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4 (Free) Games You Need on Your Phone STAT

I've always loved playing video games.  In fact, I've been obsessed pretty much all my life...like it was actually kind of a problem, ha.  When I was younger, I was hooked on Warcraft and seriously couldn't stop playing, which pissed my mom off to no end.  She was a tiger parent so she was extra strict when it came to school and piano.  So, I made a deal with her.  I'd get to play an hour IF I had finished ALL of my homework and practiced x amount of hours.  

It all would've worked out if I had honored our agreement, but I just couldn't stay away from my precious orc army.  I ended up running back and forth between my piano and PC - I'd hit a note on the keyboard from time to time so it sounded like I was working, but she saw right through my BS.  She stormed down and went straight to my computer.  I thought, "worst case scenario, she'll turn my PC off and I'll have to re-do levels."  Well, she ejected my game and straight up broke it in half.  
...saddest day of my life, ha! I may be exaggerating a slight bit, but suffice it to say, I was still pretty upset.  Fast forward 15 years, and I'm still hooked.  I've wanted to get a Playstation for years now, but I know I'll get absolutely nothing done if I do so I'm being good.  However, I reward myself with i-phone game breaks as a consolation, and it's also actually one of the ways me and my bf stay connected in our LD relationship.  Here are 4 of my current favorites:

1.  Fun Run 2:  The funnest run I've ever done, HA.  Oh my god, I can't even handle how nerdy I am!  I've been obsessed with this game for YEARS now - don't judge me - and I have no doubt you guys will love it, too.  It's like Mario Kart meets Happy Tree Friends.  You can challenge your buddies or get randomly matched online.  There are a handful of courses and you race peeps while attacking them with weapons you collect along the way.  You're rewarded with $$$ when you win games or hit goals that are listed in your daily challenges, and you can use that moolah to buy fun accessories for the character of your choice.  I have a penguin with a fancy hat, bahaha!

2.  Very Dice:  I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with this game, but think of it as a virtual Dave & Buster's with wayyyy more prizes (featuring items you actually want, ha).  The game itself isn't super complex - you're just rolling dice - but you can win ACTUAL prizes which is cool AF.  They give you 50 rolls to start, and then you earn or buy more.  I recommend participating in surveys or completing offers because they get you the most rolls.  TIP: check back every 24 hours to get your free spin for extra rolls on the house.  If you want to give the app a shot (and trust me, you definitely do), please use my friend code so I can earn bonus rolls, ha:  196313.  

3.  Plants vs. Zombies 2:  This game is soooo much fun!  You time-travel to different worlds and fight zombies with your ferocious yet adorable plant army.  Levels can get surprisingly hard, but I've never spent a dime on this app - if you want, you can purchase power-ups + new plants to defeat your enemies.  

4.  Tiny Wings:  My bf introduced me to this game when I visited him in SF.  I wasn't crazy about it at first, but my competitive spirit kicked in pretty quickly because I was determined to beat his high score (which I did BTW)!  Basically, you have a little birdie and you have to try and fly her as smoothly as possible.  There are hills throughout so  you have to land her at just the right angle to gain max momentum, which in turn increases your score.  It's all about timing so you just gotta lock that down!  Make you complete as many missions as possible to get a higher score multiplier. 

Andddd that's it for today, everyone.  Do you guys play any games on your phone? If yes, which ones? 

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