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The Coolest Art Exhibit You'll See in DC This Summer

Oh man, I didn't think anything would be able to top Infinity Mirrors, but I seriously loved XYZT: Abstract Landscapes just as much!  This exhibit is a world-travelled installation by acclaimed French contemporary digital artists and multimedia choreographers, Adrien M & Claire B; think art meets tech!  There are ten digital "landscapes" total, and they're all interactive.  You'll feel like you're walking through a different dimension, one where you can manipulate art with movement.  
The exhibit opened a few days ago at Artechouse and will be up until early September.  Tickets are $15 a pop and $10 for kids, students or seniors.  Bring a photo ID to get timed passes (45 minutes) for the exhibit - open during the day from 10-4 and in the evening from 5:30-10.  Click here to reserve passes!

The Perfect Top for Summer + Wit & Wisdom's Patio Party Recap

I'm all about pretty tops so this was a done deal right from the getgo.  Marled's been a fave brand of mine for quite some time now so I'm beyond stoked to feature them on SS.  I'm not sure if you guys remember, but I actually styled one of their pieces a while back - clicky here if you missed it!  The brand was founded in 2015 by Reunited Clothing, and I've been obsessed ever since.  Their garb oozes femininity and class so if you're a fan of all things chic and elegant, you'll fall head over heels in love with their designs.
I kept things simple for today's OOTD by pairing my new top with jeans and animal print pumps.  I wanted my sleeves to take centerstage so I skipped jewelry altogether.  I did, however, carry my new YSL crossbody!  I purchased it online at Neiman when they were offering peeps a $600 gift card for spending "x" amount of money. I also had credit + cash saved up so I decided to treat myself since it IS my birthday month, ha. 
If you're a fan of statement sleeves, you'll love...
Top:  Marled || Shoes:  Saks Off 5th (splurge vs. save) || Jeans:  Aeropostale || Bag:  YSL
A HUGE thanks to the amazing Sung Shin for shooting these pics for me!  I seriously don't know what I'd do without him - thank god for creative friends who are all sorts of awesome.  Now onto the food portion of today's latest.  I know this is totally belated, but I just HAD to recap Wit & Wisdom's patio party for y'all.
It was seriously the perfect end to a crazy work day.  I mean, cocktails and crab? What more could a girl want?  I got there with my girl Natalie, and we immediately headed to the bar to grab two glasses of frosé.  We sipped on our drinks while browsing the array of noms available!  Their food was (unsurprisingly) on point as per usual - they had fried softshell crab in a magical sauce, refreshing crab lettuce cups, caesar salad, strawberry tacos (sounds weird but t'was amazeballs), fried chicken in adorbs sugar cones, sliders, killer BBQ pork belly bites, panna cotta, and more!
Don't ask me for my fave dish because I can't choose.  Anywho, I can't wait to come back when it's warm out - I'm going to drink and eat to my heart's content.  In fact, the waitstaff at Wit & Wisdom's gonna have to roll me out the door, ha.  Alright guys, that's a wrap for today!  I hope you enjoyed today's post.  OH, and I almost forget - a HUGE thanks to Chrissie Perry for the invite! 

