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Look for Less: House of Harlow 1960 Chelsea Sunglasses

YAY! It's time for another "Look for Less".  I absolutely LOVE sharing these posts. I'm definitely going to do more of them in the future - perhaps on a weekly basis.  Anywho, for today's post I featured House of Harlow's stunning Chelsea sunnies. Celebs like Miley Cyrus and Nicole Ritchie have been spotted wearing these trendy shades (pictured below).
These photos are obviously not mine, haha!
Here's a close-up for you guys!  Don't these sunnies ooze hollywood glamour? *swoons*  These shades are amazing...and pricey ($138 to be exact), BUT I found an amazing alternative for y'all because I'm so "sensible", haha.

TA-DA!  These fab cat-eyes are available at +FREYRS for $9.95 HERE.  Now, I'm no mathematician but $138 vs $10?  Yeah.  Serious winning goin' on for sure.  Trust me when I say Freyrs is on point - their sunglasses seriously don't disappoint.  I legit LOVE every pair they send me. Designer quality for a FRACTION of the price? I think yes.  

FYI: I own these personally... like all the other picks I present to y'all in my "Look for Less" & "Find of the Day" series'.  I would never recommend something I didn't love myself.  Please let me know if you guys have any questions by commenting below, tweeting me, whatever.  I'm pretty much active on every social media platform so I'm easy to get in touch with *smiles*
What designer pieces are you lusting for? 


  1. i want to try this shape of glasses too
    keep in touch

  2. Hello from Spain: great sun glasses. Keep in touch

  3. What a nice glasses! :) And definitely very cheap in comparing with the designer one. I would love to have a Chanel flap bag or Chanel boy bag .. But I'm not a millionaire so it will remain a dream :) Love! ♥