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Lace Makes Everything Better

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Marled by Reunited Clothing so I'm extra stoked to tell you guys about my latest OOTD.  I've featured yet another one of their fabulous tops, and this one may just be my fave - available at Bloomingdale's.  I love all things girly so the lace detailing kills me in the best way possible.  Plus, you all know that statement sleeves are my achilles' heel.
I paired the top with a mesh skirt (an oldie but a goodie, featured here several years ago) and tied it to emphasize the small of my waist - one of the many tricks I employ to look leaner with fashion!  If you want to read more on how to hide muffin top like a boss, click here.  If you'd like to browse other how-to articles, check out my gallery!
Other adorable designs from their line:
Shoes:  OASAP (similar) || Skirt:  Rebecca Minkoff (similar) || Top:  Marled by Reunited ($78) || Bag:  Chloe
Photos shot by the amazing Sung Shin.

The Striped Long Shirt: Remixed Three Ways

You guys are probably sick of seeing this shirt on SS by now, but it was a serious fave of mine all summer long so I have to pay homage to it one last time.  I blogged about it HERE a few months ago, but I want to give you guys a quick refresher.  I picked it up at Doota in June during my month-long trip in Korea, and it was the ONLY thing I purchased there clothing-wise.  

I wanted to get more stuffs, but everything was either too expensive or straight up un-buyable.  I know "un-buyable's" a harsh, but not being able to try something on (without the option of return) is a dealbreaker for me. So, I exercised self-control and kept my shopping habit to a minimum. However, I ended up wearing it all the freakin' time, which brings me to *drum roll, please* today's remix.  I'll be sharing my fave looks with you guys on Sensible Stylista!
Shoes:  OASAP || Dress:  H&M

1. My first look's a work-friendly ensemble that's both comfortable and stylish.  I started with a fabulous dress from H&M and wore my long shirt on top.  I don't know about you guys, but I've always been a huge fan of summer layering and all that jazz.  There are a ton of cute deets happenin' in this outfit already (tassels + ruffles), but I threw on my Valentino-inspired heels to add more personality.  To see more snaps from this shoot, click here!

Shoes:  Steve Madden || Top:  Polo || Bag:  Chanel || Necklace:  JWholesale

2.  Look number 2's more of a casual everyday outfit.  I wore this out to lunch last month when I met up with an old friend from high school.  I was running super late so I only got to snap 1-2 pics of it with my cam - that's why I never used it as an individual post. In retrospect, I probably would've carried a different bag, but whatever, I was home visiting my parents in Pittsburgh so I wanted to take full advantage of my mom's amazing closet.

For this getup, I started with a cute faux-leather mini and paired it with a navy tank from Polo.  I picked up a bunch of them (tanks + tees) from their factory outlet in Grove City because they were on sale for $9 or so.  TIP:  always get your basics for less!  I refuse to spend a buttload of money on items that aren't "special."  The only exception IMHO is if you're investing in something you'll wear forever like the classic trench.

Sorry, I totally got off topic.  Let's get back to my OOTD!  This skirt has navy embroidery so it matches everything beautifully.  My neck felt a bit bare so I threw on a fabulous statement necklace. This gorg piece is available at Jwholesale.  If you're looking to purchase trendy jewelry for a fraction of the price, make sure to hit them up HERE.

Boots:  Nine West || Tank:  Polo || Shorts:  Aero || Bag:  YSL

3.  I'm oozing (or at least trying to, ha) casual cool for this ensemble.  I kept things very simple by wearing high-waisted denim shorts and a plain white tee.  The long shirt elevates the outfit and creates a cohesive vibe.  I went easy on the accessory front, but carried my faux-snakeskin YSL crossbody for a splash a print.  To top things off, I wore distressed boots.  To see more from this post, click HERE.

Alright guys, that's it for today!  I hope you enjoyed my latest remix.  Which outfit do you like best? And how do you feel about long shirts - are they a do or a don't?

Remix: My Current Fave Vest Worn 4 Ways

It's time for a remix, everyone.  I'll be re-styling my favorite sleeveless vest for you guys today on SS. I picked this baby up at the Banana Republic Factory Outlet at Grove City a while back - it was on sale for $30 or so. Unfortunately, I don't have a product link for you guys, but here are similar options for your browsing pleasure.

1.  Clean-cut:  My first look's all about polish.  I styled my vest with a striped sleeveless dress from Velvet Heart (similar - save vs. splurge) for an effortlessly stylish ensemble.  The two pieces match perfectly, giving off a chic vibe.  To top off the look, I threw on a pair of strappy heels from Steve Madden - available for purchase HERE - to add some personality.  Cute sandals make all the difference in the world!
2.  Trendy:  Oozing serious steeze (style + ease) with my second look.  I started with my fave striped tank (similar) and paired it with high-waisted shorts to elongate my legs and highlight the small of my waist.  I then wore my vest on top and accessorized with a cool body chain.  I threw on chunky boots to add edge and carried my Chanel boy to finish off my look.  To see more pics from this shoot, click here.
3.  Classy:  Yay for easy but cute work-friendly ensembles!  My third outfit's a piece of cake to recreate.  Simply pick a dress of your choice and throw on a sleeveless vest on top to rock summer layers like a pro at the office. For a foolproof ensemble, stick with neutral hues.  That way, you won't have to worry about clashing colors, unless that's the effect you're going for.  TIP: throw on beige heels (or whatever your skin color is) to visually elongate your stems.  To see more from this post, click here.
4.  Edgy:  My fourth and final outfit is a casual everyday look.  I started with a faux-leather mini (shop: save vs. splurge) and styled it with a simple white tank. I wore this particular top because it had gray trim that conveniently matched my vest.  I accessorized with my YSL snakeskin crossbody (similar) to add a splash of print and threw on flat strappy sandals from Maumero to match.