Recap: Kusama, Clyde's & the Colada Shop

Covering the Kusama exhibit at Hirshhorn for SS was a serious perk for real.  You guys have no idea how excited I was to finally experience "Infinity Mirrors" in person.  After seeing pic after pic of its epicness on instagram, my expectations were set ridiculously high.  Well, I'm happy to tell you all that it lived up to its hype.  Lines were ri-DIC-ulously long when Sung and I got there, but luckily we had press passes so we didn't have to wait.
The mirror rooms were seriously amazing, but the wait for each one? Not so much. On top of that, each group (set or 2-3 peeps) only got 25 seconds or so inside to enjoy the art [insert sad face here] so it was kind of a bummer. Oh how I envy the art critic who was given private access to it all!  You're supposed to "contemplate your existence" while you immerse yourself in Kusama's genius, but I found it hard to do so in less than a minute, ha. Plus, Sung and I were scrambling to shoot pics inside so it was kind of a sh*tshow - I don't mean it in a bad way though.  If only I had extra time on my parking meter (laughs weakly) - I would've totally stood in line a second time! 
My fave exhibits were The Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity (pictured directly above) and The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away.  The former juxtaposed the endless void of black space with the "golden" lanterns of toro nagashi - a ceremony in which paper lanterns guide spirits back to their final resting places after obon festivals - and the latter had hundreds of hanging LED lights flickering in different rhythmic patterns to "suspend both space and time."  Both were hellllla trippy in the best way possible!
This was the final "room" of the exhibit, and it was a white living area plastered with colorful circle stickers. To my delight, the space even had an upright piano!  This was the most interactive section of Kusama's "Infinity Mirrors" because everyone got the chance to "participate" by sticking 7-8 dots wherever.  
By the time we got out, Sung and I were starving so we drove over to Clyde's (the location at Gallery Place) to get our lunch on.  We started with a hummus app and split it between the two of us.  It was ok, but nothing to write home about!  I honestly liked the complimentary bread better because it came out piping hot, and let's be real, what's better than fresh carbs straight out of the oven?  Nothing, that's what!
Moving onto entrees!  Sung was going to get trout pasta but changed his mind last minute and went with a French Dip sandwich instead.  I didn't get to try it, but he told me it was pretty good.  I got the pork schnitzel, and it came with potatoes and shredded greens.  The meat was beautifully cooked, but it needed more seasoning IMO.  I found it to be somewhat bland, even with the accompanying sauce. The potatoes were yummy though!
After lunch, we wanted to grab coffee, but we couldn't find parking in Georgetown so we ended up going...all the way to the Colada Shop in Sterling, VA.  I think it was like a 35-40 minute drive? We decided to go there because we thought it was fairly close to Tyson's Corner, but we totally miscalculated.  No worries though because hanging with Sung's always a good time - he's like one of the 4-5 people I enjoy spending time with (BAHAHA) so it was fun!  Plus, I got to try Cuban coffee for the first time, and you all know how I feel about trying new things [enter big smile].

I ordered the iced café con leche (made with a shot of café Cubano poured over ice and milk), and it was to-die-for yum - quite possibly, the best coffee drank I've ever had!  If you live nearby, definitely give this place a shot.  They have several locations in the DMV so there's probably one near you. Sung's a serious coffee aficionado, and even HE enjoyed their offerings. 

FYI: You can choose the level of sweetness you want: Miami Sweet, Half Sweet, or sin azúcar.  We were still stuffed from lunch so we passed on noms, but I definitely want to come back and try their food.  Everything sounds freakin' yum!  They sell pastelitos (Caribbean style pastries filled with tropical flavors), empanadas (cuban style savory turnovers), croquetas, sandwiches, and more! Anywho, that's it for today guys!  I hope you enjoyed reading all about my adventures.  Until next time, frands.


The Life of a Fashion Blogger + Pianist: the NYC Edition, Part 2

Alright guys, it's time for part 2 of my NY diary - click here if you want to read part 1.  Day 2 was extra cray so you're in for a doozy!  I started the day off with a hot cup of joe, taking in the view from above.  I was staying on the 19th floor at Hotel Le Soleil so nights were hella pretty!  It was super rainy and cold so I wasn't looking forward to frolicking around, but hey, business calls.  I had a long day of meetings and shenanigans ahead of me so I got ready quickly before running out the door.

All my meetings were (very conveniently) located on Fashion Avenue, but I still found myself running around like a crazy person.  I started my hectic day off at Violet Ray, and they too, like Alison Brod PR, had a ridiculously cute showroom.  I seriously felt like I was in handbag heaven! They had at least a hundred bags and accessories on display, and I loved each and every one.  I can pretty much guarantee that you'll find something you like on their site because they carry a variety of different styles from classic to fashion-forward.  I left with two adorable mini-backpacks and a fabulous shoulder bag!  I'll be styling them on here soon so keep an eye out.  
I didn't want to lug around an extra bag so I dropped my goodies off in my hotel and hit up Trademark, the cafe next door, for a nom breakfast.  I wanted to try their smashed beet toast, but they were out of it so I went with a yummy bacon-egg-cheese sandwich instead.  I wanted to list the price so I yelped the joint, but I didn't see their cafe on there (only their restaurant)? I think the prices are different out front since you're not sitting down to eat. Anywho, it came with a small coffee and the total was $7 - super cheap for NYC standards, and it was a sizable amount of food!

