Remix: The Metallic Mini - Sensible Stylista

Remix: The Metallic Mini

Alright guys, if today's dress looks familiar, it's because I featured it HERE a few months ago!  Back then, I styled it with a turtleneck and wedges because it was still pretty chilly out, but now that it's hotter than Dante's inferno, I can wear it all by its lonesome.  
The dress is fairly loud due to the color and style so I skipped accessories altogether.  I did, however, wear statement heels to add a bit of edge.  I'm not especially graceful in heels so ankle-strap sandals are a godsend.  I bought these a long time ago so they're no longer available online, but I'll make sure to link other cute options below.
Fabulous statement heels under $100:
To finish off my OOTD, I carried a mini crossbody from & Other Stories to match.  They opened a store in Georgetown not too long ago, but I haven't had a chance to go yet.  I'll definitely have to hit them up next month when I'm back in town!  If you're interested in the bag I'm sporting, it's available online here.  
Other stylish metallic minis:
Shot by the amazing Rey Marques.