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Celeb Style for Less: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo needs no introduction.  Fashionistas everywhere worship her style, and she's cemented herself as a fashion icon with her impeccable taste.  Everything she wears is gold, and this look is no different.  Her take on fringe is on point! If you want to re-create this look, keep reading to see how you can do so for a fraction of the price.
Shoes:  6PM ($24.99) || Bag: Carlos Santana ($24.97) || Top:  Liberty Garden ($49.97) || Necklace: Robert Rose ($20) || Sunnies:  Urban Outfitters ($18) || Skirt:  Patchington ($69)

Olivia's skirt is no doubt designer, but I managed to find a really similar design for you guys at Bluefly for $69.  She styles the piece with a tan top and belts it to create a cohesive look.  The latter draws the two colors together and highlights her figure while doing so.  She goes all out with the fringe trend in this ensemble by wearing a statement skirt AND carrying a clutch!  I found an adorable alternative for y'all HERE.

It looks like Olivia's mixing metals - her necklace is gold and her belt buckle's silver - but it may be best to stick with the former. It complements the beige hues better in my personal opinion.  The necklace pictured above has a daintier feel compared to the statement piece Olivia's wearing, but it's a versatile item that can be re-worn again and again.  As a plus, it's only $20!  When you purchase a piece, you want to think about all the different ways you can wear it!  That's what I do at least.  It helps me stay practical so I don't blow a ton of money of something I'll only wear once.

Moving on, let's take a look at her shoe game.  Olivia's heels match her skirt perfectly.  There's a lot going on with her outfit so she wears nude shoes to create a neutral canvas.  With that said, instead of wearing simple, nude pumps, she throws on trendy cutout heels!  I found a nice alternative for you guys HERE at 6PM for $24.99.  A total steal for shoes like these!

What do you guys think of this look? Is it too much or just right? 

Celeb Style For Less: Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne's new film, Paper Towns, was just released, and the superstar's transition from modeling into acting is flawless. Not only is she amazing on runways and movies, Cara's urban fashion sense is on point. See how you can get this laid back look for an affordable price this fall:
Pants: Pacsun || Top: JCPenny || Shoes: Skechers || Jacket: H&M || Shades: Charming Charlie

Cara's ripped camo jeans are effortlessly cool. I'm obsessed with all things distressed, and lately, I've been wearing camo everything, so I absolutely love this pant style. Pacsun carries similar bottoms for $50. A simple but important piece is her plain, black, boatneck shirt, which JCPenney has for only $8. Cara's stylish leather jacket highlights her shirt's navy undertones! H&M has a jacket just like it for $50.

Moving on to shoes, Cara is wearing classic Timberland boots in black. Timberland's in this style usually cost around $130.  If you have the money to invest, I definitely recommend picking up a pair. I own the exact pair Cara's wearing, and I'm literally obsessed with them -- they're super comfy and can be worn in any condition. But, if you don't wanna splurge, Skechers sells similar shoes for half the price: $67.

Finally, Cara's adorable aviators are the perfect accessory. She doesn't seem to be wearing any jewelry, but with this look, that really works for her. You can get a pair of these sunglasses from Charming Charlie for $9. If you wanna add some extra bling, a long necklace would be ideal.

Written by Zoe Luiz

Celeb Style For Less: Gisele Bundchen

Being from Boston, I obviously am madly in love with Tom Brady. Therefore, by association, I automatically love the gorgeous Gisele Bundchen. The Italian supermodel has given birth to three kids, and yet still looks amazing every time she's out in public. Check out how to get this simple and casual day-wear look
Pants: Level 99 || Top: Asos || Shades: Freyrs || Purse: New Look || Shoes: River Island || Bracelet: Nelly || Scarf: Krisar

Gisele's pants are simple yet cute - I love light wash jeans because they look good with literally everything. The small rip in the knee adds the perfect amount of edginess, while still remaining classic. These jeans are from Level 99 and only cost $35! That's def. a steal. 