Almost Famous Clothing.

After resting my feet for a bit, I walked over to the Almost Famous Showroom for my noon meeting. I visited their office a while back so it was my second time there, and just like before, I had a blast browsing their designs.  They pulled pieces for me that they thought I'd like, and I seriously loved everything they chose.  Their dresses and tops are seriously goals, and they're so good at staying on top of current trends.  I've been super into pastels and statement sleeves as of late so you guys will see more of them in the next couple of months.
Shark-Tanking it Up.  

Then, I rushed off to the Shark Group's office to tour their facilities and meet with Keith Perrin and Daymond John. You guys may recognize Daymond from Shark Tank, but Keith is just as much of a powerhouse.  They've been partners for years; in fact, they were co-CEOs of FUBU - I used to wear their clothing back in the day so I was thrilled to find out that a relaunch was in the works.  After checking out their office and talking to them about their upcoming projects, they hooked me up with some FUBU gear and enough Bombas socks to last me a lifetime. They also invited me to attend a huge event later in the evening, BUT I had a performance so I couldn't go.  Le sigh!  Oh well, next time. 
Coffee with Frands. 

I needed a breather after everything so I met up with the WONDERFUL Markus Brück for coffee at Culture Espresso.  He's in town to play Faninal in the Met's production of Der Rosenkavalier - no big deal, ha - so we got together.  I was super happy I got to catch him in the city because he's in Europe most of the time!  I was bummed I didn't get to see him perform, but hopefully I'll see him again soon.  

If you live in the NY/NJ area, I highly recommend going.  The Met's amazing, like, I promise whatever production you see will blow you away.  I saw my first live opera there, and it was life-changing.  I know that sounds over-the-top, but I mean it - if you know me well, you know that I don't bullshit.  I say it was life-changing because it actually WAS life-changing.  I went to see Tosca with my then boyfriend, and I couldn't stop tearing up.  The orchestra was obscenely good, the singing was incredible, and the production was straight up magnificent.  It'll be worth every penny so GO!

My Two Worlds Merge.

I hit up my girl, Natalie Draper, and we met up to rehearse for her concert/competition later that evening.  She composed a kickass song for piano and soprano called, 'Postlude' based on Shakepeare's Tempest, and I was really excited to premiere it because 1, she one of my closest friends, and 2, she's a ridiculously amazing composer.  We rehearsed for a bit before heading to Here Theater in SOHO for sound check.  
We had time to kill before the show so she generously treated us to dinner!  It was disgusting out so we decided to go to Mooncake Foods because it was close and had solid reviews.  I ended up getting the Shanghai Pork & Shrimp Wonton soup with egg noodles, and it was so nomtastic.  The dumplings had pork, shrimp, shitake mushrooms, and watercress in 'em and were served in a savory chicken broth that hit the spot.  The egg noodles were an additional $2 or so? Maybe $1, I don't remember. They were such a good call though because they were perfectly cooked and added to the texture of the soup!  Plus, I'm a sucker for all carbs so there's that.
We sat and talked for a while before heading back to the performance space.  I felt a little on edge from the cray day I had so I got a glass of red to unwind a bit.  We ended up finishing errthang quickly because SongSLAM was only an hour long - 12 groups premiered songs and then ballots were passed out to the audience.  We didn't end up winning, but we were fine with it because it was audience choice - we figured we wouldn't walk away with a prize when we saw the hoards of frands others brought, ha.  No hard feelings though! I had a ton of fun playing, and I'm PUMPED that Nat's piece got to be heard by a sold-out crowd.

Afterwards, I wanted to get Nat drinks to celebrate so we hit up Ginger Man again before heading home!  By the time I got back, it was 1ish, and I had to catch a train at 6:30 so I packed up all my stuffs before getting some shut eye.  Andddd that's a wrap folks!  I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my trip to NYC.  I've been traveling a TON lately, and although it's been fun, it's been taxing, too.  I'm actually super sick at the moment!  These 20-21 hour workdays are definitely taking a toll on me, and I'm sure as hell not wearing the hours as well as I used to.  Hugs and kisses!  

