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How-to Eat Clean All Day, Every Day: 5 Rules to Live By

1.  When in doubt, drink a glass of water.  It's easy to confuse thirst with hunger, and staying hydrated's important for a number of reasons so I always make sure to have at least 7-8 glasses a day. As a plus, it helps with portion control - I down a cup 20-30 minutes before each meal to suppress my appetite and aid digestion.  If you're feeling extra fancy, flavor your H20 with yum fruit or refreshing veggies, anddddd this obviously goes without saying, but replace all your sugary dranks with it as well.

2.  Carry around healthy snacks.  I swear to God, I'm like a freaking asian Mary Poppins.  My tote contains everything one would possibly ever need or want in life, and that includes delish noms that satisfy like nobody's business.  In all seriousness though, every Sunday I portion out almonds, dried figs, and hummus/guacamole cups with sliced veggies (red peppers, baby carrots, and celery) so I can eat healthfully on the go.  I've never been big into protein bars, but I'm going to try different ones this month so I'll keep you guys updated on the best of the best.  

Anywho, if you're on a "diet" - I hate calling it that because I view it more as a lifestyle change - you're probably going to get hungry at one point, or if you're like me, several points throughout the day.  If you don't have good choices in front of you, you'll most likely hit up the nearest fast food joint or vending machine.  Hashtag don't do it.  Take 20 minutes out of your week to prep in advance to ensure that you stay on track!  

3.  Exercise in the morning.  I don't workout as early as I used to, but I typically squeeze my sessions in between 9:30-12 depending on my schedule.  Sooo, why exactly do I recommend sweating it out in the morn? Because working out hurts.  In fact, it straight up sucks sometimes.  Now, don't get me wrong,  I LOVE the burn, but it's hard as hell.  Now, I don't know about you guys, but after I put in THAT much effort at the gym, I make SURE to eat right because the last thing I want to do is cancel everything out.  

4.  Prep food in advance.  I talk about this ALL the time on here because it's seriously crucial.  We're all out there hustling hardcore to become badass bosses, which means we're working pretty much 24/7 - great for your career, but not so great for your diet. I know way too many people who end up splurging at the end of the night because they're straight up exhausted. Combat this situation by cooking giant batches of nomtastic food ahead of time or buying quick & healthy microwavable options at [insert store of your choice].  I personally enjoy making pasta sauces, different stews, spicy Korean chicken dishes, whole wheat kale lasagnas, and egg cups. My go-to microwavable options are Morningstar veggie burgers or chicken patties with whole wheat toast - available at my fave store, Costco.  A little bit of effort will go a long way!  Once you get used to cooking in advance, it won't be no thang, and it'll help you get the bod of your dreams.

5.  Reward yourself with a splurge meal weekly.  Not only is this necessary for your sanity, it helps reset your metabolism so you can enjoy it without any guilt whatsoever.  You don't want your body to plateau so confuse the heck out of it with a juicy burger, a bowl of gooey mac 'n cheese or a warm lava cake with vanilla gelato... or all of the above, ha.  On another note, it's ok to slip up every once in a while so don't be hard on yourself.  You're not going to die if you indulge in a slice of pizza or enjoy a few bites of your friend's dessert.  I tend to go all or nothing, but I'm extreme in that way. Remember, you're doing this because you LOVE your body, not because you hate it, so be kind to yourself. 

Alright guys, that's all for today! I hope you found this blast helpful.  Is eating clean important to you? If yes, how do YOU stay on top of everything?  PS.  I'll be updating you guys on my fitness progress super soon so make sure you keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Really great tips and tricks! I find #1 & #5 works the best for me. :)

  2. Love eating clean:)-Paul