Mixing different shades of one color usually isn't my style, but I think this look is absolutely gorgeous, even though she's wearing four different whites! White sweaters are a wardrobe staple; I can not get enough of these in the Fall. Asos sells a perfect, comfortable white sweater for $23.  Scarves are probably my favorite fall time accessory, and Gisele's cream scarf is perfect for her look. Krisar sells a version that is certain to keep you warm for $20. Her bag is also super cute!  It also happens to be really functional because it's so big. It's not a perfect match, but New Look sells a similar design for $17. 

Moving onto her shoes - Gisele is wearing classic Chanel flats in a gorgeous peachy tone. These are literally one of my favorite styles, but even used ones can go for upwards of a grand. Luckily, River Island sells a very similar pair for way less -- $48!

Finally, to accessories, Gisele is just wearing a thin gold bracelet and adorable aviators. These totally complete the look, while keeping the simple vibe she's rocking so well. Nelly sells a super cute thin gold bar bracelet for $15.50, and Freyrs sells classic aviator shades for only $10.

What do you guys think of Gisele's outfit? Would you rock any of these pieces? Also, let us know who you want to see on the next Celeb Style For Less!

Written by Zoe Luiz

Celeb Style For Less: Kendall Jenner

Like her sister, superstar model Kendall Jenner always dresses well. She looks amazing in everything she wears, from her high fashion runway outfits to casual, played down ensembles (like the outfit pictured above). This getup may be simple, but it still looks absolutely amazing on the older Jenner. Check out how to get this cute and comfy look for less:

Top: Choies || Sunnies: Forever 21 || Shorts: Bitdazzle || Purse: Sheinside || Shoes: Keds

Kendall's gray top is super cute, looks comfy, and is something that can easily be styled in many different ways. I personally love wearing gray tees with leggings and a flannel tied around my waist! This simple gray top can be found at Choies for $18.  She's also showing off her killer legs with these tiny jean shorts! I absolutely love rips in any style of pants - the exposed pockets make the look even more casual. Shorts almost identical to Kendall's can be purchased at Bitdazzle for $40 -- definitely a fraction of what Kendall paid for hers!

I honestly can't remember a time when Aviators weren't popular, and Kendall looks absolutely amazing in hers. You can find a cute pair of these at Forever 21 for only $6. Her black bag compliments this look perfectly, and lucky for you guys, Sheinside carries a very similar version for $25. 

Finally, Kendall's white Ked's complete this look. I am literally obsessed with Ked-style shoes and I own probably 5 different pairs, but the whites are definitely a staple. Keds sells these "Champion Oxford" shoes for $40.  If you want to dress this look up a little, here are a bunch of different jewelry options that would go great with this outfit: 

What do you guys think of this outfit? Would you wear any of these pieces? Also, let us know who you want to see in the next Celeb Style For Less! Also, make sure you guys check back at 1 EST to see the best of Nine West's shoe sale!

Written by Zoe Luiz


Celeb Style For Less: Zendaya

Photo credit - BCK

One of the newest stars in the scene, Zendaya, has already gained a lot of attention for her fashion choices, even though she's just 18! She's currently a Disney Channel star, but she really knows how to dress like an A-List Celeb!

Jacket: Forever 21 || Jeans: Pacsun || Flannel: Blair || Shoes: Lulus || Tank Top: H&M || Watch: H&M || Earrings: JCPenny

In this look, Zendaya does two things that I'd never try; mixing two prints, flannel and camo, and putting a jacket over the flannel around her waist. Yet, her outfit looks amazing. Zendaya's adorable camouflage jacket can be found at Forever 21 for $21.  I def. recommend cuffing it like she did -- it's so cute that way!  The black and white flannel is perfect for this ensemble - anything with color would probably just clash with the camo. A reusable version can be purchased for $28 at Blair.  Her medium wash jeans are also universal. I absolutely love the tiny little cut in the knee - it adds just the right amount of flare.  Jeans with a similar cut can be found at Pacsun for $50, and the simple white tank pictured above is sold at H&M for $6.  

Moving on to her shoes - they really complete her look; they're not bold enough to draw too much attention, and they add the PERFECT pop of color. These gorgeous, orange-toned sandals can be found at Lulu's for $36.  Last but not least, Zendaya's wearing gigantic silver hoops that JCPenney sells for only $14. Also, the gold watch on her wrist adds the perfect amount of bling. A pretty, simple watch like hers can be found at H&M for $31. 

