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Sensible Stylista x Rolla Coster Clothing

I'm very excited to partner up with Rolla Coster Clothing today on SS.  I'm definitely a huge fan!  I mean, cute clothing for super affordable prices? I think yes.  Anywho, they're based in the heart of LA,  and they offer an eclectic variety of trends.  They grab ideas from the diverse downtown streets and offer inexpensive alternatives!  

This fab cardigan is available here for $14.99.  It's super lightweight so it's perfect for spring & summer.  It's also mad versatile - you can wear it with a dress or use it as a cover-up like I did below.  The crochet trim (scroll down to see) is beyond adorable and adds just the right amount of girly to any ensemble.  I'll be featuring RCC again in the near future so keep an eye out!  Oh, and make sure to use code SENSIBLESTYLISTA for an extra 20% off your purchase.  Yeah, that means this cardi's only $12 (!!!!)
A closer look at my one-piece courtesy of Blumoss (available here)!  I used to be all about the bikini, but now I'm more into one-pieces, especially ones with cool cutouts & plunging necklines - depends on my mood though!  What do you guys think of one-pieces?  Are they a yah or nah?
Oh how I heart crochet trim.
Swimsuit:  c/o Blumoss 
Cardigan:  c/o Rolla Coster Clothing ($14.99)
Bracelet:  c/o My Vintage Spirit (on sale for $15)


  1. Wow... I'd normally say I prefer bikinis, but that one piece is something special. Also love the increasingly confident modelling! Go Kim! Nathan

  2. really liked the cardi
    Keep in touch

  3. That swimsuit is perfect! I don't do bikinis because I am not confident enough in my body anymore. I used to, then I injured myself (broke my ankle two years ago) and have been on a bit of a downward spiral since then. I just can't keep the weight off. So summer is all about the one piece for me, haha!

    I love the cover up, too. When we go to the beach, I try to stay out of the sun as much as possible since I don't tan, I turn into a fresh cooked lobster.

    Thanks for making this post! I'm totally going to go pick up that suit now, and the cardigan if I have enough left over!


    1. Thanks so much for commenting. Vonnie! I'm so sorry to hear about your accident, but I'm sure you look SO beautiful regardless. I'm glad you like the one-piece though. I think it's sexier in a lot of ways~ Leaves more to the imagination, right? =)

      Please let me know how you like the suit! =) I'm always here to answer questions if you have any BTW.

  4. love the cardigan and recently i have seen that the one piece is certainly worth concidering rather than the bikini! It's a big yah from me! You look great hun xx

    1. Thanks love! I'm so glad you like the design!

  5. Looking great! I love that swimsuit, it really suits you x