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Homage to my Fave Gowns

Recapping gowns for you guys today on SS!  As many of you know, I'm a pianist (both performer + teacher) by day so I own quite a few of these babies.  I'm planning on shooting more of them in the future so make sure you keep an eye out.  Here are some of my favorite features from the past - click to see more from each post!  Oh, and I take requests for content so if there's anything you want more of, let me know.  Comment, tweet me, whatever - you guys know what to do!
Other fabulous gowns for your browsing pleasure (all under $150):


  1. Wow! Gorgeous gowns and dresses. :)

  2. The red dress at the piano makes you look FIERCE. Love them all to be honest but that red one is my fav.


  3. you look so amazing in all those dresses , especially the green suede dress one ! love it so much!