trends are you guys looking forward to?  


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like the skirt. Feel great on you. You are very pretty. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

  2. what a wonderful look - i love this necklace!
    Maren Anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  3. Lovely look!

  4. Really nice. xa

  5. u look great girl , the necklace is just gorgeous
    keep in touch

  6. I love that skirt! It's so cute and gorgeous x