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Life in Technicolor

Featuring another piece from RD style today on SS.  Love, love, LOVE the new sweater they sent me!  The print's really chic, and the sweater's quite warm.  I don't normally like round-neck tops, but this one's legit.  Always love their clothing!

Oh, and I apologize for the lighting - for some reason, it's yellow-ish today? I don't know!  Shooting pics indoors really sucks.  I wants to go outside and takes pretty pictures, but it's just too cold.  I'm a wimp, and I've already caught the flu twice this Winter (UGH!!!).  I promise to take pretty shots outside in the Spring! *pinky swears*
A full body shot for you guys.  BTW, I'm totes obsessed with my new sunnies from Polette.  These babies are available HERE for $22.99 - a great way to incorporate a pop of animal print!
The love of my life! I don't know what I'd do without my pup.  Do you guys have any pets?
HAHA! My puppy's SO freaking cute.  I dressed her up for today's shoot, too.  Doesn't she look super adorable?  I actually made an IG account for her.  Follow her HERE!  I guarantee her pics will put a smile on your face.

Jeans:  Bongo Jeans
Sweater:  c/o RD Style
Bag:  c/o Ecco
Shoes:  Nine West Factory Outlet
Sunnies:  c/o Polette ($22.99)

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So There I Was

I don't even have to say it.  I mean, y'all know how much I love solid moto jackets.  I wear them ALL the time cause they're comfy and add just the right amount of edge.  I'm lovin' this distressed gray version courtesy of RD Style.  I've featured them several times already on SS so I probably sound like a broken record, but I gots to say it again.  RD Style is on POINT.  Classically chic, current, and refreshingly cool.
A closer look at my two-tone sweater.  Isn't the crochet lace ridiculously cute?  The material's semi-sheer so it transitions beautifully from cold to warm weather.  Available here for $29.99 (originally $34.99) with free US shipping.  Trunk Up is a family run business based out of Richmond, VA.  They have a super cute online collection so shop 'til you drop *smiles*
The back's adorable, too!  
 A full body shot for you guys just because.  And yes, I'm obsessed with monochromatic looks, haha.  This is like, the third all-gray ensemble I've styled this Winter.  I hope you guys don't mind! Sending you lots and lots of love from the DMV area.

Skinnies:  Vince via TJ Maxx
Shoes:  c/o Deb
Top:  c/o Trunk Up ($29.99)
Jacket:  c/o RD Style

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Walk the Line

Man, I'm really digging stripes as of late.  This fab top is seriously on point.  I just can't get enough of RD Style.  If you're interested, I featured them HERE a while back.  Check 'em out HERE for chic designs that stand the test of time.
A full body shot for y'all.  Love, love, LOVE my new skater skirt courtesy of +Aeropostale.  Bonus points for the bow (!!!) I wish I could give you guys a link, but this item's sold out *cries* Sad, but no worries!  There are other adorable skaters available online here.  Who else is a fan of Bethany Mota's collection?

 Skirt:  c/o Aeropostale (similar)
Top:  c/o RD Style
Bag: YSL
Shoes:  c/o Deb

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The Jaguar Choker

Alright guys, who here is a fan of tulle?  If you "raised" your hand, you need to hit up The Girl That Loves.  They carry super cute but pricy options online - clicky here to browse.  For those of you looking for more affordable options, scroll down below for fab picks under $50.  I know, I know.  I'm so helpful, right? *smiles*

Anywho, I wanted to create a sophisticated look for today's post so I paired my girly skirt with a chic turtleneck top courtesy of RD Style.  I'm a HUGE fan of their line for sure!  I own several pieces, and they're all designer quality!  I can't recommend them enough. Have you guys shopped their collection?
A closer look at my necklace courtesy of +INPINK.  For $60, this piece is a STEAL.  Yeah, it's THAT gorgeous.  You won't ever hear me say that $60 is a steal - you guys know how frugal I am!  I mean, my blog's called "Sensible Stylista" for a reason y'know, haha.  Anywho, this two strand chain choker has two jaguars (rhinestone spots and emerald-green eyes) biting a pave ring.  It's 19-inches long, AND it comes with rhinestone circle pave studs.  FYI:  I'll be hosting a giveaway with InPink VERY soon!  One lucky winner will score this STUNNING piece.  Date TBD so keep an eye out!  If you'd like to purchase one yourself, click HERE.
Necklace:  c/o InPink ($60)
Skirt:  c/o The Girl That Loves
Top:  c/o RD style
Bag:  YSL
Shoes:  c/o Deb (no longer available)

PS.  I'm currently hosting several giveaways on SS - raffling away seriously amazing stuffs for sure. Enter them all HERE.

PSS.  As promised above, here are several fab tulle skirts for you guys, all under $50.