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How-to: Organize Your Closet

For today's post, I've decided to share my closet setup with you guys.  I'm kind of OCD, so I always make sure my closet is meticulously organized.  It's so much easier to style outfits when things are in order.  
1.  Use shelves,drawers, and/or bins to store pieces that don't wrinkle.  I divide my clothing into 5 categories and fold accordingly:  skirts, shorts, tee-shirts, tanks, and pants.
2. Layer pieces of the same color & style on a single hanger, especially if you're trying to save space!

3. Color-code your wardrobe to style outfits with ease.  You'll never have to ransack your closet again.  
4. Store miscellaneous items in hanging storage racks.  I keep my socks, tights, and leggings here.  This may be too OCD for some people, but I like dividing them into sub-categories (i.e. patterned tights & black socks).  
5.  Invest in a belt ring or two.  I used to roll my belts up, but it's so much quicker to just hang them.  As an added plus, their shapes stay intact.
6.  I store most of purses in an oversized bin, but I like to place structured pieces upright.  I also like to stuff my bags with old clothing to preserve their shape.  
7.  Store your jewelry in pouches!  I hang most of my necklaces & earrings but store the rest in boxes and bags in a compartment.

8.  Hang statement necklaces on the walls with clear thumbtacks! It's a really practical way to display jewelry.  Plus it doubles as wall art.


  1. Marvellous closet doll, I wish I had a space that big for all my clothes, maybe when I move. It's high up on my list for the next place :D Organized closets are a a must. I have my clothes all colour coordinated like a rainbow :)) Super post. Have a great weekend x

  2. You have some nice tips. Too bad I don't have a huge closet like that.

    with love, Cassandra xx

  3. Thanks for sharing! I have a thing too for organizing my closet. And once I start, I have to finish it haha.

  4. Buen post!!

  5. You offered some good tips, but I would love to have the closet of the size of yours, mine is small and I have to share it... =(

  6. You're so organized! I color code too and hang my jewelry on those cute jewelry hangers. I also have taken to putting my favorite necklaces on my doorknob, so I just grab it as I'm heading out of my room. And I have a few command hangers for my belts and scarves on the wall. I'm even thinking of screwing a towel rack onto my wall for more scarves and belts haha.

    Lovely tips!

  7. great tips and I love your jewelry holder!!!


  8. It looks great! I have in my closet big mess :D Btw I like your blog. Do you want to follow each other? :)


  9. Your closet is very organized Kim!I love that we both have the same bird cage earring holder! (Great minds think alike!)If I had your closet I would probably use the shelves in the middle to display all of my pretty shoes.

    I'm inspired to do a post like this and show how most of my closet is overflowing out to my living space b/c I share my studio w/ someone.

    I may be moving things in my closet this weekend so they can be color-coded lol.

  10. The right tips I just need to reand!! thanks =D

  11. I love this post! I always like to go in my friends closets, I think its so fun! I like to organize all my clothes by color too :)

    Style Diary

  12. Everything in my closet is in disarray! I don't like it! Of course a lot of my clothes are also packed right now too. It's a little difficult to find certain things. I look forward to being able to unpack and organize. Hopefully it'll turn out as neatly as yours.

    Bitten Glam

  13. I like how you organized your jewelry! :) such a great idea.

    Xx Karen

  14. Wow! You're closet is perfect!! Ahahahah i'll try to follow your tips =)
    A big kiss

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  15. Love how you have hung your jewellery, need to find some shelves like the the ones you have your folded clothes on!
    Laura. xx

  16. I really need to get that belt hange, didn't even know something like that exsists! Have to tidy up my room a little, all my winter stuff is still in it!

  17. I'm the same I like my closet tidy. And the same as you I divide my clothes like you. Although I always have separate shelve for summer clothes:-)


  18. I definitely need this post in my life!

    Amen Fashion †

  19. Great post! My closet is mostly organized but the shoes are always covering the floor!!!

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    Good luck with your future piece :)