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Workwear Wednesday: The Printed Shift

Dear shift dresses, thank you for existing.  You make my life so much better, especially when I have fat days.  You know just how to make me feel pretty, ha.  In all seriousness though, shift dresses are the bees knees.  They're cute, comfortable, and super easy to style.  Simply throw a dress on, accessorize with a statement necklace, put on heels (black & neutral = classic standard), and grab your everyday bag.  Four very easy steps for an insanely chic ensemble.  If I'm in a rush, BOOM, my handy dandy formula saves the day!
I don't have any links for you guys today, BUT, I can share other fabulous options with you all.  Here are some other adorable shifts for you guys to browse (varying price points):

Let's take a closer look at my necklace!  My mom picked this piece up for me at Talbots a while back because it was on sale for $30!  I absolutely adore the design - it's timeless.  My mom has the BEST taste.  In fact, I'm going to feature her on SS one of these days.  I swear, she looks like she could be my sister!  Every time we go out, no one believes she's my mom.  I guess we just look like friends hanging out, ha. Let's hope her genes help ME out when I'm older *grins*
Dress:  c/o Darling || Necklace:  Talbots || Shoes:  Qupid || Bag:  Badgley Mischka


  1. Beautiful look! xxx

  2. Beautiful! I love your dress and necklace :)

  3. I need to tweet this =) AND write about shift dress for my own warddrove! I haven't gotten around wearing shift dresses too much, perhaps because for me it's on the more feminine side of the spectrum.. I do love the look though!!


  4. i like the simple and elegant necklace

  5. Amazing outfit! And looking forward to see your mom here on SS :) Love! x