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Fairy Tales

Alright guys, today's post is pic-heavy - just warning you in advance!  I went a little cray takin' shots with my mom, ha.  We did an editorial-like (pretty sure I just made that word up but whatevs) set, which was surprisingly fun.  I'm probably going to use these snaps as piano promos, too.
A close-up shot! I really like the way my dress looks against the olive green wall.  I wasn't sure how it'd look, but it worked out well.  FYI: I'm wearing a stunning pearl heart pendant courtesy of Pearls Only - available HERE for $65 (originally $375) in four colors.
A full body shot for you guys.  I'm  LOVING my new dress courtesy of +OASAP.  I'm DEFINITELY wearing this for upcoming concerts & formal events.  This piece is extremely comfortable, and the quality's on point.  The skirt's super full  (not in a tacky way, of course) with layers and layers of chiffon!  You'll be twirlin' all night.  FYI: this dress is also available in green HERE.
A cool aerial shot!  My mom's a SOLID photographer.  I swear, she's freakin' amazing at everything - feeling blessed to have such a loving and talented mother.
Lighting here wasn't ideal, but I still love this shot!  
I know I don't normally share photos like these, but I hope you enjoyed them!  Would you guys like to see more shoots like these?  Let me know! I LOVE hearing from you guys, and your feedback means so much to me.


  1. Chris - @nylonlover69 on IG/TwitterMarch 31, 2015 at 9:04 AM


  2. Kimberly, you look beautiful! Loving the long dress, color and stunning photos. Plus your talent is amazing!

    XO Chelsea www.shesaidhesaidfashion.com

  3. Hello from Spain: great pics. Fabulous dress. You are very pretty. Keep in touch

  4. u look fab , such a pretty gown
    keep in touch

  5. It's hard to pick a favorite, you're wonderful

  6. What a beautiful dress! And those pictures .. Just WOW! You should definitely do more shots like these, you're really talented :) And it looks like a full blown editorial, so you don't have to put "like" behind it ;) Love! ♥

  7. Yes, more shots like these PLEASE! Nathan

  8. Love these shots, esp. the piano ones! Hi Kim, are you willing to share what kind of piano you own (i.e., brand and length of grand) and how you like it? (I totally understand if you aren't willing or able to). You are so talented -- you deserve the best!

  9. Love these shots!! Have a nice day dear :)