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Origami Aeroplanes

For today's OOTD, I featured a simple sweater-dress from Pink Basis.  I'm not usually a big fan of chunky knits - they make me feel fat - but this piece is mad chic AND comfortable.  I especially like the color - it's very Fall, ha! Anywho, if you're in a rush just follow this outfit formula:  sweaterdress + leggings + boots.  I promise you, you'll look crazy polished no matter what!  
I accessorized with a fun fringe bag from Charlotte Russe and a gorgeous pair of statement earrings from Lorraine Tyne.  

Bag:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Dress:  c/o Pink Basis
Earrings:  c/o Lorraine Tyne

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PSS.  The dress I wore above is no longer available online *sobs* so I thought I'd share a few of my other fave sweater-dress picks with you guys!  All under $50 because I'm sensible *winks*

Causing A Commotion

Aiite, this is my LAST official summer look.  I promskies!  I centered my look around my new floral top from Charlotte Russe.  I freakin' love that store!  All their stuff is SO cute.  I don't even go to Forever 21 anymore.  Shocking, I know.
Anywho, I styled the top with a comfy mini from Spicy Avenue.  It's another one those yoga pant-like pieces! Oh, and I've featured Spicy Avenue several times already on here, but for those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand, check them out STAT!  Their online collection is effin' fab.  I seriously want everything from their site. You're welcome in advance.
Oh, and for the record, I had a blast accessorizing today.  So many fun pieces to showcase for realz. Make sure to scroll down below for the deets.

Top:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Skirt:  c/o Spicy Avenue
Earrings:  c/o Lorraine Tyne
Bag:  c/o Oasap
Shoes:  c/o Oasap

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Everyday Glam

Completely dolled up today on SS.  LOVE this gorgeous gown courtesy of AMI Clubwear!  Isn't the mock neck beyond sexy?  Unfortunately, this dress is totally sold out but they have a bunch of other adorable options available on their site HERE.  They seriously have pieces for EVERY occasion and all their items are mad affordable *pumps fist*
I really wish this dress was still in stock.  I could totally see girls wearin' this baby out to homecoming or the like!  I mean a stunning dress like this would've been a DREAM (at least IMO, ha).  The pricetag's just the icing on top ($37 WHAT THE EFF, I KNOW).
Even though the dress is mad dramatic, I threw on a pair of crazy bold statement earrings and carried a sparkly silver clutch.  Yeah, yeah.  I can be a diva sometimes, ha!  WHATEVS - I say go big or go home!

Dress:  c/o Ami Clubwear ($36.99)
Earrings:  c/o Lorraine Tyne
Clutch:  c/o Lily Rain

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Stars Come Out

Totes excited to feature another "lazy" look on Sensible Stylista today, ha.  My secret's out!  Now you guys know how much I love to bum around.  Whatevs.  I still look foine *winks*  BTW, does anyone else remember when "foine" was acceptable slang? HA!  Maybe I'm just old.  I can hear Regina George's voice in my head now, "stop trying to make FOINE happen".  ANYWHO, back to fashion.  For today's post, I centered my ensemble around my new oversized pullover from Pink Basis.  Love, love, LOVE this piece to pieces...ha...ha... get it? I recommend coppin' this top STAT!  Perfect for days you just wanna chillax.  
I styled my top with BAMF Rock & Republic skinnies.  I got them at Kohl's wayyyy back in the day - definitely one of my best bargain buys.  I found them on a clearance rack for an obscenely low price - I think $7 or so? Anywho, my point = scour their sale racks!  You'll find gems fosho.
Here's a full body shot for you guys! 

Top:  c/o Pink Basis
Pants:  Rock & Republic via Kohl's - old
Shoes:  c/o Deb
Bag:  Badgley Mishka
Necklace:  c/o Lorraine Tyne

PS.  Don't forget to enter my INTERNATIONAL giveaway with STYLECABLE to win a $75 gift card.  All you have to do to enter is "like" their FB page via rafflecopter, and as always there are several bonus entries to up your chance of winning.

Checkin' You Out

HA! I'm such a nerd.  My post title is so goofy!  "Checkin' You Out" because I'm wearin' a checkered skirt, get it? Ha...ha...*weak laughter* ANYWHO, for today's post I've featured a SLEW of pieces courtesy of Deb. I centered my OOTD around my new skater skirt!  Loveeee the way it fits.  Not that I'm surprised because skaters are always mad flattering.  FYI:  this piece is also available in red.
I went the easy route and styled it with a solid black crop top.  Simple but cute!  I'll make sure to share affordable crop tops below so make sure ya'll scroll down...
I accessorized with a beautiful statement piece to elevate the look.  Fab jewelry really makes a difference, doesn't it?  Anywho, I got this stunning necklace from Lorraine Tyne - clicky HERE to see how I styled it on SS previously...

Bag:  c/o Deb ($20)
Skirt:  c/o Deb ($20)
Top:  c/o Deb
Necklace:  c/o Lorraine Tyne ($25)

PS. Here are my crop top picks as promised above.  I'm such a huge fan of the trend.  I'll be wearing these babies well into the Fall.  Hashtag layering FTW!  All my picks are under $5 FYI.  Happy shopping, guys!  OH, and what trends are you guys looking forward to?  

The Floral Pleated Skater

Love, love, LOVE my new floral skirt from Charlotte Russe.  This adorable high-waisted number is mad comfy but figure-flattering!  I love the length - perfect for school AND work IMO!  Make sure to check out their skirt selection by clicking HERE.  They have SO many cute options available online.  
Here's a full body shot for you guys...

