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Find of the Day: The Velvet Mini ($25)

I am super DUPER excited to tell you guys about my latest purchase! This fabulous minidress from ASOS is everything and more.  It fits me like a glove and flatters my body in the best way possible. Although it's only $25, the velvet doesn't look cheap at all - it could easily pass as "designer" IMO.  I actually bought it in purple first but returned it the second I found it in blush - I liked the color better AND it was cheaper...only by a few dollars, but still! Ha.
If you're looking for a sexy dress that slays, I highly recommend purchasing this!  It's comfortable yet figure flattering which is (obviously) ideal.  It cinches the small of your waist, exaggerating your curves and elongating your stems, while the draped bottom gives you extra breathing room.  This piece is perfect for a fancy date, a night out with friends or even holiday parties.
I accessorized this number with a dainty gold choker and carried a mini-evening bag to match!  Both pieces are from Charming Charlie, andddddd speaking of CC, I actually blogged about them on here a while back - the article was called, "Where to Buy Kate Spade Lookalike Bags for Less," in case you missed it.
Now, I know today's find is all about my new dress, but I gotta mention my shoes as well because I purchased them along with my mini.  If you're a fan of metallics like me, you're def. gonna want to purchase a pair since they're still available online for $15 (!!!!) They were originally $61 so scoop 'em up while you still can.  
 Dress:  ASOS ($25) || Bag:  Charming Charlie || Shoes:  ASOS ($15) || Necklace:  Charming Charlie
Photos shot by the incredible Sung Shin.

How-to Pull Off Plunging Necklines with Class

This is the 2nd wedding I've gone to this month - 'tis the season for 'em I skapose!  I forgot to take OOTD shots for the first one, BUT I took this with my fab photographer Sung Shin a while back because I had already decided this would be my look at some point, ha.  I discovered this gem online while browsing ASOS and couldn't resist - not my most sensible purchase but embellished mesh and 3D detailing? can't expect me to pass that up! Anywho, I won't bore you any longer with my elaborate shopping excuses.  Let's move on to the heart of today's topic: plunging necklines and how to pull them off.  
First off, you need to wear the right undergarments.  A u-plunge bra works beautifully most of the time (love this one from Bare Necessities), but this baby has a plunge back as well so I had to wear nipple covers.  I don't really have a large chest so I didn't have to tape anything in place, but if you need the extra support, definitely make sure to do so!  On the other hand, if you have a small chest and want to create extra cleavage, tape can come in handy.  The Ultimate Bra Guide's post to Taping Breasts is super informative so clicky if you want to read more!
Now, I'm definitely not afraid to show skin, but plunging necklines still kind of intimidate me because I find them somewhat scandalous.  I know that's my inner goodie two shoes speaking, but whatever, it is what it is! Luckily, I know how to wear 'em and still look "classy."  Sidebar: For the record, I am NOT judging other women for the way they dress - this is just personal preference.  You should wear whatever you want, whenever you want!  As long as you feel comfortable and confident, you will look like a total rockstar.

Anywho, it's all about balance in my opinion.  Take this dress for example, it has a plunging neckline but the a-line skirt hits me below the knees = beautiful yet modest-ish.  If it was tight and short, it would've been a bit too much, at least for me!  Personally, I only like to "show off" one body part at a time, ha.  That sounds reallllly strange, but I promise it works.  It also depends on the occasion, too! I was dressing for a wedding so I didn't want to bare too much, but if I was hitting up NYC, I'd feel more comfortable wearing something a bit more risque.  How do you guys feel about plunge necklines - are they a do or a don't?
Other fabulous deep-v pieces for your browsing pleasure...
Dress:  Asos || Shoes:  Qupid
Photos shot by the fabulous Sung Shin.

The Ultimate Special Occasion Dress for Summer

On Monday, I told you guys all about my favorite stores for bargain buys and luxe finds for less, but I'm doing something a little different today.  I've featured a pricier special occasion dress for spring events and the like.  This fabulous number is truly goddess-like with its sparkly mesh overlay, and it's a two-piece set, so you can wear something different underneath if you want.  If you're interested in purchasing this dress, it's available online at ASOS for $88.
Shoes:  Qupid (similar) || Dress:  ASOS ($88) || Clutch:  Similar
Photos shot by the lovely Eva Liz.

My Obsession with Alexis Continues

I was and continue to be head over heels obsessed with all things Alexis.  I purchased this top a long while back but haven't featured it on SS so I thought no better time than the present.  This fabulous blouse was on sale at Saks so I scooped it up along with THIS dress during after-Christmas sales. The top's voluminous with billowy sleeves so I paired it with a bandage skirt for balance.  To finish things off, I carried my Gucci crossbody to match and threw on statement heels to elevate my ensemble.
Why I drool over Alexis:
A closer look at my bag! I know I featured it here recently, but I couldn't resist showcasing it again.  If you have a bag fetish like me, you'll definitely want to check out my entire designer collection here.  Also, I added a few pieces to my wardrobe since then so I'll be publishing part 2 later this summer - definitely make sure to keep an eye out!
Me asian as possible, ha.
Top:  Alexis || Skirt:  BCBG || Shoes:  Last Call || Bag:  Gucci via TJ Maxx
Shot by the wonderful Rey Marques.

