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Sponsor Spotlight: Lindi Skincare

The Lindi Skin brand was created in 2003 as the first complete skincare line designed for those undergoing cancer treatment - clinically-proven, safe and, gentle for anyone with compromised skin.  Although the line originally targeted patients undergoing chemo, the gentle nature of the line appealed to anyone with delicate skin - the healing botanicals and antioxidants delivered ultimate hydration!  

The line's ideal for winter skin, older skin, allergy-prone skin, bad sun, wind burns, and much more!  Many dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons recommend Lindi products for post-peel and laser treatments based on their anti-inflammatory healing properties.  

There are currently 12 items available.  Retails range from $10-$40.  Lindi Skin can be purchased on the brand's website HERE or in select drug and cosmetic stores.  A few of the most popular choices include:  Face Serum ($40), Face Wash ($22), Lip Balm ($10), and Eye Hydrator ($30).

I've read a lot of reviews online, and their products seem to work wonders on those with skin conditions.  If you're interested in trying their line out yourself, use code BLOG25 to get an additional 25% off your purchase.  This code's valid until May 31st.


  1. This brand looks awesome! The packaging is adorable :)
    -Ally Gong

  2. You look great