Another $10 Zara Find + Sipping Amazingly Gorg Lattes at Home SF

Featuring yet another $9.99 find from Zara today on SS!  I found this ruffle mini online and just knew I HAD to have it - they have a kickass return policy so I ordered two sizes because I didn't know which one would fit better. Anywho, I styled this baby with a sexy lace-up bodysuit from amiclubwear to dress things up and then wore a faux-leather moto jacket on top to up my layer game! To finish things off, I carried my YSL crossbody and threw on my fave platform heels.  I seriously can't get enough of this skirt's versatility!  Pair it with a graphic tee or tied button front for a chill vibe.  Also, a HUGE thanks to Jared Wolfe for taking these pictures.
 Other fab bodysuits that'll break necks left and right:

Moving on to my latest nom adventure in frisco: coffee + delish munchies at Home.  Guys, I don't even know where to start!  The cafe was super cute, and I still can't get over how great the name is. When I walked in, several friendly faces greeted me and welcomed me "home."  Brilliant, right? Anywho, the boyf and I hit up their cafe at 9:30 on a Monday, and it was BUSTLING.  There were tons of people there already enjoying drinks with friends + getting their hustle on.  I even saw a couple of students rushing to perfect papers, and it made me feel hella nostalgic.  
I've been obsessed with Home for months now! I stumbled upon their instagram and knew I just HAD to try their lattes and toast.  After studying their menu for a while, we decided to get three lattes and two toasts.  I wanted to get insta-worthy shots (obviously) so I went with the more creative concoctions, but everything sounded awesome, and I have no doubt they would've looked just as beautiful.  I was tempted by the lavender and matcha lattes, but I ultimately decided to order the birthday cake, cookie monster, and nutella lattes.
Anddd as you can see, they definitely didn't disappoint.  All three drinks looked AND tasted totally amazing. Although I loved them all, my fave was the birthday cake drank.  At first glance, I thought it'd be too sweet, but it was perfect in every way.  I half expected unicorns to appear and dance around me as I sipped my coffee by the window, ha.
The boyf and I didn't have time to eat breakfast beforehand so we were pretty hungry at that point.  Luckily, their toast was bomb.  They were several delish options available so it was a tough decision, but we decided to try one savory and one sweet.  I can't remember the exact names, but I'll describe 'em to y'all so you know exactly what to get.  And don't worry, there are only 6-7 options listed so it'll be obvious!  

The first one had egg, tomato and pesto and the second was drenched with condensed milk... or should I say magical condensed milk?  I mean, these were ridiculously nomtastic.  I didn't think they could top drinks, but honestly, I think I enjoyed the food even more than the coffee.  The texture of the toast was amazeballs, and both flavor profiles were out of this world.  The condensed milk was weirdly addicting - I could've easily devoured 2 (or maybe 3) of these babies!
Anywho, don't take my word for it, go and try everything yourself!  I have no doubt you'll have an awesome experience so you're welcome in advance.  And of course, my post wouldn't be complete without an obligatory fobby pic of myself shooting a peace sign so here goes, ha.
Alright guys, that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading my latest.  If you want to read more about my adventures, stay tuned because I'll be recapping more from my SF & Phoenix trips soon. Also, a huge thanks to Home for hosting me and my boyf.  I can't WAIT to go back!  FYI, they're opening a new location in Richmond, SF so keep your eyes peeled.

A Quick 2-Day Trip to the Big Apple: Part 1

I'm beyond excited to recap my NY trip for you all today on SS.  If you're following me on instagram, you already know that I visited the Big Apple via stories, but I'm not sure the rest of you do?  [Insert shameless plug: if you're NOT following me there yet, make sure to do so here] Anywho, I'll be writing about everything in great detail today so there will be no FOMO up in this beezy.  See how good I am with the current lingo? Ha.  Ok, I'm going to stop embarrassing myself and get to it!

I arrived in NYC at 11:15, which was 30 minutes later than I was supposed to.  I was hella pissed because I had a meeting at 10:45 at Alison Brod PR, and I don't do late.  I seriously can't think of anything more unprofessional.  I ran out of Penn Station and ordered an UberBLACK, and it was the longest 5 minute wait I've ever experienced, ha.  It took me a good 15 minutes to get to location, but it all ended up being fine because they were super flexible and understanding!