What do you guys think of Zendaya's outfit? Would you rock any of these pieces? Also, let us know who you want to see on the next Celeb Style For Less!

Written by Zoe Luiz

Celeb Style For Less: Kylie Jenner

Photo credit - Style Love

Over the past few months the youngest Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, has been getting a lot of attention. Her big lips, much older boyfriend, and crazy Instagram and Snapchat posts have been putting her in the media quite a bit. However, something that doesn't get enough attention is Kylie's amazing fashion sense. Although some of her actions may spark debate, there's no doubt that her outfits are on point! Here's how to achieve this adorable, effortless look for a fraction of what Jenner paid:
Pants: House of Fraser || Top: Etsy || Shoes: Cici Hot || Necklace: H&M || Bracelet: Kenneth Cole || Backpack: Vans

The most notable piece of this outfit is Kylie's logo tee that references the saying "Designated Ugly Fat Friend." This cute tank top can be purchased from Etsy for $20.  Her tank works perfectly with her light gray leggings, cut only in the knee. I have been crushing SO much on this style of jeans lately, and Kylie's look is no exception! These pants are only $25, an insane deal for denim, from House of Fraser.  Kylie's suede boots bring out the black lettering in her top and can be found at Cici Hot for $46. 

Although you can't see the back of her look in this photo, Jenner's wearing a cute little black backpack with this look. I'm love wearing backpacks instead of purses when I can because it's so much easier to carry around, and you can fit in so much more! A perfect, reusable black backpack can be purchased from Vans for $45. 

Finally, Jenner finishes off her look with tons of gold jewelry. The gold cuffs on her arm are no doubt the Cartier bracelets that she's so famous for wearing, however, they can cost anywhere from $6,300 all the way up to $15,600! Kenneth Cole sells similar ones for $45.  Her thin gold necklaces elevate her top - the gold makes it so much more elegant. This layered necklace can be found at H&M for only $6!

Written by Zoe Luiz.

Celeb Style For Less: Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn is best known for being a gorgeous supermodel, but her outfits off the runway are just as stunning as the couture she wears on the runway. This look shows her amazing style; it's super simple with all the black, yet the bright pink sweater keeps it interesting! Check out how you can get this simple, yet bold outfit for less:

Top: Romwe || Skirt: Sheinside || Shoes: GoJane || Bag: Last Call

Unlike the last Celeb Style For Less, this outfit has very few pieces.  In general, Jourdan likes to play down her ensembles, and she doesn't wear jewelry often. Her hot pink sweater is definitely the focus of today's featured ensemble - Romwe has a perfect replication of it for $22.  Jourdan's wearing an adorable, high-waisted, leather skirt. Similar pieces are sold everywhere, but SheInside has a fab version for only $14. For a leather, bodycon skirt, that price can't be beat!  I'm normally not a fan of booties sans pants, but Jourdan's changing my mind with this look. Her ankle boots help showcase her long, gorgeous legs. GoJane sells an identical pair for the low price of $30, which is a total steal for shoes.

Finally, Jourdan's bag completes her ensemble. No look is complete without a gorgeous bag to finish off the outfit. Any black shoulder bag will do, but Last Call carries a fab bag that's very similar. It's currently on sale for $27.50 - it was originally $80, so make sure you guys purchase it while you can!

What do you guys think of Jourdan's outfit? Would you rock any of these pieces? Also, let us know who you want to see on the next Celeb Style For Less!

Written by Zoe Luiz

Celeb Style For Less: Beyonce

Photo credit - USA Top Stars

Beyonce is, unsurprisingly, killing it in this outfit. She really knows how to put herself together and can look amazing even in a simple jean-white tee combo. She wore this outfit to Coney Island where, as you can see, fans surrounded her. Even though she's just wearing a white tank, there's no doubt that top's hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars. Keep reading to see how you can rock this look for less!

