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Talbots Memorial Day Sale

I freakin' love Memorial Day sales!  I went shopping yesterday and hit up the local Charlotte Russe Factory outlet (for my LA trip comin' up) ONLY to find that they were giving peeps an extra 50% off on already reduced prices.  I bought 4 dresses, 2 shirts, and 3 skirts for under $50 (!!!!) Ridiculous, right? 

To my glee (and my wallet's dismay), I just got done shopping the Talbots sale - buy one item to get an extra 40% off and two or more to get an extra 50%.  I wish I could've bought ALL the fab pieces pictured below, but due to my budget I stuck with the two pencil skirts (polka dot & plaid) and the heart blouse.  If you're looking for workwear, I suggest hitting them up and stocking up now while prices are heavily discounted.  Their skirts and blouses are seriously legit.  Honestly, I like them better than J. Crew.  Bold statement but whatevs.  Just being truthful with y'all!

TIP: make sure you sign up for ebates HERE (I promise to love you forever if you use my URL - I get commission if you sign up through me) before shopping their sale to get cash back!  You get 2% sent back to you - hey, every bit counts!



Soooo, I went shopping at H&M recently and flipped out over all the cute stuffs available there.  For those of you who've been following SS for a while, y'all know how much I love wearing cute skirts.  I just HAD to share my favorites.  All currently on sale for $20 and under.  Yeah, you're welcome in advance.  FYI: I'm making ZERO commission with this.  I'm just sharing because I'm all kinds of nice *smiles*

Top 5 Holiday Dresses - All under $50

I had so much fun doing this "Top 5 Fall/Winter Coats" post that I thought I'd do another.  For today's post, I've compiled my fave holiday dress picks for y'all!  All affordable of course.  If you have any questions, just comment below! Oh, and I've provided post links under each photo if you'd like additional deets *smiles*
All Sorts of Fancy
 1.  Charlotte Russe Sparkle Bodycon Dress ($30) - This dress is absolutely gorgeous.  The fabric's to die for - the metallic thread sparkles like whoa, and the diamond-shaped pattern is ridiculously fab! The piece is tight, but it has stretch to it so it's mad comfy.  FYI:  it has three-quarter sleeves and a deep scoop neck in back!  I'd show you, but I suck at taking back shots for some reason.  You can clicky to see though!
Sensible Stylista x H&M
2.  H&M Lace Dress ($24.95) - This adorable mini-dress is a total must-have, especially if you're on the shorter side.  I say that because the item is a bit short, but then again, all you'd really have to do is throw on a pair of black tights to go from potentially scandalous to chic, ha!  Anywho, this fab piece is available in red as well.  The lace's super girly yet sexy.  
The Lace Bodycon Dress
 3.  Deb Lace Bodycon Dress ($27) - SO much winning going on with this sophisticated number. This dress is a seriously classy and versatile - you'll be wearing it for years to come.  Fab for work AND play!  Hurry and scoop this up while you can because I'm pretty sure it's gonna sell out soon.
Best Thing I Never Had
4.  Deb Popover Dress ($24.30) - A fun and flirty dress that's perfect for the holiday season!  The flowy top complements the tight skirt beautifully - remember, it's all about balance.  Plus, who could pass up glitter & chevon? *grins*  
The Embroidered Chiffon Dress
5.  Roxx Chiffon Dress ($51.99) - Ok, so this piece is not under $50 BUT (!!!) I have a discount code for you guys so it'll be like $10 cheaper, ha!  That's how I'm justifing my post title *smiles*  Use code 20SENSIBLE at checkout to get an extra 20% off.  ANYWHO, this beautiful dress is a freakin' home run.  Break necks left and right wearing this classy piece!  Lace cuffs + high neck?  I think YES!

PS.  I'll be hosting ANOTHER international giveaway today at 4:30 EST so make sure you check back!

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Top 5 Fall/Winter Coats

Sooo, I thought it'd be mad useful to do a post on my current fave Fall/Winter coats.  Since I'm sensible and whatnot, each item is under $76.  I wish I could say "under $75" because that'd sound WAY better but whatevs. Anywho, as you can (obviously) see, I own each piece so I feel strongly about the quality.  Oh, and FYI: I will NOT be making commission off this post so I have NO ulterior motive whatsoever *smiles*  I just want to make sure y'all look fab while staying warm!  As always, you can comment below with any questions you may have.
The Drape Coat
 1.  Chicwish Waterfall Drape Coat ($67.92) - So much winning going on with this coat.  I LOVE the faux-leather trim and zipper cuffs.  This piece is seriously chic, and I know you'll be THANKING me for this rec for years to come.  Who knew an item could be trendy AND timeless?  A bit of an oxymoron but whatevs.  I own this baby in size small.  
2.  OASAP Plaid Coat ($53) - A lovely wool coat for winter especially if you're a fan of plaid!  It has a bit of an oversized feel so if you're into the whole menswear trend, this baby will seriously tickle your fancy.  FYI - this piece is available in two other colors: red and green.  Check measurements before purchasing because it's only sold in "one size"; as in "one size" fits all but it probably doesn't in reality, ha.  
All Sorts of Fancy
3.  Miss Match Persuade Me Jacket ($72) - An absolutely stunning jacket for Fall or Winter in Cali, haha.  It has super soft faux fur lining, zipper pockets, and an asymmetrical front.  I told you I was obsessed with the whole draping effect *smiles*  Anywho, lucky for you guys, Miss Match has offered SS readers an extra 20% off with code KIM20 at checkout.
The Houndstooth Coat
4.  OASAP Houndstooth Coat ($67) - If you're a fan of prints, this baby's a serious must-have.  I'm BEYOND impressed with the quality of this coat.  Sizing runs small so make sure you study their measurements - I have it in medium (I usually wear XS/S), and it fits like a glove!
The Bow Dress
 5.  Chicwish Drape Jacket in Ash ($76.42) - This jacket's the most expensive item I've featured in this post.  I know it's pretty pricy, but the quality's legit.  I could seriously see this hanging in a designer boutique with a $500 price tag.  Here are the deets:  it's faux suede with a draped shearling collar/lining and asymmetric hem.  I own it in size small!

That's all folks!  I hope y'all found this post useful!  Oh, and make sure you guys check out my THREE international giveaways HERE.  You could win a $75 gift card to Zuri Zuri by Flora, a $295 Microderm360 kit, or a $118 statement necklace from Chloe + Isabel (!!!)