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August Favorites

1.  Henne Lip Balm ($22) - I'm seriously LOVING this product.  It leaves your lips super soft overnight.  A little goes a long way so don't go too crazy slathering this on even if you're tempted to.  $22 is steep so you want to get the most bang for your buck.  With that said, this item does also double as intensive moisturizer for dry areas like hands, elbows, and heels.  Personally, I'd save it - better to use vaseline on those areas!  FYI, this product's certified USDA organic and made in the USA - they also don't test on animals.

2.  Spongelle Anti-Cellulite Buffer ($25) - For a luxe bath experience, cop this goodie stat!  Infused with exotic extracts and rich moisturizers, Spongelle keeps skin glowing use after use.  This buffer utilizes SalSphere technology while massaging, smoothing, exfoliating, and detoxifying areas prone to cellulite.   This item boosts circulation and helps you feel mad toned.  As a plus, it smells like heaven, and you can use it 30+ times.  A huge thanks to Brandbacker for sending me this to review. Use code BBLOGGER20 to get an extra 20% off your purchased - valid until October 19th.

3.  Solemates Shoe Rescue Kit ($19.95) - First of all, I have to apologize for sharing the wrong picture above. I was a dummy and collaged the wrong product - sorry, their two kits look hella similar, ha.  I can't get enough of Solemates though.  I own a variety of their products, and man, they REALLY come in handy.  Honestly, I'd feature their entire site if I could.  This particular kit comes with a butt ton of goodies including: one pair of high-heelers (magical add-ons that protect your heels and prevent them from sinking into grass), nail clipper + file, peppermint foot wipe, bandages, anti-skid pads, heel gel cushions, and more.  Also, while you're at it, I also recommend purchasing their leather protector ($10) and shoe freshener ($10).

4.  Ecotools Fresh & Flawless Brush Set ($14.99) - This 5-piece set is designed to hide imperfections for the smoothest finish possible.  It includes the following: flat concealer brush, buffing concealer brush, precision foundation brush, complexion blending brush, and full powder brush.  This set has seriously changed my make-up routine - application is so much easier!  Solid tools make such a difference.  I can't recommend these enough!  I def. prefer them to the e.l.f. brushes I used previously. FYI, these babies are travel sized so you can carry them around with ease for touch-ups.  

5.  Burt's Bees Lip Crayons ($8.99) - Hands down, my new favorite lip product.  I currently own 4 out of the 6 colors available - rest assured, I'm definitely going to purchase the others as well.  These creamy crayons give you full coverage and moisturize while doing so.  My lips get really dry which sucks when applying lipstick - skin flakes and all that nasty shiz, ain't nobody got time for that, ha.  I don't have ANY issues with these though so make sure you guys check these out. My favorite shades are Napa Vineyard (a gorgeous deep red) and Sedona Sands (a subtle pink that enhances your natural lip color).

What are some of your current fave products this month?

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