Shopping Alison Brod PR's Showroom!

I can't even begin to tell you guys how cute their showroom was.  Before I left, I got to "shop" their goodie closet, which was a freaking dream come true.  It was like beauty heaven - they had everything from powders to masks and everything in between.  They basically let me have anything I wanted to try so I pulled a bunch of products from Erno Laszlo, June Jacobs, Kerastase, Urban Decay, SkinCeuticals, and more!  Suffice it to say, I have enough swag to last me all year.  I'll be reviewing everything and featuring my favorites on SS very soon so keep an eye out.

I had to run to a shoot - with the wonderful Dennis Christians - right after so I changed in the Starbucks next door like a hobo.  The bathroom was seriously DISGUSTING, but I manned up and did my hair there...or tried to.  I didn't get to finish because someone started BANGING ON THE DOOR.  I was only in there for 5 minutes, but whatever.  I frantically packed up my stuff and took a seat in the lounge area to finish straightening my hair.
Cursed by a Homeless Man?

Now, onto the BEST part. I stepped outside to hail a cab, and a homeless man approached me.  I didn't have any cash on me (like, I actually didn't for real) so I told him that I was sorry and walked away!  He didn't believe me and chased after me for a good block or two screaming that he had placed a gypsy curse on me because I was a "lying whore."  
Only in New York, ha.  I felt reallllly weird about it all.  I don't believe in those kinds of things, but it was still a cray experience.  I grabbed a cab and trekked over to Gay Street to shoot with Dennis.  He was crunched for time so we had to crank out 2 sets in 30 minutes or so.  If you want to see the shots we took for our Revlon collab, click here! I share tips and tricks on how to apply mascara like a boss!

Re-connecting with Old Friends + Korean Food!

I was STARVING after the hectic morning I had, so I subway-ed it to 125th to meet up with a few old friends from Juilliard.  I had an hour to kill so I ordered a turkey burger at their apartment and did some blog work before heading to Hotel Le Soleil to check in.  I unpacked quickly and walked over to K-town to grab dinner with another buddy from school.
We hit up Kunjip for dinner and ordered wayyyyy too much.  We got the Jeyuk Tofu Kimchi (spicy pan-fried pork and kimchi with tofu), Kimchi Pa Jun (giant kimchi pancake), and Sulung Tang (ox bone soup with sliced beef and noodle). Their banchan (free Korean side dishes) was really yummy, too.  I forgot how good their food was. Next time I'm here, I want to get BBQ! I'm thinking about trying Miss Korea or Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong?  Who here's tried their grub?

After noms, I wanted to get dessert, but we were running late for Sleep No More so we flagged down a taxi and cabbed it down.  I was annoyed because the line was ridiculously long, but it was SO worth the wait + money ($100).  Bags and coats aren't allowed so you have to check them before you enter ($4 per locker).  Once inside the Manderley Bar, you wait for your card to be called while sipping on drinks.  

Sleep No More.

Before entering the McKittrick Hotel, you're given a mask, and you're supposed to wear it at all times.  Verbal communication is also forbidden.  They recommend that you experience the "show" solo, but my friend and I stuck together.  The whole experience was a total mindf*ck, and I mean that in the best possible way.  The evening was 3 hours long and each character performed one hour loops. There were 5 visitable floors total, and it was immersive theatre so we saw all the actors and actresses close up.  The "play" was based off of Macbeth so read it before coming if possible.  

Everything's SO well done - the setting, acting, special effects, all legit.  A few things though, if you have sensitive hearing, bring ear plugs.  Music's playing pretty much everywhere, and it can get a bit loud at times so just giving you guys a heads up.  Also, make eye contact with the actors for possible 1:1s. I followed Lady Macbeth around while she was going mad and managed to get her attention twice! She whispered quotes from the play into my ear, and it was both creepy and awesome at the same time, ha.  

The most memorable scene for me though was the orgiastic rave with the 3 witches + Macbeth.  Holy crap, the music was pounding, there was hella fog, and the flashing lights had my heart pumping like no other.  I want to go back because I feel like I missed a lot of key parts all the murders, ha.  I know it's a pricy ticket, but I've found that spending money on experiences is always worth the $$$.  

