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Life in Technicolor

Featuring another piece from RD style today on SS.  Love, love, LOVE the new sweater they sent me!  The print's really chic, and the sweater's quite warm.  I don't normally like round-neck tops, but this one's legit.  Always love their clothing!

Oh, and I apologize for the lighting - for some reason, it's yellow-ish today? I don't know!  Shooting pics indoors really sucks.  I wants to go outside and takes pretty pictures, but it's just too cold.  I'm a wimp, and I've already caught the flu twice this Winter (UGH!!!).  I promise to take pretty shots outside in the Spring! *pinky swears*
A full body shot for you guys.  BTW, I'm totes obsessed with my new sunnies from Polette.  These babies are available HERE for $22.99 - a great way to incorporate a pop of animal print!
The love of my life! I don't know what I'd do without my pup.  Do you guys have any pets?
HAHA! My puppy's SO freaking cute.  I dressed her up for today's shoot, too.  Doesn't she look super adorable?  I actually made an IG account for her.  Follow her HERE!  I guarantee her pics will put a smile on your face.

Jeans:  Bongo Jeans
Sweater:  c/o RD Style
Bag:  c/o Ecco
Shoes:  Nine West Factory Outlet
Sunnies:  c/o Polette ($22.99)

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The Drape Asymmetric Skirt

Totes excited to share another stylemoi collab with you guys today on Sensible Stylista.  I'm lovin' my new drape skirt & crop top for sure.  Their stuff is seriously legit!  Check them out STAT for trendy and affordable clothing.  Oh, and make sure to use code CNY2105 for an extra 20% off - offer valid until Feb. 20th.  In addition to the aforementioned discount, for orders $30+, customers get THIS fab necklace as a free gift.
A closer look at my new necklace courtesy of Hanuel.  Isn't it totally gorg?  For those of you interested, it's available HERE for $34. I'll be featuring a bunch of other fab pieces from their site soon so keep an eye out!  I'm super stoked to have them as a sponsor - I'm a huge fan of their stuffs.
Here's a full body shot for you guys. My new skirt's ridiculously adorbs.  Available in four other colors HERE.  The waist's elastic (so it's mad comfy), and the asymmetric hem's flattering like whoa.  For $19.99, it's a serious must have.  
A closer look at my deep-v crop top.  Available at stylemoi for $16.67 HERE.  The checkered print's mad trendy, and the top fits like a glove.
Oh, and here are my fab new sunnies courtesy of Polette.  Available HERE for $12.99.  Get on these STAT!

c/o Hanuel ($34)
Sunnies:  c/o Polette ($12.99)
Top:  c/o Stylemoi ($16.67)
Skirt:  c/o Stylemoi ($19.99)
Jacket:  Ann Taylor Factory Outlet
Bag:  YSL

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Find of the Day: Oversized Sunglasses ($12.99)

Alright guys, for today's FOTD, I've featured oversized sunnies (clicky here to purchase) from Polette.  These XL frames are seriously chic.  I'm sorry I don't have a shot of myself wearing them; I haven't featured them on SS yet so I had to jack photos from their site - I hope that's ok with you guys!  Anywho, these shades are only $12.99, and they look like designer frames.  Seriously.  I highly recommend copping a pair for yourself.  Summer's just around the corner.  OH, and for the record, this is NOT a sponsored post.  I'm not getting paid in any way - I just want to share fab and affordable picks with you guys.  You know me - always keepin' it real with you guys!
 So here's the 411: frame width 155mm, lens width 56mm, lens height 55mm.  They also offer worldwide shipping!  I own several pieces from Polette, so feel free to ask me any questions.  Just leave a comment below, and I'll get back to you ASAP.
Where do you guys like to purchase shades? Which styles are you into (cat-eye, oversized, etc)?

An Exclusive Discount Code for Polette Eyewear

YAY!  Super excited to share a special discount code with you guys today on the blog.  As you all know, I'm a HUGE fan of Polette.  If you haven't checked them out, you need to do so STAT!  Their online collection is beyond fab, and now you have extra incentive!  Use code "sensible40" to get an extra 40% off your purchase starting today at 9:30 PM ET to Friday 9:30 PM ET!  Yeah, only three days to take advantage of this bomb code so HUSTLE!
So let me give you guys some background! I know I feature their stuff often, but I gots to tell you guys a bit about their history.  Pierre Wizman is the owner of Polette.  He's a young entrepreneur that built his first company at 16 after dropping out of school - kind of reminds me of +Sophia Amoruso!  Anywho, he cut out the middleman because he could provide a massive selection of shades from his OWN factories!  Hashtag brilliant.
Anywho, warm weather's a comin' so use this code to buy some new shades for the Spring!  There's somethin' for everyone so make sure to browse HERE.


Cry For a Shadow

I think I found my new fave jean brand - +Joes Jeans FTW. For a long time, I was obsessed with low-rise skinnies, but they looked bad on me.  I don't know why I was being so stubborn.  I was SO set on wearing them even though they were uncomfortable.  Clothing should make you feel good AND flatter you in the right way.  On that note, don't be ashamed to size up if necessary.  I feel like a lot of people are stubborn about sizing.  Who cares if you're a 0 or a 12 for that matter?  Stores inflate sizes all the time anyways so go with the piece that fits you right!  It'll make SUCH a difference.  
A closer look at my +Velvet Heart top - 100% washable Tencel with two front pockets and a longer split tail in the back.  LOVE the material - feels so good on my skin! Do you guys own any Tencel pieces?  Oh, and make sure to use code VHSS25 for an extra 25% off your purchase.
Another full body shot for you guys!  Re-featured my Celine-inspired +chicwish bag.
A closer look at my sunnies courtesy of Polette.  Also available in brown HERE.

Sunnies:  c/o Polette ($49.99)
Top:  c/o Velvet Heart
Jeans:  Joe's Jeans 
Shoes:  c/o Nine West Factory Outlet
Bag:  c/o Chicwish

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