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The Best of Lord & Berry Makeup

I'm sure you guys know this by now, but I absolutely love trying new beauty brands - I try to stay on top of all things skincare + cosmetics to provide the best info possible on SS.  So, suffice it to say, I was stoked when b-glowing generously offered to send me a goodie bag full of Lord & Berry products to test.  Here are a few of my personal faves!
1.  Soft Touch Concealer ($22) - I own this baby in ivory, and it's like second skin.  I'm beyond impressed with this concealer.  You definitely need to blend it thoroughly into your skin, but once you do, you're left with a flawless finish.  It's lightweight yet provides medium coverage.  Use it as a spot corrector and/or under-eye highlighter.  As an asian girl, I usually have a difficult time finding the right shade, but lucky for me, this matches my skintone perfectly!  For those of you interested, there are two other color available HERE.  Rating: 5/5

2.  Smudgeproof Eyeliner ($23) -  You guys have no idea how much I needed this liner.  B-glowing totally answered my make-up prayers because I was running super low.  I got this in black, and it works so freaking well.  Yeah, when they say "smudgeproof," they mean it.  Application is hella easy - it glides on with zero effort thanks to its ultra-creamy formula.  You won't ever have to pull your skin to get a crisp line, which is really important to me because my eye area's quite sensitive.  If you're a lover of bold eye looks, definitely cop this stat! The color payoff is unlike any other - it's bold, sharp and straight-up fierce.  Rating:  6/5

3.  Powder Bronzer ($29) - I know I probably sound like a broken record by now, but I'm really loving this bronzer.  I own it in "brick," and it's a great color - similar to Anastasia's "havana."  If you're looking for a new matte bronzer, I highly recommend trying this baby out!  A little goes a long way because it's highly pigmented so don't pile it on from the get go - layer it to get your preferred effect.  Rating:  4.5/5 - 5 stars for the product itself, minus .5 for the price.

4.  20100 Crayon Lipstick ($19) - A total must-have for matte-lip lovers...anddddd pretty much anyone who likes wearing lipstick, period. Ha!  I only have this lippy in "prelude," but it's available in 8 other colors.  I'm definitely going to be purchasing other shades.  This crayon's seriously everything.  The consistency's creamy & moisturizing so you don't have to worry about it drying out your pout.  It also has serious lasting power so you won't need to reapply it constantly.  Do yourself a favor, and try it out for yourself!  You're welcome in advance.  Rating:  5/5

5.  Timeless Liquid Lipstick ($25) - If you're looking for a lippy that will last through anything and everything, pick this up STAT.  Like, I'm not playing around!  This matte lipstick will not BUDGE so you have to make sure you apply it with care. In fact, the lasting power's SO good that it's kind of a pain to remove.  I recommend using cleansing oil to take it all off at the end of the day.  Now, there are 5 different hues total - I own "bold red," and it's a real classic.  You'll be breaking necks left and right with this killer lip color.  One last thing!  This gloss is a bit drying (like most all matte lippies) so you'll need to prep your lips properly pre-application.  Exfoliate them thoroughly (ideally 2-3x a week) and apply lip balm beforehand to prevent dryness.  Rating:  4.5/5 - 5 stars for the lasting power & color, minus .5 for the dryness.

6.  Magic Brow Pencil ($22) - Lord & Berry's dual-sided eyebrow pencil (brush on one side, pencil on the other) contains three different shades: one light, one medium, one dark.  These colors, in essence, create a marbleized effect.  I know it sounds kind of weird, but the end result's extremely natural, at least for me.  It has a super creamy consistency, which means it's easy to blend, BUT you'll find yourself sharpening it quite often because it dulls quickly.  I like to use this in conjunction with brow powder.  First, I create my desired brow shape with powder and then fill in sparse areas with my pencil for an easy everyday look.  I own "blondie," but the pencil's also available in "wonderful" and "brunette."  Rating:  5/5

Conclusion:  I'm officially a fan!  I will DEF. be purchasing Lord & Berry products in the future. For those of you interested in purchasing L&B items for yourself, check out b-glowing! They're a luxury beauty retailer aiming to inspire and empower. Discover your own unique beauty by browsing their online selection, and please let me know if you have any questions.  I'm here for you guys 24/7!

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