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SS Eats: Founding Farmers

Alright guys, it's time for another food post on SS!  It was recently a close friend's birthday, so I treated him to a nomtastic meal at one of my favorite restaurants in the DMV:  Founding Farmers.  If you live here and haven't gone yet, you're seriously missing out!  Like, you should get in your car right now, and drive there immediately.

There are three different locations here, but we went to the one in MoCo (Montgomery County, MD). We were starving so we decided to order a few starters:  fried green tomatoes ($8) and skillet corn bread ($5).  I can't even begin to tell you guys how delish they both were.  The tomatoes came out perfectly - they were crispy and piping hot with two dipping sauces.  I don't know what they were exactly, but I think one was a goat cheese concoction? Anywho, they were both good, and that's all you need to know, ha.
The corn bread was straight up ridiculous.  It was honestly the best corn bread I've ever had, like, in my entire life. The texture was heavenly - the inside was moist and the crust was baked to perfection. I usually hate buying bread at restaurants, but I would buy this sh*t in bulk, ha.  I can't wait to go back and try the table biscuits.  I have a feeling they'll blow my mind!  What can I say? I love my carbs! 
For entrees, we got two dishes and shared.  My friend told me that their fried chicken was really good so we got an order of Chicken & Waffles ($16) and - since I'm a sucker for pasta - Sausage Mushroom Gnocchi ($17).
The chicken dish came with mac & cheese + green beans.  It looked aesthetically pleasing (the photo doesn't do it justice), but I wasn't that impressed overall.  The chicken needed more flavor and the sides were too salty for my taste. In my opinion, the waffles were the highlight of the dish!
Their gnocchi was on point though. Everything was perfectly cooked, and the flavors were divine - each bite seriously felt like a party in my mouth.  The pasta had the most delightful texture, and they really went all out with the sausage and mushrooms.  They don't mess around here at FF!  You get your money's worth for sure.
Now, a few tidbits you guys should all know - Wifi + parking's free (they have a huge lot for your convenience), there offer a ton of delish vegetarian options (omg try the mushroom swiss reuben), and they make their own sodas (!!!!).  So head on over STAT and let me know what you think of their noms.  Happy eating, frands!


  1. Mmm looks amazing :D Im hungry now! :S

    Obserwuję i liczę na rewanż :)

  2. mmm... Really nice food, Im hungry ;P

  3. Your food posts always look so good! :)

  4. Yum! Everything looks so good and delicious :)

    Beatriz ♥

  5. I just went to the Tysons location for the second time a few weeks ago. SO good! I am a vegetarian and I love all the options they have.