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5 Ways to De-stress Like a Boss

Alright guys, today we're going to talk about de-stressing because, let's be real, we're all hella overworked. This is my current situation:  I'm pursuing two degrees (a doctorate and a 2nd masters), maintaining a full-time blog, teaching piano, performing, and consulting as a freelance social media consultant so, suffice it to say, I'm always running around like a crazy person.  All of my close friends are hustling like that though so I'm not complaining. After all, I don't have to do all those things - I choose to, but that doesn't mean I don't get stressed out.  I pretty much deal with an excessive amount of anxiety on the daily so stress management is key.  Here are 5 ways I deal with it!
1.  Unplug from social media.

You all know that I love social media - I mean, I am a blogger after all - but sometimes it's depressing as hell. That's because most everyone's out there putting their best foot forward (without acknowledging + addressing hardships), and you experience FOMO, jealousy, self-doubt, or [insert negative feeling you don't like to admit and/or talk about].  I'm here to tell you that there's no shame in that!  We all experience it at one point or the other so do yourself a favor, and unplug from time to time to preserve your sanity. Re-focus on what's important! You'll feel a million times better, and your productivity will skyrocket.

2.  Get your heart rate pumping.

You don't need to go out and sign up for crossfit (unless you want to, of course) off the bat!  Just find a physical activity you're interested in and try it out.  Don't have to go hardcore right from the getgo - remember, baby steps, ma chérie, baby steps.  Interested in dance? See if there's a ballet or hip hop class near you.  Want to learn how to defend yourself? Sign up for a martial arts trial or kickboxing sesh.  I can pretty much guarantee that you'll find something you love, and you'll make a lot of new friends in the process!  All of us get stressed out, and it seriously affects our brain.  By exercising regularly, you'll decrease tension, improve the quality of your sleep, and up your mood - yay for endorphins.
3.  Keep tabs on your body with the Spire Mindfulness + Activity Tracker.

This magical device has improved my life tenfold.  I'm usually so tightly wound that I forget to breathe. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I literally hold my breath throughout the day.  And the funny part? I didn't even know.

Spire's new wearable bluetooth tracker has deep API integrations that give users context regarding their well-being by syncing with their location, calendar, and photos (through an app on your phone), to provide greater insights into where, what and why they experience periods of tension, calm or focus. The platform helps people anticipate stressful situations before they happen, and make mindfulness more attainable by alerting peeps in-the-moment and recommending breathing exercises & meditations.  

There are also a series of boosts available on the app to reduce stress and help you attain focus.  If you're looking to access your inner calm, you really need to check this tracker out.  I seriously can't recommend it enough.  It's like carrying around your own personal mental trainer who also happens to conveniently track your caloric intake and steps.  Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below.
4.  Spend quality time with your loved ones (or furry friends)!

I know we're all out there hustling, but it's important to take time out of our days to hang with friends and family (fur babies are included as well, obviously).  The way I see it? You gotta think long term!  Overworking yourself will only hurt your productivity. I mean, there's a reason why "work hard, play hard" is a famous motto. You need time to re-charge so you can start fresh with a new perspective.

Make an effort to schedule in at least 1-2 events a week to try new things.  It'll help you strengthen bonds with loved ones and expand your horizons. I'm all about collecting experiences because they keep me motivated and inspired.  Need ideas? Try creating a 101 in 1001 like I did!  You basically write a list of 101 things you'd like to do - like a bucket list - and complete them over the course of 1001 days. 
5.  Remember to treat yourself.

Don't be afraid to spoil yourself when you need a pick-me-up.  Whether it's Chinese delivery, a fabulous bag, or a deep-tissue massage, splurging's a must every now and then.  While you're at it, schedule a vacation for yourself. It doesn't have to be an extravagant trip to the Caribbean, road tripping to the nearest metropolitan city or country B&B will do the mind and body wonders.

Anddd that's all folks.  I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found my tips helpful!  How do you all like to de-stress?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. I have yet to find refuge in physical activity, although thanks to Fitbit I've been enjoying my walks more than ever. I like to be able to check my app at the end of the day to see my sleeping and walking patterns.

  2. This interesting Spire gadget sounds incredible! I am always tightly bound, especially now that I have a wedding to plan! I like to dab essential lavender oil on my pillow at night to release some stress. It really works. And I totally agree about unplugging yourself completely from the internet... no screens for 30 minutes to an hour before bed!!

    1. It really is! You should try it out. The lavender oil trick sounds great - I'm definitely going to try it out! Thanks for the tip.

  3. very nice tips !


  4. Hi, I also have the issue of forgetting to breathe. Does the Spire have a setting to notify you when this is happening?

    1. Absolutely. Spire monitors your breathing patterns and lets you know when your anxiety is out of control! If you have issues forgetting to breath, this will definitely help you keep track of everything. Please let me know if you have any other questions!