Top: American Eagle || Bralette: Target || Pants: River Island || Shoes: Dublin || Necklace: Ali Express || Choker: Country Homemade || Bracelet: Bling Jewelry

Beyonce's wearing a simple white shirt, but she adds flair by exposing a mesh bralette underneath. This keeps the "old" trend of wearing a white shirt totally fresh. The tank pictured above can be purchased at American Eagle for $12, and the gorgeous bralette's available at Target for $9.50!  Her pants are on point, and what better place to get them than River Island, a haven for hip-hop fashion! They have these perfectly ripped light wash jeans for only $40 - an amazing deal for pants like these!

Bey's black patent leather booties are simple, just like the rest of her look. Dublin sells similar ones - in faux-leather - for $86. That may seem kind of deep, but for shoes that will never go out of style? Totally worth it.  Finally, Beyonce is rocking the whole over-accessorizing trend with this look. She's layered gold necklaces on top of each other and styled tons of gold arm candy.  Her gold coin necklace looks like a Versace piece. Lucky for you guys, Ali Express has a very similar version for $13! She's also wearing a choker; so her neck & chest are completely covered in gold.  Country Homemade has a fab one for $10.

One last detail to discuss: her BANF snake bracelet! It wraps all the way up her arm. These pieces tend to be super expensive, but Bling Jewelry has a cute one for $37! It only wraps around once, but it's a solid choice regardless.

What do you guys think of Beyonce's outfit? Would you rock any of these pieces? Also, let us know who you want to see on the next Celeb Style For Less!

Written by Zoe Luiz

Celeb Style For Less: Gigi Hadid

Photo credit -

Without a doubt, Gigi Hadid always looks gorgeous.  This classic leather look is no exception. She wore this gorgeous ensemble back in 2014, but the classic black and white outfit has stood the test of time. If you love this outfit as much as I do, make sure to keep reading! I'll show you how to rock it without blowing your whole bank account.

Jacket: Gilt || Top: Topshop || Pants: H&M || Shoes: Warehouse || Bag: Asos

Obviously, Gigi's outfit is centered around her shoes - they pop out and elevate her outfit from a potentially boring office look to a fun night-time ensemble! I found these cool leopard booties from Warehouse for $71, but places like DSW, Nordstrom, and even Frugal Fannies always have fab animal print heels available.  I assume that Gigi's wearing real leather, but not all of us want to splurge on it.  I personally don't mind wearing faux-leather, even if it's missing that signature scent many of us love.  For an inexpensive remake of this outfit, purchase this jacket from Gilt - it was reduced from $99 to $39! Also, these pants are another steal (available at H&M).  Faux-leather pants can get surprisingly expensive- these are only $19, and they're super cute!

To pull this look together, Gigi broke up the black jacket and pants with a simple white tank. Everyone probably already has their own favorite white-tank, but if you're interested, Topshop sells a cute version for only $10.  Let's move onto her black bag. If I were to wear this outfit I'd be tempted to carry a colorful bag, but Gigi definitely made the right move by keeping it all black to showcase her leopard shoes. This little black bag can be purchased from Asos for $20. 

What do you guys think of this outfit? Would you wear any of these pieces? Also, let us know who you want to see in the next Celeb Style For Less!

Written by Zoe Luiz

Celeb Style For Less: Rihanna

Rihanna is famous for her amazing fashion sense - her hip-hop style of clothing is always on point. This gorgeous look is from a while back; she wore it out to dinner with Jennifer Lawrence back in 2013. However, Rih is always so fashion forward with her looks that this is an outfit most of us would still wear!
Skirt: New Look || Top: LUCLUC || Body Chain: TOPSHOP || Shoes: Go Jane || Bracelet: BloomingDale's

The standout piece in this outfit is Rihanna's skirt. Designers have been incorporating pale pink a ton (in their 2016 runway shows) so Rihanna knew what she was doing - she's definitely a trendsetter.  The easiest way to replicate this outfit is to find a skirt that's similar in color and silhouette.  The fabric's most likely expensive - it looks like it's made of silk - and the side embellishments probably bring the price way up.   Lucky for you guys, New Look sells this gorgeous pale pink midi skirt for only $23! Unlike Rih's, this piece is ribbed and polyester, but it is still absolutely gorgeous.

