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Staying Healthy with Latreal Mitchell

I don't know you guys have hear of Latreal Mitchell, but she's kind of a big deal - she's Michael Strahan's personal trainer.  She's also working with Meta.  Anwyho, for today's post, I'll be sharing some of her health tips/tricks to revamp your diet since it's the new year and all.  Let's start with a few food swaps she recommends:

1.  Meta Health Bars instead of cookies or candy bars
2.  Almonds and light popcorn instead of chips
3.  Green apples or pears instead of fruit snacks or candy
4.  Whole-wheat crackers with peanut butter instead of peanut butter cups
5.  Steel cut oats instead of sugary cereal
6.  Dark chocolate instead of milk, white, etc.
7.  Water instead of soda - keep a big bottle at your desk!  Add Metamucil powder to stay hydrated and get multi-health benefits from the extra fiber boost.  

Also, La was generous enough to share one of her SUPER short 10-minute workouts!  I know we're all busy and whatnot, but who doesn't have 10 minutes to spare, especially when it'll enrich the quality of your life!  

What are some of your fave fitness tips?  How do you guys stay healthy and active?

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