Oh, and I've showcased another Lorraine Tyne piece for you guys.  This STUNNING necklace & earring set is available HERE.

Skirt:  c/o Charlotte Russe ($10)
Necklace:   c/o Lorraine Tyne ($42)
Top:  c/o Deb
Bag:  Badgley Mischka
Shoes:  Candie's via Kohl's - old

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The Cut-out Shift Dress

YAY!  Excited to feature more Lorraine Tyne jewelry.  I'm obsessed with my new sequined necklace - it kinda has a tribal feel IMO - and statement earrings.  These don't come together as a set, but they sure as hell look good paired together. At least when everything else is neutral for the most part - my cream shift dress is a blank canvas that's begging for color!
Oh, and to keep things cohesive, I threw on a pair of neutral heels to match!  
BTW, don't you just love my new Badgley Mischka?  So here's what went down.  I went to Off Saks Fifth with my mom the other day, and they were having this ridiculous "buy 1 get 2 free" sale. I literally peed my pants and sprinted to the bag section, ha!  I found two beautiful Badgley Mischkas and a fab Rebecca Minkoff.   I saved $900+ since the total was only $300.  Hellz yeah.  That's why I'm the "sensible" stylista *pumps fist*  I was so proud of my buy! Have you guys found any awesome deals?  If so, please share by commenting below!

Bag:  Badgley Mischka
Dress:  c/o Charlotte Russe ($26.99)
Necklace:  c/o Lorraine Tyne ($35)
Earrings:  c/o Lorraine Tyne ($20)
Shoes:  Nine West Factory Outlet 

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The Ombre Bandage Dress

You're welcome.  Sorry, I'm just anticipating the thanks I'll get when I tell you about this RIDICULOUS bandage dress, HA!  But seriously, it's the SEXIEST dress I've ever worn in my life, and that's saying a lot.  There's just something about the way it fits.  It magically highlights your curves - curves that I don't naturally have FYI!  Heads up though, some of you may not like the off-shoulder design.  It constricts your movement a bit.  Also, the piece is on the shorter side!  No worries though because I have a solution.  Throw on black tights and black heels for a win-win situation.  You'll look like you have longer legs AND you'll feel more "conservative" covering yourself up a bit.  I'm on the shorter side, and it was hot as balls outside so I went sans tights.  Whatevs, I do what I want! #sorryimnotsorry 
Moving on, my earrings for today's post are balla.  Yeah, no -er on that one, just goin' with "balla", ha!  These babies are beyond fab.  Actually, let me revise that statement.  Lorraine Tyne is beyond fab!  Their jewelry is legit.  I'm so proud to be an advocate for their amazing boutique.  FYI:  they're having a HUGE blowout sale right now so hit them up STAT by clicking HERE.  Most of their Joan & Jesula pieces are on sale for $10 with free US shipping!  Doesn't get much better than that...
Here's a full body shot for ya'll...

Dress:  c/o Spicy Avenue ($42)
Earrings:  c/o Lorraine Tyne ($25)
Shoes: Candie's via Kohl's - old
Clutch:  c/o Lily Rain

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Lorraine Tyne Jewelry

SUPER excited to officially blast my first post with Lorraine Tyne! They asked me to style their back-to-school lookbook a while back *pumps fists* I'm can't wait to show you guys all my looks. For today's post, I've styled a classic dress (courtesy of the fab brand, Talulah) with a stunning black and white statement necklace for you guys.  
I love the way it complements my neckline...
Oh, and FYI, I've featured Talulah twice already on SS!  If you missed the aforementioned posts, make sure to clicky HERE and HERE.  Make sure to hit their site up - their designs are seriously legit! 
A closer look at my necklace!  If you'd like to see more Lorraine Tyne designs, make sure to clicky HERE.  FYI:  they're currently hosting a huge blowout sale - most of their Joan & Jesula necklaces are $10 - so make sure you shop til you drop!

Necklace:  c/o Lorraine Tyne ($25)
Dress:  c/o Talulah
Shoes:  Candie's via Kohl's - old
Clutch:  c/o Handbag Heaven ($37.56)

PS.  Don't forget to enter my INTERNATIONAL giveaway with Rakani by clicking HERE to score a watch of your choice!


Playing with Crochet

For today's post, I've showcased a lovely crochet top courtesy of Chicwish.  This item is marketed as a dress, but it's way too short to wear it as one.  It's a really cute piece though! If you're looking for a new tunic, I highly recommend purchasing this top.  FYI:  it comes with a comfy under-tank.
I threw on a thin cocoon cardigan from Deb for warmth.  If you're looking for cute oversized cardigans, make sure to check them out by clicking HERE!  They have a bunch of affordably priced versions available.  
A closer look at my new multi-strand bracelet.  This stunning bracelet is mad unique!  Make sure to check out Anci Decor Jewelry for handmade jewelry.  Their minimalist designs are versatile and super easy to wear.  Clicky HERE to check them out...
A close-up of my gorgeous necklace courtesy of Lorraine Tyne...
Top:  c/o Chicwish ($38.17)
Cardigan:  c/o Deb
Jeggings:  Paige - old
Shoes:  c/o Deb
Bag:  c/o Chicwish ($50.92)
Necklace:  c/o Lorraine Tyne
Rings:  c/o Kristin Perry Accessories ($14)
Bracelet:  c/o AnciDecor