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Gainesville, FL Recap + A Goddess-Like Maxi On Sale

Alright guys, if you've been following me on IG, you know by now that I spent the last week or so in Gainesville, FL for concerts with my buddy Stephen Fine - we were both faculty members at a summer music festival a while back.  We hadn't seen each other for the last 3 years so I was beyond stoked when he invited me to come perform!  We had 3 performances lined up, featuring tough repertoire so we spent pretty much every minute of our time together rehearsing.  We tackled Brahms' f minor sonata for piano and viola, Britten's Lachrymae, and a virtuosic number by Zimbalist called "Tango" from Sarasateana.

I'd never been to Gainesville prior to this trip so I didn't really know what to expect, BUT I was pleasantly surprised.  They actually had better asian food than Baltimore - I know that sounds cray, but I'm being 100% real with you all!  Anywho, I didn't get to take pictures of my noms, but I'm still gonna recap everything for you guys, just in case you visit in the future.
Yummy House:  I was craving Chinese so Stephen and I came here twice, haha.  I got to try their Braised Tofu (comes with perfectly cooked bok choy + mushrooms), Garlic Chicken, Salt n' Pepper Tofu (no veggies here), pork buns (this was the most "eh" of the bunch), and pork + mushroom dumplings. Everything was good, but the Salt n' Pepper Tofu stands out so DEF. try this if you come here - apparently, it's a chain in FL so you could come across one in a different city?  If you hit up the location in Gainesville, save room because there's a Kung Fu Tea right next door, and boba's always a do in my book.  FYI, they charge for rice which pisses me off - IMO, no asian restaurant should charge for rice.  It's only a dollar per bowl, but I still wanted to mention it, ha.

Crane Ramen:  A hip joint with delish housemade noodles!  I ordered the Agedashi Tofu Steamed Buns (soy-marinated tofu, wrapped in nori and flash-fried with sweet potato sauce) and the Tonkotsu ramen ($12.95).  The tofu was a little bland, but hot chili oil took care of that fast!  The ramen was yum - came with pork belly, woodear mushrooms, house hot sauce, soy-marinated egg, black garlic oil and scallions - but the broth was a bit too salty for me personally!  However, I enjoyed the noodles and the house hot sauce immensely.  

The Hyppo:  Soooo gourmet popsicles are a thing in FL! I haven't had one in AGES, and I didn't even know they could be "gourmet," so I was skeptical when Stephen suggested it, but I've learned to trust his judgement.  They had at least 30 different flavors, and they all looked AMAZING.  It took me a good 5 minutes to decide, but I ultimately went with blueberry cheesecake (!!!!!) I can't even begin to tell you guys how much I loved that ice-pop. Their noms are all natural, featuring ingredients that are non-GMO and are made fresh daily so they get an A+++ from me.  

Civilization:  Hands down, one of the coolest places I've ever been to.  Their menu's super eclectic, and they source their produce from local growers, which is all kinds of awesomesauce.  I ordered Shrimp 'n Grits and a Ginger Beer and loved everything!  If I had 3 more stomachs, I would've also tried the Sweet Potato Enchiladas, Gnocchi della Casa, and Falafel Burger.  I guess that just means I need to go back... and eat? Ha.

Public & General:  Julie, Stephen's sister, generously took us out to eat after our first concert at University of Florida.  Their name's a reference to their bar in the back + their convenience store up front.  They're kind of like Cracker Barrel except way, WAY better, like there's no comparison.  I ordered the BBQ Mushroom Sandwich (topped with coleslaw, which upped the texture tenfold), dill fries with roasted tomato mayo, and a yummy cider! Service was kind of slow, but the food was worth the wait.  Plus, I was in good company - I had fun chatting with Julie and her boyfriend Tyler - so I didn't mind. She's a lawyer and he's a golf teacher by day, but they manage a super successful instagram account called Best of Gainesville at night!  You can check them out here.
Gainesville was nothing like I imagined, and I mean that in the best way possible.  A huge thanks to the Fine family for being such wonderful hosts - I hope to see you all again soon!  Now, onto today's featured OOTD!  I recently purchased this goddess-like maxi dress online at Las Call for $75, and I seriously can't get enough of it.  It's perfect for summer because it's sexy yet elegant.  I love showing bits of skin tastefully, and this number allows me to do so.  I ordered it in size small, but it was too big so I had to return + re-purchase in xs.  Click HERE to purchase!
It has an a-line silhouette so you can comfortably nurse a food baby while looking effortlessly stylish. I highly recommend this dress because it works for any and every occasion.  Dress it up with a clutch and heels for date night or wear it with summery sandals and an everyday tote to run errands in style. 
 A huge thanks to blogger bestie La Belle Mel for shooting these pics.


  1. to come twice to the same restaurant , must have been good :) beautiful look -Paul

  2. Sounds like a great trip. And an interesting program for the concerts. (Just got a recording of Brahms Quintet for Piano and Strings, which I'm enjoying a lot.) Like this dress. Michael

  3. You look beautiful, gorgeous dress! sounds like you had a good time x

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    ~ xo, Veronica ~

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