Her top is just a basic black crop that can be purchased anywhere. This specific shirt has a triangle top with very thin straps.  It's very similar to this LUCLUC shirt, which is being sold for $12. It's a jersey top with spaghetti straps, and it complements the New Look skirt perfectly!  In this look, Rihanna actually wore her gold body chain under her top instead of over like most people do! It accentuates her amazing body perfectly without detracting from her adorable crop top. Topshop carries a body chain that like Rih's. It's 32cm long - I recommend that you measure and make sure it hits you right above your hips for the perfect fit.

Her simple white shoes look chic and give her outfit an ombre affect: black to pale pink to white. If you look closely you can see that she also painted her toe nails to match.  Absolutely adorable, right? Although all stores sell strappy white heels, I recommend purchasing these Go Jane shoes.  They're especially cute, and they're available for only $21!

Finally, Rihanna's gorgeous gold jewelry ties the entire ensemble together. Her thick gold bangles contrast with the thin, delicate structure of her body chain. Similar sets can be purchased from Bloomingdale's for $30.  On another note, Rihanna is exposing a lot of skin in this look so if you'd rather not flash your stomach here are a couple of cute coverups that would look amazing with this outfit: 

What do you guys think of this outfit? Would you wear any of these pieces? Also, let us know who you want to see in the next Celeb Style For Less!

Written by Zoe Luiz

Celeb Style For Less: Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is known for her "cutesy" style; she loves rocking short circle skirts and little hair bows. She basically re-popularized the high pony which we all love and adore. Ariana wore this outfit at a concert in 2014, and it's really easy to re-create on a budget!
Crop Top: Charlotte Russe || Skirt: Shoppers Choice || Shoes: JC Penney || Socks: Amazon

This ensemble is centered around her over-the-knee socks.  They're definitely the high point of this look.  These simple socks can be found anywhere. I personally really like the sock selection at American Apparel, but $18 is pricy. So, in this set I've given you a link to a similar pair from Amazon instead. These socks are only $6!

Although you can't see in the photo above, Ariana is wearing a pair of white high heels. Honestly, her shoes are probably Louboutin's or Jimmy Choo's so lucky for us, JC Penney carries a pair that look extremely similar! They're only $40, and they're from Michael Antonio's shoe line for JC Penney.

The black plaid skirt and gray top is a kind of a strange combination in my opinion, but Ariana totally pulls it off. She's wearing her crop top with a high waisted skirt to expose the just right amount of skin. Really good skirts are hard to come by, but Shopper's Choice has a good dupe available for $34. Finally, the gray top is a basic that is sold everywhere. Charlotte Russe sells an affordable version for $9!  The total cost of this look is $89.

Do you guys like Ariana's outfit in this photo? Would you wear any of the pieces listed above? Let us know!

Written by Zoe Luiz

Celeb Style For Less: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift really knows how to look both cute AND sexy at the same time - clearly demonstrated by this fab look. This outfit was recently featured on VOGUE, and it shows that the overall trend is far from over. They were seen all over the place this past year, but Taylor keeps them new and fun with trendy accessories. I assume she's wearing expensive designer pieces, but we can re-create a similar yet affordable look for the everyday girl.
Overalls: Charlotte Russe || Top: Topshop || Bag: Forever 21 || Sunnies: Lucluc || Shoes: Charlotte Russe

The star piece of this ensemble, the overalls, can be purchased from CHARLOTTE RUSSE for $45. Taylor wore them with a simple white crop top, revealing the perfect amount of skin. The crop depicted above can be found at TOPSHOP for $12. Taylor’s burgundy bag is probably made of leather - I'm guessing it's a designer piece. For everyday girls like us, FOREVER 21 has a very similar bag for the low price of $20!

Now, let's move onto her sunnies. Her shades probably cost more than my entire wardrobe; luckily, LUCLUC has dupes that only cost $13. Finally, my favorite part of her outfit: her boots. Her shoes tie the whole look together. The heel is the perfect height IMO, and the black matches the overalls, creating a smooth and elegant line which elongates her legs. Get a pair of these classic boots at CHARLOTTE RUSSE for $40.

The affordable version of this look comes to $130. This may seem steep, but if you think about it, it's quite practical because each piece can be re-styled EASILY. How do you guys feel about Taylor's look - yah or nah? Would you guys buy any of the pieces featured above? What do y'all think of the overall trend?

Written by Zoe Luiz