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May Beauty Review

1.  Commodity Goods:  Mimosa Perfume - I reviewed this company way back in the day - clicky HERE for the aforementioned post - but I gots to shout them out again.  Their fragrances are seriously magical.  I can't recommend them enough.  If you're looking for a new scent, you HAVE to check them out.  They're expensive but a little goes a long way (and they last all day).  Mimosa's my personal favorite!   
 2.  Yu-Be: Moisturizing Skin Cream - On a more positive note, this cream is AMAZING.  It's the best intensive moisturizer I've ever used.  It seriously took care of my crackled hands OVERNIGHT.  I do have to warn you guys though, if you're sensitive to smells (think Tiger Balm), this product may not be right for you.  Although I actually like the scent - maybe I'm a masochist? Haha. FYI:  A little on the pricy side ($25) but totally worth it!
3.  Mario Badescu:  Protein Night Cream - I'm OBSESSED with this night cream.  I make sure to use it before I sleep, and I wake up with silky smooth skin.  Oh Mario Badescu, I am now a huge fan!  I swore them off a while back because I had a really bad experience with their Drying Lotion, but I'm over it because their facial moisturizers are legit! Oh, and their pricing is reasonable too - $20.


  1. Ooo I want to try the night cream!! Looks amazing. :)

    xo - Sheila

  2. There's a Calypso fragrance that is Mimosa too, if it smells like that one too, I'm sold! :)


  3. Nice review !
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  4. Great products, that scent sounds fantastic!

  5. ooh awesome products! Will definitely check them out when I get the chance.

    Just followed you and would love for you to follow back(:
    Can't wait for more posts!

    xx Shirley