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Easter Vacation

A while back I announced that I was turning Sensible Stylista into a full-on lifestyle blog. Sooo, I'm going to start writing more about my personal adventures on here! I haven't figured out a solid schedule yet, but I'll figure it all out eventually.  I'm actually thinking about posting daily again - I'm not quite sure how that's going to pan out because I'm super busy, but we'll see.  I'll try to keep it up for you guys!

Anywho, today's blast is all about my mini-Easter vacay.  I went back home to visit my family in Pittsburgh - my March was ridiculous so I was happy to get away.  Home is always a good time because my parents know how to spoil me.  As soon as I got back, they took me out to my favorite restaurant, Cala Lily Restaurant & Bar, for dinner.  If you ever visit the 'Burgh, you need to come here.  Like, seriously.  The food rivals NYC's finest - it's easily one of the best restaurants, if not THE best, in the city.  Everything here is magical!  I swear to god, Rick Rivera (the head chef) is a culinary genius.  I don't have a ton of food pictures for you guys because lighting was "eh," but I did the best I could!  It's always a struggle to get good photos in dim lighting - I'll keep working on it though.
To start, we got 2 apps plus a comped app from the chef!  We ordered poblano chili rellano (fire roasted and stuffed with drunken goat's cheese topped with a wine sauce) and portabello & crab florentine (baked with spinach, fontinella cheese and copious amounts of crab).  The comped app is pictured above.  I mean, look at that plate of deliciousness - it's borderline obscene!  The dish had poached scallops, shrimp and crab-stuffed squid.  I don't know the deets exactly because it wasn't listed in the menu, but I think the relish was made of beets, tomatoes, jalapeños, onions and apple. The sauce was citrusy and complemented the seafood perfectly.  
For entrees, my parents both ordered specials - Cala Lily has an extensive list each night!  My dad went with softshell crabs and my mom got angel hair pasta with crab-stuffed squid in a diablo sauce (aka spicy marinara).  I, very predictably, went with my all-time favorite:  pumpkin tortellini & jumbo crab in a rich alfredo sauce with julienne leeks and sun-dried tomatoes.  Each dish came with sides - pasta dishes come with a vegetable & all others come with both a vegetable + carb.  That night, the veggie was a creamy broccoli and cauliflower medley.  I wanted to try my dad's couscous, but it had red meat in it so I had to pass.  I don't know if I've told y'all, but I'm trying to turn vegetarian.  It's been three months or so since I've had red meat!  Now I just have to drop my bird friends.  It's been tough, but hopefully I'll be able to go hardcore soon.
After sleeping in - "sleeping in" now means waking at 9AM instead of 6-7, ha - my mom and I headed to Perkins to have a quick breakfast before hitting the Grove City outlet mall.  Their food isn't super fancy, but it's affordable, quick and tasty.  Plus, my parents and I love the staff.  We're regulars there so we pretty much know everyone.  They have great breakfast deals and bottomless coffee (!!!!) My mom and I actually both got the same $7 dish that morning: a three-egg mushroom & swiss omelette with pancakes (3).  We scarfed it down and jumped in the car!  The outlet mall's a good 40 minutes away from our house so we wanted to get there early-ish.  We thought it'd be totally swamped since it was Easter.
...but we were wrong, ha.  It wasn't busy at all!  My mom and I were thrilled because we had first dibs everywhere.  We didn't have to worry about parking, but as usual, we only hit up our favorite stores: Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, BCBGMaxAzria, Coach, Nine West, Polo Ralph Lauren, The Cosmetics Company and Harry & David.  To view the full directory, click here. Also, if you're looking to save moolah, make sure you purchase a coupon book at information (located in the food court).  Flip through before buying it though - you don't want to dole out cash if you're not going to save.  It's only $3 or so, but regardless, you don't want to waste money!  Note:  If you have triple A, they'll give you the booklet for free.
I ended up buying three things!  I scored a $3 scarf at Ann Taylor, $29.99 boots at Nine West and a sleeveless vest at Banana Republic for $25.  I wanted to take a haul pic for you guys, but lighting wasn't great so I passed.  I'll make sure to feature everything on here ASAP though.  Anywho, thanks so much for reading, everyone!  Shoot me a comment, and let me know if you enjoyed this blast. Sending y'all lots and lots of love from the DMV!


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