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A Quick 2-Day Trip to the Big Apple: Part 1

I'm beyond excited to recap my NY trip for you all today on SS.  If you're following me on instagram, you already know that I visited the Big Apple via stories, but I'm not sure the rest of you do?  [Insert shameless plug: if you're NOT following me there yet, make sure to do so here] Anywho, I'll be writing about everything in great detail today so there will be no FOMO up in this beezy.  See how good I am with the current lingo? Ha.  Ok, I'm going to stop embarrassing myself and get to it!

I arrived in NYC at 11:15, which was 30 minutes later than I was supposed to.  I was hella pissed because I had a meeting at 10:45 at Alison Brod PR, and I don't do late.  I seriously can't think of anything more unprofessional.  I ran out of Penn Station and ordered an UberBLACK, and it was the longest 5 minute wait I've ever experienced, ha.  It took me a good 15 minutes to get to location, but it all ended up being fine because they were super flexible and understanding!

Shopping Alison Brod PR's Showroom!

I can't even begin to tell you guys how cute their showroom was.  Before I left, I got to "shop" their goodie closet, which was a freaking dream come true.  It was like beauty heaven - they had everything from powders to masks and everything in between.  They basically let me have anything I wanted to try so I pulled a bunch of products from Erno Laszlo, June Jacobs, Kerastase, Urban Decay, SkinCeuticals, and more!  Suffice it to say, I have enough swag to last me all year.  I'll be reviewing everything and featuring my favorites on SS very soon so keep an eye out.

I had to run to a shoot - with the wonderful Dennis Christians - right after so I changed in the Starbucks next door like a hobo.  The bathroom was seriously DISGUSTING, but I manned up and did my hair there...or tried to.  I didn't get to finish because someone started BANGING ON THE DOOR.  I was only in there for 5 minutes, but whatever.  I frantically packed up my stuff and took a seat in the lounge area to finish straightening my hair.
Cursed by a Homeless Man?

Now, onto the BEST part. I stepped outside to hail a cab, and a homeless man approached me.  I didn't have any cash on me (like, I actually didn't for real) so I told him that I was sorry and walked away!  He didn't believe me and chased after me for a good block or two screaming that he had placed a gypsy curse on me because I was a "lying whore."  
Only in New York, ha.  I felt reallllly weird about it all.  I don't believe in those kinds of things, but it was still a cray experience.  I grabbed a cab and trekked over to Gay Street to shoot with Dennis.  He was crunched for time so we had to crank out 2 sets in 30 minutes or so.  If you want to see the shots we took for our Revlon collab, click here! I share tips and tricks on how to apply mascara like a boss!

Re-connecting with Old Friends + Korean Food!

I was STARVING after the hectic morning I had, so I subway-ed it to 125th to meet up with a few old friends from Juilliard.  I had an hour to kill so I ordered a turkey burger at their apartment and did some blog work before heading to Hotel Le Soleil to check in.  I unpacked quickly and walked over to K-town to grab dinner with another buddy from school.
We hit up Kunjip for dinner and ordered wayyyyy too much.  We got the Jeyuk Tofu Kimchi (spicy pan-fried pork and kimchi with tofu), Kimchi Pa Jun (giant kimchi pancake), and Sulung Tang (ox bone soup with sliced beef and noodle). Their banchan (free Korean side dishes) was really yummy, too.  I forgot how good their food was. Next time I'm here, I want to get BBQ! I'm thinking about trying Miss Korea or Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong?  Who here's tried their grub?

After noms, I wanted to get dessert, but we were running late for Sleep No More so we flagged down a taxi and cabbed it down.  I was annoyed because the line was ridiculously long, but it was SO worth the wait + money ($100).  Bags and coats aren't allowed so you have to check them before you enter ($4 per locker).  Once inside the Manderley Bar, you wait for your card to be called while sipping on drinks.  

Sleep No More.

Before entering the McKittrick Hotel, you're given a mask, and you're supposed to wear it at all times.  Verbal communication is also forbidden.  They recommend that you experience the "show" solo, but my friend and I stuck together.  The whole experience was a total mindf*ck, and I mean that in the best possible way.  The evening was 3 hours long and each character performed one hour loops. There were 5 visitable floors total, and it was immersive theatre so we saw all the actors and actresses close up.  The "play" was based off of Macbeth so read it before coming if possible.  

Everything's SO well done - the setting, acting, special effects, all legit.  A few things though, if you have sensitive hearing, bring ear plugs.  Music's playing pretty much everywhere, and it can get a bit loud at times so just giving you guys a heads up.  Also, make eye contact with the actors for possible 1:1s. I followed Lady Macbeth around while she was going mad and managed to get her attention twice! She whispered quotes from the play into my ear, and it was both creepy and awesome at the same time, ha.  

The most memorable scene for me though was the orgiastic rave with the 3 witches + Macbeth.  Holy crap, the music was pounding, there was hella fog, and the flashing lights had my heart pumping like no other.  I want to go back because I feel like I missed a lot of key parts throughout...like all the murders, ha.  I know it's a pricy ticket, but I've found that spending money on experiences is always worth the $$$.  

The Best Cocktail I've Ever Had.

After we exited, we wanted to decompress and talk about the play so we headed to Ginger Man, a really cute and cozy bar near my hotel, to get cocktails.  I ordered the Ginger Mule, and it was hands down, the BEST drink I've ever gotten.  If you're a fan of ginger anything, I guarantee that you'll love this!  After a round, I walked back to my hotel to get my work on - always hustling to achieve my dreams.

Alright guys, I hope you liked my recap!  Day 2's even CRAZIER so make sure you stay tuned.  It'll go live this Thursday so make sure you check back to read all about it.  Sending so much love - have a beautiful day, everyone.


  1. Like the story about the gypsy curse. Was up there last weekend -- the place never ceases to amaze me. Michael