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Home + Living: Urban Outfitters Review

Soooo I've decided to start blogging about home + living.  I moved into a sweet new apartment way back and didn't decorate at all because I was too busy with life *shrugs* Nothing wrong with the minimalism, but I DO want to fancy up my crib. I thought I'd start by reviewing new apartment stuffs from Urban Outfitters.  OH, and I jacked these pics from the UO website.  I'll share my own with you guys later on.
1.  Three Tier Rolling Cart ($179) - To be honest, I'm a little bummed about this piece.  It looks SUPER cute online, but the quality's a bit "eh" in person.  As you can see, it's a circular cart with three wire-mesh shelves.  UO markets it as a bar cart, but it's definitely not sturdy enough to function as one IMO.  I had a really tough time putting it together because pieces weren't fitting right.  With that said, I'm keeping it because it has a cool vintage vibe, and it looks really good next to my piano.

2.  Acid Etched Letter ($12) - A faux-antique etched metal letter that you can place on a shelf or tabletop.  Cute for sure but a bit flimsy.  Keep in mind that it's made to look "imperfect". I only bought one, but I think a lot of people purchase full words.  I may actually get my full name - still debating, though.
3.  Glass Octagon Display Box ($39) - Love, love, LOVE this case.  This geo-shaped box has three glass shelves inside and is PERFECT for holding jewelry and/or other magical trinkets.  I totes recommend this piece. Looks way more expensive than it is!
4.  Firefly String Lights ($28) - Hm, I have mixed feelings about these lights.  They're super cute and all, but they're kind of pricy.  Hopefully they'll last for a while!  I'll be bummed if they burn out quickly.  The LED bulbs are surprisingly bright, and the copper wire's bendable so you can string it wherever.  It comes with a water-resistant electrical adapter.  FYI: these lights are only 15' long!

Have you guys shopped UO's apartment collection?  If not, where do you guys buy home stuffs?