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Georgetown: Greenheart Juice Shop

Alright guys, as you all know, I've been working to turn Sensible Stylista into a full-on lifestyle blog. In addition to fashion & beauty, I now blog about food, adventures, and other stuffs. Lately, I've been featuring exceptional restaurants & stores in the DMV (DC/MD/VA) for funsies.  I've lived here for 5+ years, but I still don't feel like I know the area well enough so hopefully this will help me get my exploration on.  

Anywho, for today's post, I'll be telling you guys all about Greenheart Juice Shop. A few weeks ago, I stopped by the GJS pop-up in Georgetown to say hello to Alicia + Diana, the lovely owners - I met Diana previously at a blogger event and connected with Alicia on instagram.  I planned to attend their grand opening, but I had to miss it because I was (very unfortunately) out of town. I had heard amazing things though so naturally, being the foodie that I am, I was dying to try their juice.
Thank god I took the time to visit their pop-up because holy crap, they know juice!  I can pretty much guarantee you'll find something you love - clicky here to browse their menu.  I bought two concoctions (Liquid Gold and Forever Young) and a handmade nut milk (Matcha Milk), and they were freakin' magical! Seriously.  I can honestly say that they make THE best juice I've ever tasted, and that's saying a lot because I have extremely high standards for food + drink.  Sigh, I just wish I lived closer because I've been craving GJS for days now. 

If you're lucky enough to live near GJS, go ASAP.  Their drinks are on the pricier side ($6-$11), but they're worth every penny.  Each bottle contains anywhere from two to five pounds of organic fruits & vegetables, and they're jam-packed with nutrients because they use a hydraulic cold-press to produce their juices.  Just take my word for it and go!  Trust me, you'll be thanking me after your first sip.
Located at the corner of 34th and Prospect in Georgetown inside Down Dog Yoga from Wednesday through Sunday - to see their hours of operation, clicky here.  They also set up shop at different farmers markets!  Juices are available for pre-order, and you can buy a cleanse as well if you're into that.

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