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Stitch Fix: Mad for Plaid

Alright guys, today's post is hella short because life's just kind of crazy right now - I'm prepping for my last doctoral comp, and I'm feeling mad underprepared so every day's a serious struggle.  Please send me positive vibes so I can get through it all, hopefully with passing marks, ha.

Anywho, for today's post, I decided to share a look that I styled for Stitch Fix in SF a while back (if you missed my trip recap, click here) - they sent each influencer from their tastemaker event a plaid shirt to style!  I paired mine with my favorite faux-leather skirt and tied it to highlight the small of my waist.  Since it's fall and everything, I threw on suede OTK boots to combat nippy weather and wore a drape vest on top. How would you guys wear this shirt?

Side bar:  If you're looking to up your style game, give Stitch Fix a try for reals.  Their clothing's quality, and they throw in cute outfit cards to help you style fashionable everyday looks for your convenience (!!!) Your package is tailored to your wants and needs so I can pretty much guarantee you'll love whatever fix you get.  You're welcome in advance.
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  1. nice look i especially love the boots !


  2. What a nice combination of fabrics and effects! I have a faux leather skirt but it's a skater... mmmh now I think I need a nice plaid shirt or long shirt-dress for autumn. It's the perfect season for it! ;-)

  3. Very pretty in this shot. Like the outfit - nice combination. Don't envy you cramming for your comp, but I have no doubt that you will do great. Cheers - Michael

  4. Gorgeous style! I really like the plaid shirt. Also, good luck! :)

  5. You are looking very pretty,.. Nice outfit,..

  6. so in love with outfit
    keep in touch