The Best Cocktail I've Ever Had.

After we exited, we wanted to decompress and talk about the play so we headed to Ginger Man, a really cute and cozy bar near my hotel, to get cocktails.  I ordered the Ginger Mule, and it was hands down, the BEST drink I've ever gotten.  If you're a fan of ginger anything, I guarantee that you'll love this!  After a round, I walked back to my hotel to get my work on - always hustling to achieve my dreams.

Alright guys, I hope you liked my recap!  Day 2's even CRAZIER so make sure you stay tuned.  It'll go live this Thursday so make sure you check back to read all about it.  Sending so much love - have a beautiful day, everyone.

The Perfect Wedding Maxi + Recapping my Poshmark Tour & Noms at Hard Knox Cafe

Soooo much to tell you guys!  As I'm sure you all know, I've been sharing a lot more from my personal life on SS as of late.  However, instead of posting individual blasts filled with errday highlights, I've decided to merge them with my outfit posts to make things a bit more interesting!  For today's featured OOTD, I've shared pics from my 2nd shoot with the fabulous Hana Gonzales.  If you missed our first collab, make sure to click here!
I purchased this gorgeous dress online at ASOS a while back, but it (very unfortunately) sold out.  No worries though b/c I'll be linking fab alternatives for you guys below - just remember get your scroll on.  Anywho, I love wearing goddessy dresses during the summertime.  This piece is a bit too fancy for casual, everyday activities, but I think it's perfect for special occasions like weddings!  I dressed this baby up with a beautiful pearl clutch (courtesy of Jwholesale) and metallic sandals.

For those of you looking for cute but affordable clutches, def. check out Jwholesale.  Not only do they sell kickass jewelry, they carry beautiful bags as well!  I own several, and they all ooze quality - like I may actually prefer their bags to their jewelry, but it's a close call for reals.  I can't recommend them enough, and as a plus, the owner is such a sweetheart.
Anddd as promised, here are other fab maxis for your browsing pleasure!  Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you all about my new braided headband from JustBraydz.  I'm obsessed with it because it elevates any and every style I wear.  It looks awesome with a pony and as you can see below, it works beautifully when I let it down as well!  If you'd like to get one for yourself, you can cop one here.  It only costs $45, and it looks suppppper real.  Chaya knows how to create kickass hairpieces for real - I don't know how it blends so well? It seriously looks like my own mane!
Now, it's time to update you all on my latest shenanigans.  I recently got to tour Poshmark headquarters with my beautiful friend, Amanda Weiss.  We've been virtual friends for years now so I was beyond pumped to finally meet her in person!  Like all bamf offices in SF, posh was super cute - I was stoked to see everyone in action because I've been a fan of the app from the very start.  I sell a TON of stuff on there so make sure you guys browse my closet.  I also wrote an article on how to posh successfully so if you're interested, take a looksie - my post's called "How to Poshmark Like a Pro."  
After the tour, the bf and I grabbed lunch at an awesome restaurant called Hard Knox Cafe.  Located on Clement street in Frisco, they served us some badass soul food.  He lives nearby so we went on his recommendation!  He ordered his longtime fave dish (smothered pork chops with mac 'n cheese + rice & gravy), and I went with a grilled chicken sandwich with collared greens.  I wasn't a huge fan of his dish, but I really enjoyed mine!  The chicken was grilled to perfection (hella juicy on the inside), the homemade honey mustard sauce was on point, and my greens were solid.
My sandwich didn't come with corn muffins, but luckily his did.  I got to try one, and DAMN, I'd come back just to devour these yums.  All in all, a great experience, BUT I found out later on yelp that their health rating was really low? I probably wouldn't have gone if I had known beforehand, but the restaurant looked really clean to me. Maybe they stepped up and took care of everything? They've been around since 1999 - AND they have a second location in the Dog Patch District - so I'm assuming they know how to handle their business.  Well, I'm still alive so it was fine...I hope.
Anywhooo, that's it for today guys! I hope you enjoyed my latest!  What have you all been up to?   Have you tried any new restaurants? If yes, let me know what you had and what you thought of the noms!  I'm always looking to try new places and/or drool over foodporn on yelp so leave me a comment below, frands.