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The Perfect Wedding Maxi + Recapping my Poshmark Tour & Noms at Hard Knox Cafe

Soooo much to tell you guys!  As I'm sure you all know, I've been sharing a lot more from my personal life on SS as of late.  However, instead of posting individual blasts filled with errday highlights, I've decided to merge them with my outfit posts to make things a bit more interesting!  For today's featured OOTD, I've shared pics from my 2nd shoot with the fabulous Hana Gonzales.  If you missed our first collab, make sure to click here!
I purchased this gorgeous dress online at ASOS a while back, but it (very unfortunately) sold out.  No worries though b/c I'll be linking fab alternatives for you guys below - just remember get your scroll on.  Anywho, I love wearing goddessy dresses during the summertime.  This piece is a bit too fancy for casual, everyday activities, but I think it's perfect for special occasions like weddings!  I dressed this baby up with a beautiful pearl clutch (courtesy of Jwholesale) and metallic sandals.

For those of you looking for cute but affordable clutches, def. check out Jwholesale.  Not only do they sell kickass jewelry, they carry beautiful bags as well!  I own several, and they all ooze quality - like I may actually prefer their bags to their jewelry, but it's a close call for reals.  I can't recommend them enough, and as a plus, the owner is such a sweetheart.
Anddd as promised, here are other fab maxis for your browsing pleasure!  Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you all about my new braided headband from JustBraydz.  I'm obsessed with it because it elevates any and every style I wear.  It looks awesome with a pony and as you can see below, it works beautifully when I let it down as well!  If you'd like to get one for yourself, you can cop one here.  It only costs $45, and it looks suppppper real.  Chaya knows how to create kickass hairpieces for real - I don't know how it blends so well? It seriously looks like my own mane!
Now, it's time to update you all on my latest shenanigans.  I recently got to tour Poshmark headquarters with my beautiful friend, Amanda Weiss.  We've been virtual friends for years now so I was beyond pumped to finally meet her in person!  Like all bamf offices in SF, posh was super cute - I was stoked to see everyone in action because I've been a fan of the app from the very start.  I sell a TON of stuff on there so make sure you guys browse my closet.  I also wrote an article on how to posh successfully so if you're interested, take a looksie - my post's called "How to Poshmark Like a Pro."  
After the tour, the bf and I grabbed lunch at an awesome restaurant called Hard Knox Cafe.  Located on Clement street in Frisco, they served us some badass soul food.  He lives nearby so we went on his recommendation!  He ordered his longtime fave dish (smothered pork chops with mac 'n cheese + rice & gravy), and I went with a grilled chicken sandwich with collared greens.  I wasn't a huge fan of his dish, but I really enjoyed mine!  The chicken was grilled to perfection (hella juicy on the inside), the homemade honey mustard sauce was on point, and my greens were solid.
My sandwich didn't come with corn muffins, but luckily his did.  I got to try one, and DAMN, I'd come back just to devour these yums.  All in all, a great experience, BUT I found out later on yelp that their health rating was really low? I probably wouldn't have gone if I had known beforehand, but the restaurant looked really clean to me. Maybe they stepped up and took care of everything? They've been around since 1999 - AND they have a second location in the Dog Patch District - so I'm assuming they know how to handle their business.  Well, I'm still alive so it was fine...I hope.
Anywhooo, that's it for today guys! I hope you enjoyed my latest!  What have you all been up to?   Have you tried any new restaurants? If yes, let me know what you had and what you thought of the noms!  I'm always looking to try new places and/or drool over foodporn on yelp so leave me a comment below, frands.


  1. Gorgoeus dress! I love the color. Great shots of the food too. They look delicious. :)

  2. Amazingt dress. Also those corn muffins are yummy :P
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  3. Such lovely pictures, dear. You look stunning, as always:)