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November Fitness Updates + Workout Playlist

It's time for my November workout playlist!  Y'all enjoyed my 90's throwback so much that I decided to do one in honor of 00's pop music.  Also, I wanted to update you guys on my fitness progress.  I've been pretty good this month = I've been working out daily (usually at night but I need to start squeezing them in the early morning).  I've been running or ellipticaling 4-5 miles every day + doing a ton of squats, lunges, and other strength exercises.  I also got my T25 DVD set in the mail last week (I used to stream them) so I've been doing that daily as well.  If I'm crunched for time, I skip the extra cardio since T25 gets the job done.  
I've also been a stickler with food. I've been living on black bean burgers (with whole wheat buns of course), bowls of 100% whole wheat pasta in marinara sauce, and egg white omelettes loaded with veggies.  I've been into making smoothies a bunch, too!  I'm going to write a more detailed post on my diet later this month so keep an eye out!  What have you guys been doing to stay in shape this month?  


  1. Love your playlist! Justin Timberlake is one of my favs. :)

  2. I'm old. I'm 51 and in May had emergency surgery (then a 2nd surgery in July) Was 183 in May, gained 10 pounds as I was scared to move after the 1st surgery...then started walking and now am 167 on the scale!!! I have a fit bit as well and I go about 22km a day (but this mainly is because of work) After my 1st surgery for some reason I no longer wanted pop....and we were a 2l a day pop drinking family!! I drink lots of water, always have and eat way more salads these days.

  3. I love the play list really awesome