I hope you guys enjoyed today's remix!  Which outfit did you like best - 1, 2, 3 or 4?

The Striped Tank: 4 Ways

Alright guys, today's post is a goodie for me because it's all about remixing!  I've decided to do more of these from here on out because honestly, there's nothing more sensible than re-styling pieces.  As I'm sure y'all can tell by the title, I'm all about my Chaser tank today on SS.  I've already shared these looks with you guys on here, but I wanted to create a recap just in case!  Plus, it's fun to compare looks side by side.  
1.  This was definitely a Spring fave of mine!  I partnered up with Black Petunia to style their distressed sleeveless vest for this post.  I ended up pairing it with my striped tank because it complemented the piece beautifully.  I threw on tomboyish ankle boots to further reinforce my casual vibe and carried a stylish crossbody bag to top off my look.  To see deets from this post, clicky here to access the full blast.

2.  I pretty much lived in this ensemble when I visited NYC a while back - click here to read about Big Apple shenanigans.  I don't know if you guys remember, but I went up there to give a social media workshop for the Fashion Potential.  To read more, click on the aforementioned link!  Anywho, this look is yet another fave of mine because it's pretty BAMF for me.  Wearing this outfit definitely helped me channel my inner badass.  I paired the tank with high-waisted shorts to showcase the small of my waist, creating the illusion of longer legs; anddddd speaking of illusions, if you want to look 10 pounds lighter with fashion, click here.  I threw on a sleeveless vest for warmth and accessorized with my favorite body chain to add edge.  Click here to see more!

3.  I was aiming for casual sophistication here!  I paired my tank with skinny jeans and threw on a fitted blazer on top for polish.  I elevated my potentially blah look with stylish cap-toed heels and fierce statement jewelry.  To read more about my look, click here to access the original post.

 4.  By far the most formal of the four, this outfit was featured quite recently on SS!  I centered my post around my new utility skirt - it was a steal at $20  - from Banana Republic.  I've always been a huge fan of the military trend - I even have a pinterest board dedicated to it here - so purchasing this was a no-brainer.  I typically accessorize with lots of jewelry, but I skipped it for this look because I wanted to keep things clean and simple.  I carried my YSL snakeskin crossbody instead though - IMHO the chain's bold enough to act as a faux-necklace!  To see more shots from this post, click here.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Which ensemble do you guys like best - 1, 2, 3 or 4?  Make sure y'all let me know by leaving me a comment below.

Remix: The Strappy Backless Dress

Posting twice today because I owe ya'll for being flaky this month.  I styled this stunning strappy backless dress from Charlotte Russe last month - clicky HERE for the aforementioned post - and thought I'd do a remix for funsies. Since I dressed it up for you guys last time, I thought I'd style it for a casual summer day.  Which look do you guys prefer?
I threw on matching accessories (mint necklace + heels FTW) and grabbed my designer-inspired crossbody.  Oh, and here's a close up of my CR necklace! They have such an awesome (and affordable!!!) jewelry selection. 

Necklace:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Dress:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Shoes:  Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx - old
Sunnies:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Bag:  c/o LucyMint ($32.99)

PS.  I'm currently hosting a US giveaway on Instagram with JYJZ to raffle away a STUNNING black dress!  All you have to do to enter is follow @sensiblestylista & @jyjz and repost the picture with the hashtag #sensiblestylistaxjyjz HERE.


Remix: The Oxblood Skater Skirt

For today's post, I've re-styled my Forever 21 oxblood skater skirt. I actually featured it quite recently, but if you missed the blast, clicky HERE! Which look do you guys prefer?
Anywho, I styled my high-waisted skirt with a form-fitting cropped top to show just the right amount of skin. Pairing a cropped top with a high-waisted skirt is fashion 101.  It's pretty much a foolproof formula. 
If you're worried about baring too much skin, experiment with outerwear. Don't be afraid to mix & match.  Remember, it's all about juxtaposition. Contrast is key!  TIP:  Wear whatever makes you feel good about yourself.  If you're confident, others will find you damn sexy by default.  
Isn't the back absolutely adorable?  FYI:  There are three other colors available, and they're only about $10 a piece.  I'm seriously thinking about buying one of each, haha!
A closer look at my regal Taara necklace.  Jewelry fit for a queen!
Bag:  Tory Burch - old
Wedges:  c/o Deb ($35.90)
Necklace:  Taara Jewelry c/o Cult of Progression
Skirt: Forever 21 ($10.80)
Top:  c/o Deb ($10.43)

Floral Playsuit

Bag:  Tory Burch
Necklace:  Gorjana
Playsuit:  Forever 21 - gifted
Shoes:  Steve Madden via Marshalls
Sunnies:  Marc Jacobs via TJ Maxx
Cardigan:  Banana Republic Factory Outlet

Today's outfit of the day features a playsuit that was previously gifted from a friend.  I especially love the ruffles and floral print.  The romper is short & strapless, so I styled it with a khaki cardigan to avoid feeling too exposed. TIP:  Only showcase one physical feature at a time to keep it classy. Since this look draws attention to my legs, I made sure keep my upper body conservative.

Photo credit:  Armato Photography