The Plunging Maxi Dress

If you're a fan of maxi dresses, you'll absolutely love my latest find from Last Call Neiman Marcus.  Designed by Leon Max (aka Max Studio), this goddess-like number features a plunging v neckline with slim bands that cinch one's waist to create a flattering yet comfortable silhouette.  It's food friendly so no sucking in necessary -  I used to LOVE bodycon everything, but lately I'm all about "forgiving" designs.
For today's OOTD, I styled the piece up for date night, but it definitely works as a casual everyday dress as well. I'm wearing a size 2, but I had to get it tailored because it was too big for me - 0 would've been perfect, but it wasn't available.  Definitely size down if you're interested in purchasing this - FYI, it's still available in 2-12 online here!
Other fabulous Max Studio designs:
Showing off my new evening bag!  Isn't it ridiculously cute? I got it from J Wholesale a while back, and I still can't get over how adorbs it is.  I've featured their jewelry on here too many times to count so you guys know all about their baubles, but they sell other high-quality accessories as well including bags, bag charms, belts, phone cases, and more!  Definitely make sure to check out their clutches - I own several and they're super legit.  You're welcome in advance!
 Earrings:  J Wholesale || Dress:  Max Studio via Last Call ($89) || Shoes:  Nine West (similar) || Bag:  J Wholesale
Photos shot by the amazing Sung Shin.

Find of the Day: The Velvet Crop Top ($18)

Excited to feature one of the CUTEST tops I own today on SS - if you're a fan of fab crops, you'll love my latest find. This adorable number's currently on sale at amiclubwear for $18 (originally $39.99).  It's a bit more on the scandalous side due to the sheer nature of the piece, but you can definitely "class it up" no problem.
The back's totally sheer, but the front features velvet + floral detailing!  For those of you wondering, I'm wearing a size small, and it fits me beautifully - to purchase, clicky here.  Anywho,  let's talk a bit about today's OOTD.  For my latest, I paired my new top with a fun animal print skirt from BCBG for a dolled up vibe - I'll probably style it casually later on so make sure you guys keep an eye out.
I finished my look off with velvet heels and ginormous statement earrings from JWholesale.  How do you guys feel about loud jewelry - are they a do or a don't in your book? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.
Other crops that won't break the bank (under $50):

Photos shot by the beautiful Veronica Campbell from Voulez Boudoir.

Remix: The Asymmetrical Mesh Top

I don't know if you guys remember, but a few weeks ago, I featured an asymmetrical mesh top from ASOS on here. I was really excited about it because it was one of the more "risque" pieces I'd purchased in my lifetime, ha. Anywho, I've been thinking about different ways to wear it, and thought, "why not dress it up for a fun night out with frands?"  In the initial post, I styled it with high waisted jeans and distressed boots for a casual, everyday vibe!  I wanted to do something a little different for my latest so I decided to pair it with a bandage skirt and velvet heels.
There's just something about bandage skirts!  I seriously can't get enough of them - IMO, they ooze sexy all day, err day.  I picked this baby up a LONG time ago at Marshalls for a fraction of the price wayyyy back- and when I say "way back," I mean WAY back, think 10+ years - and I still wear it fairly often.  For those of you wondering, the brand is BCBG.
Other fabulous bandage skirts that slay:
Jared caught me texting my bf, ha!  After work, the man-friend and I hit up Halal Guys to get noms. I was working outside all day so I was hangry and cold - chicken and rice seriously never tasted so good! As usual, I got mine with a ridiculous amount of hot sauce.  The workers there always give me sh*t because they're afraid I'm going to pass out and die from the spiciness, ha.  We usually only get platters, but we decided to try their fries this time around, and damn, it was a good decision.  They came out piping hot and were all sorts of yum.  Before heading home, we hit up Trader Joe's to get a few bottles of their delish $3 wine + snacks. 
 Other mesh pieces that'll impress like whoa:
Skirt:  BCBG (similar splurge) || Top:  ASOS || Shoes:  Nine West (similar)
Photos shot by the wonderful Jared Wolfe.

Gone with the Wind...Literally

It was SO ridiculously windy out when Julian (aka Steeze Media) and I took these shots.  It was GREAT for photos and all, but I totally got sick afterwards because it was fuh-reezing.  I love shooting formal gowns because they're fun to play with, anddd I realized I never featured this piece so I figured better late than never.  I've had this dress for YEARS now so it's been through a lot - think graduations, important performances, and nerve-racking auditions.
Like most all of my dresses, I scooped this number up at BCBG.  Their gowns are always on point! They're pricy, but they ooze quality and their designs are second to none.  Man, I'm still pissed that closed all of their brick & mortar factory outlets, ugh.  I guess I'll be hitting up ASOS more often than I already do, ha.
I'm a huge fan of pastel gowns, but I feel like red looks best on stage.  There's just something about the color - it makes me feel powerful, confident, and sexy!  Anywho, I'm curious to hear what you guys think from an audience's perspective.  Are there specific shades that you prefer? If yes, why do you think that is?
 Shot by the fabulous Steeze Media.

Fame And Partners: My New Custom Made Dress

I'm beyond stoked to tell you guys all about my new custom made dress from Fame And Partners. Everything they sell is made-to-order, and each piece is customizable so you can design it exactly to your liking.  Their model reduces fashion's impact on the environment with ethical production methods to reduce waste.  The finished product is delivered straight to you without the need to be stored in air-conditioned warehouses, and they don't carry stock so they won't need to throw away surplus items at the end of each season.
Anywho, I wanted a sexy dress I could wear for any and every fancy occasion so I decided to get a nude number with slits and cutouts.  Anddd I can't even begin to tell you guys how much I love the design!  It definitely doesn't come cheap since it's custom made, but it fits me like a glove, and I seriously love everything about it.  I highly recommend shopping their site!  Whether you're looking for cute bridesmaid dresses or fabulous concert gowns, Fame And Partners won't disappoint.
Shot by the fabulous Sung Shin.