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Street Style Swipe

I'm beyond excited to tell you guys all about Street Style Swipe (the world's FIRST search engine for fashion) today on Sensible Stylista. Man, that's a lot of alliteration, haha.  Anywho, I want to jump right in and give you guys the 411.  The first of its kind, Street Style Swipe enables you to search for a look based on 5 categories: item, style, cut, color/print, and fabric.  

Let me break it down for you guys!  Say you want to search for a specific shift dress - to see how others have styled it, enter dress, shift, above knee, black, and wool into the search query for results. If you want to add open-toed pumps to the mix, you can enter that in as well to see how fashionistas mixed the aforementioned items.

You can also search for a combo of (up to) 4 items to build a look; example: shoes: boots, jeans: boyfriend, bag: hobo, and sunglasses.  Since it's a fashion search engine, it's crucial that members tag their images. Note: you can add multiple tags for an item.  If you're featuring ripped, boyfriend jeans, make sure you add "ripped" and "boyfriend" as separate entries.  You can add up to 20 tags so have a ball! Remember, the more you use, the more times your image/s will appear.  As a blogger, that means more traffic for YOU.  As a plus, if you join the SSS community, there's a possibility that you'll be featured on the site.  Trust me, you definitely want the exposure because it'll bring you mad traffic.  However, if you don't want to join, no worries! You can still use Street Style Swipe to search for looks.  The site's free for anyone to use at any time.

Let's take a look at my profile!  As you can see, I've uploaded a ton of looks!  I highly recommend joining their network.  It's free, and all images are linked back to you (hyperlinked to your blog). There's no pressure to buy or sell.  It's not a marketplace, just a place to browse style inspo.  As a plus, it's super easy to navigate due to the aforementioned search engine.  You can also "favorite" and comment (with predetermined comments so it doesn't become a competition for likes or votes) on your favorite outfits!

Also, they're currently hosting a fab giveaway!  Anyone who joins as a member or follows them on IG/twitter has a chance to win one of two $100 ASOS vouchers (!!!!)  The winners will be announced on November 27th.  Clicky HERE to enter.  OH, and one more thing!  Make sure you guys check out their blog for inspo as well.   There are two parts FYI: editorial & featured.  They share a ton of fabulous fashion articles in their editorial section and spotlight fabulous SSS members in their featured section (pictured below).

Also, in case you were wondering their mobile site (pictured below) is legit.  It's super easy to navigate so it's a ton of fun to browse.  Do yourself a favor and head on over to SSS stat!

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