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Get in Shape with Albion Fit: Review + International Giveaway

Alright guys, it's time for another INTERNATIONAL giveaway!  I'm stoked to partner up with Albion Fit again.  Three very lucky winners will score $50 gift cards to buy whatever their hearts desire!  Enter via rafflecopter below...

Anywho, here are a few of my personal AF faves:

Albion also sent me a top + bottom to review: Love Racer Tanko & Black Diamond Pant.  Both pieces are super cute and comfy!  The tank has a built-in sports bra with removable cups.  The ruching detail on the side is a nice feminine touch.  Also available in tangerine, silver, neon pink, and sea foam.  If you're a fan of faux-leather, you'll love their "Black Diamond" bottoms.  They're straight up FIERCE!  I like that you can dress these babies up.

Planking and crunchin' like a boss, haha!  I still have a long way to go (fitness wise), but it'll come - slowly but surely!  What kind of stuffs do you guys do to stay in shape?  Personally, I'm a big fan of exercise DVDs.  Insanity kicks my butt every time!

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  1. awesome
    Have a lovely week
    Stay in touch

    P.s New post in my blog

  2. Chris - @nylonlover69 on IG/TwitterApril 6, 2015 at 9:22 AM

    Oh wow!

  3. i need to start working out soon
    Happy Easter

  4. Pump it, Kim! Dead fit... especially in the British sense of the word ;). Nathan

  5. The pin an image from here: entry takes us to their IG acct. I am pinning but from their website. I hope this is ok or what was meant to be done. Let me know if this isn't ok. Thanks.

  6. I train on my crosstrainer at home plus some exercises for my stomach and muscles :) I really like those pants! Love! ♥

  7. omg I soooooo want this! I have been wanting this one outfit for so long... if you'd like to know what it is- it is the charcoal leggings with coral stripe down the side (that I pinned) and the tempo tee in coral. But I have also wanted their hoodie in glacier for a while. All my hoodies are junky so I have no idea what I would go with! probably the leggings! and the tee!

  8. oh and btw those leggings look great on you! they had a different version last year that I liked for my shape a little better.... these ones look less leggingy and more leathery.... the pics last year made them look leathery but not too much.... I still want them but I work out at home so don't really need these... or I go for jogs... can't picture jogging in those.. but they look great and that's all that counts right>? :)

  9. Kim,
    I know I already commented (looks like I'm the last one to comment and I did it twice bcuz I always forget to say something lol).... Anyway you have no idea how much this would make me and my friend Trish's month/year! (We would also share with Erica who would die because she's wanted albion for so long!) anyway, I've been kicking butt trying to tone up and lose weight. I, a soze down and ten lbs down maybe more at this point.
    I know you have your little baby daisy, the maltese....well I have Bailey the maltipoo....he's a boy who is 5 yrs old....but Bailey looooves to eat the crotches of any of my workout clothes or pjs.,...anything that gets sweaty...he my two nice Fabletics outfits have holes... So I'm in dire need of a pair of pants lol....
    That is all...
    Do you happen to know if the plank you are doing on your elbows or a plank in the straight arm (like a push-up position) is better/more effective/harder to do?