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The Best of Aveda

1.  Smooth Infusion nourishing styling creme ($26) -  I seriously can't think of a better name for this cream than smooth infusion - it describes it to a tee!  If you're looking to nourish hair and fight frizz in intense humidity, cop this baby stat because this product's is the bees knees.  It contains shea butters and botanicals like organic cupuacu.  Put it on post-shower for a polished mane that'll last all day and/or night.  

2.  Thickening Tonic ($28) - If you have thin hair, this product's a serious must-have.  Powered by botanicals, it thickens instantly by expanding strands from roots to ends.  Spray it on your part and comb down after you shower!  I guarantee you'll see a real difference.  

3.  Shampure dry shampoo ($30) - Hands down, the best dry shampoo I've ever used.  It revives my hair by absorbing excess oil with a non-aerosol powder mist that smells like heaven.  It's 99.8% naturally derived, and the aroma's made with 25 pure flower & plant essences. I wash my hair every 2-3 days so dry shampoo's a must for me. This product leaves me feeling super clean, and as a bonus, it gives my mane quite a bit of volume!  Note: this is not a spray - you have to squeeze the bottle to get a puff of product. 

4.  Aircontrol light hold hair spray ($28) - A wonderful hair spray that's long-lasting yet light. Derived from pine resin technology, it dries softly onto your mane, never leaving a "crunch."  This product's a godsend for those of you with fine hair.  It adds texture sans shine and smells amazing like all things Aveda.  It also eliminates static while spraying on dry.

5.  Light Elements Defining Whip ($24) - This whip is everything.  It holds my mane in place all day without weighing it down. A little goes a long way so don't go too crazy - a quarter-sized dollop will do.  Texturize and volumize your hair with this airy wax to create definition without bulk!  I personally like to use it on my curls.

6.  Controlforce firm hold hair spray ($30) - A fierce hair spray that holds like a boss and provides 24-hour humidity defense.  It contains certified organic essential oils like bergamot, palmarosa, and Bulgarian lavender and works with all hair types.  It's the firmest hold hair spray they sell so pick this up ASAP if you're looking for serious strength.  I highly recommend it, especially to performers!  I'm a pianist by day, and my hair often gets out of control when I'm playing - this spray helps me keep it all in check.  Note: although it's strong, the effect is still flexible so you can shape your mane after spraying it on so you don't have to worry about "helmut head."


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