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The Cozy Sweater

Oh man, I've had enough of this weather.  I cannot WAIT for Spring.  As much as I love layering and all that jazz, I'm sick of the freezing cold!  Who's with me?  Ok, ok.  I'm getting off topic.  Back to fashion!  For today's post, I've styled a casual but polished look for you guys - featuring Oasap & Ella Boutique.  I can't wait to tell y'all about my new swag!
I freakin' love +OASAP.  Their outerwear is on point! I wish I could give you guys a link, but this fab coat is completely sold out (BOO!!!).  No worries though - it's gonna be spring soon anyways... me thinks, haha.They constantly get new stuffs so keep an eye out.  Clicky HERE to browse...
A closer look at my sweater sans coat.  Love, love, LOVE my new top courtesy of Ella.  Isn't the black trim mad chic!?  Clicky HERE to cop one for yourself.  Not your style? Clicky HERE to see another fab knit - the two-tone fabric is beyond sophisticated IMO!  Would love to have this in my wardrobe.

Coat:  c/o Oasap
Bag:  YSL
Pants:  Madewell
Shoes:  c/o Deb
Top:  c/o Ella ($38)

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PSS.  Are you a fan of quilted stuffs?  If so, make sure to read THIS review.  I blasted it earlier today *grins* Let me know what you think!

Guilty Pleasure

Oh man, I'll never get sick of houndstooth.  I love the print so much!  It's so classy and chic.  How do you guys feel about the pattern - is it a yea or nay?  Anywho, I featured this +OASAP coat several times already so it probably looks mad familiar.  Unfortunately, it's sold out online, but I'll make sure to share some other houndstooth coats below.  Make sure you guys scroll down!
My outfit sans coat.  Isn't my new dress bomb?  LOVE the design for sure.  It's adorable yet super comfy.  Perfect for work or play!  The girly florals make you feel feminine for sure, and the dress has pockets = crazy convenient!  Available here for $34!  Oh, and Pretty & Chic Boutique offers free US shipping *pumps fist*
A closer look at my earrings courtesy of +Lemon Drop Boutique.  Aren't they absolutely adorable?  For $11, they're a steal for sure.  Especially since they look much more expensive than they are!  Also, these babies are super versatile.  They look awesome with a dressy LBD and equally sweet paired with a casual tee and jeans.  FYI:  standard US shipping is $3.95.

Dress:  c/o Pretty & Chic Boutique ($34)
Earrings:  c/o Lemon Drop Boutique ($11)
Bag:  Chanel
Coat:  c/o OASAP
Shoes:  c/o Deb

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PSS.  As promised above, here are other adorable houndstooth coats for you guys - FYI pricing varies!


Forever is ours

Sorry guys, I only have one shot for y'all today.  It's all good though - I only really want to tell you about my new jacket courtesy of +OASAP anyway.  This piece is seriously the cutest denim jacket I've ever seen. Quilted shoulder and elbow detailing, double lace-up back with zipper sleeves.  I promise to take more shots next time - I will definitely be re-featuring this piece.  As always, products links are listed below.  Use code HELLO2015 to score this item for $51.03 - retail price: $72.90.
Top:  c/o Deb
Jacket:  c/o OASAP
Clutch:  c/o ECCO
Skinnies:  American Rag via Kohl's - old

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The Houndstooth Coat

Oh man, my new houndstooth coat is LEGIT!  I'm not playin' around - Oasap totally hit it out of the park with this one.  I can't recommend this piece enough!  It's SO cute, and the quality's on point. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Just leave a comment below - I always love hearing from you guys!
Here's a full body shot for you guys!
Let's take a closer look at my new dress courtesy of +Deb Shops.  LOVE this LBD to pieces.  It's seriously THE classiest LBD I own.  That's sayin' A LOT because I freakin' collect dresses, ha. Really though - totes appropriate for work AND sexy as hell for play.  Oh, and you're in luck because it's currently on sale for $24. Yeah, I can't believe it either!  Jump on that STAT.
A closer look at my dress...

Dress:  c/o Deb ($24)
Necklace:  c/o Jurate
Coat:  c/o OASAP ($67)
Bag:  Prada
Heels:  Simply Vera via Kohl's

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Best Mistake

Alright, so a while back I styled this fab sunflower crop top with a pair of high-waisted shorts HERE.  I know summer's long gone, but I decided to re-style it for funsies!  Plus, it's not cold EVERYWHERE in the world, ha. Yeah, that's how I'll justify this look! *grins*
Anywho, I styled this top with a fun ruffled denim skirt - definitely the most unique jean skirt I've come across. Love, love, LOVE the asymmetrical hem.  Unfortunately, it's no longer available on the OASAP website, BUT I've provided a bunch of other cute options for you guys below so make sure you scroll down.

Skirt:  c/o OASAP ($25.90)
Top:  c/o OASAP ($16.90)
Bag:  c/o Deb ($15)

How do you guys feel about denim skirts?  Are they too 90s for you guys?  Where do y'all like to shop for jean pieces?  Do any of you go for designer brands?

The Pleated Print Dress

For today's post, I'll be reviewing another adorable number courtesy of Oasap.  Like the previous dress I featured - click HERE if you'd like to access the aforementioned post - this piece stands so well on its own.  
Dress:  c/o Oasap ($34)
Bag: Louis Vuitton - borrowed
Shoes:  Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx
Sunnies:  Cole Haan via TJ Maxx

Which dress do you guys prefer? The pleated print dress pictured above or the crochet babydoll mini-dress featured HERE?