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#TRYDRY with Dove Dry Spray

Introduced by Simply Stylist, I've partnered up with Dove to review their new Dry Spray for you guys today on Sensible Stylista.  As you all know, I lead a pretty crazy life.  I'm a doctoral student (pursuing two degrees), full-time blogger, concert pianist, AND piano teacher so I'm literally running from place to place...and sweating all over because I'm disgusting, ha!  So yeah, deodorant is must for me.  I've only used sticks in the past, but I've officially converted to sprays because of Dove.

I got to try two different sprays (pictured below) for the review which was awesome because they both smelled ah-MA-zing! They also felt really good against my skin.  I know that may sound weird, but you gotta try it to know what I mean, ha.  It's one of those situations, but trust me when I say you want to purchase this spray.  It doesn't leave any visible residue which is bomb. Oh, did I mention it also protects from perspiration for 48 hours?  Yep.  It shouldn't get much better than that, but... it does.  It goes on instantly dry and gives you softer, smoother underarms thanks to Dove's unique moisturizing technology.  For those of you interested, this spray is available in 6 different scents at food and drug retailers nationwide.  Make sure to try one out for yourself!


  1. I love their products especially one with blue top

  2. Dove has amazing products!

    XO Chelsea http://www.shesaidhesaidfashion.com

  3. We prefer roll-on but Dove is perfect!


  4. Wow, I never tried on a spray deodorant but this sounds cool! :) I've always used deodorant sticks, but I never liked how some of the residue showed visually :( Thanks for this awesome post! - Michelle (@missmisschelle)