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Artsy in Black & White

Beyond stoked to share today's post with you guys because everything's in B& you can see, ha. I know it doesn't seem like a huge deal, but it kind of is for me because I've never shared a blast like this before.  A huge thanks to Joseph D Tran for shooting these bamf photos!  He's definitely hella talented.  Oh, and by the way, I'm going to post the color versions tomorrow so make sure you check back and let me know which set you prefer!  
Anywho, I centered today's OOTD around another one of my bargain buys.  I stumbled upon this metallic ruffle mini online at and pretty much bought it instantly.  For those of you looking to get your online shop on, both Zara & ASOS offer free shipping + returns so you can order stuffs without thinking twice.  This piece is no longer available - no surprise since it was selling for $12.99 - but I'll be linking similar items below so make sure y'all get your scroll on!
Killer metallic minis that slay: 

On a related note, how do you guys feel about the whole metallic trend - are you into it or not so much? Are there any other styles you're digging as of late? I'm currently obsessed with statement sleeves.  I know everyone and their mom is sporting the look, but IDGAF - they're cute so I'm going to wear 'em all day, err day.  

OH, and one last thing before I leave you all.  Do you see the kickass wedges I'm wearing? Well, they're from Guilty Soles, andddd I'm currently hosting a giveaway with them.  All you have to do to enter is follow them on instagram via rafflecopter so get on it STAT!  PS.  there are a bunch of bonus entries available as well so make sure you take advantage.  If you need to buy kicks NOW, use code SENSIBLESTYLISTA25 to get an extra 25% off your purchase.
Dress:  Zara ($12.99) || Turtleneck:  Design History (similar) || Shoes:  Guilty Soles ($39.95) || Bag:  YSL
Photos shot by the amazing Joseph D Tran.

The Velvet Gown: Part 2

Feeling super sexy in today's latest, photographed by the beautiful Veronica Campbell of Voulez Boudoir.  I don't know if you guys remember, but I featured this dress on here a while back - it was green, and I shot it at Strathmore Mansion with Jared Wolfe.  If you missed it, you can see it here!
Anywho, we decided to do black on black for my latest.  I wasn't sure how the photos would come out, but Veronica did a truly incredible job.  For today's featured post, I styled my velvet amiclubwear dress with a fabulous vintagey statement necklace from Jwholesale.  Their jewelry is seriously goals! I talk about them on here all the time because I'm THAT much of a fan.  Where do you guys shop for accessories?
Other velvet pieces that'll blow you away:
Dress:  amiclubwear || Necklace:  JWholesale
Shot by Voulez Boudoir.

Editorial: Channeling My Inner Princess

I'm beyond pumped to share my latest post with you guys!  A few weeks back, I met up with Jared Wolfe for a fun collaboration at his studio in Alexandria, VA.  I got to channel my inner princess and dress up in a super pretty "gown" for the occasion - I say "gown" because it's actually a corset + tulle skirt combo.  I had a blast posing for this shoot because it's unlike anything I've ever done before! What do you guys think of these photos? Should I do more blasts like these or do you prefer my regular OOTDS?
Other tulle pieces that'll tickle your fancy:
Photos shot by the amazing Jared Wolfe.

Editorial: The Sexy Two-Piece

I'm pumped to share my second collab with Voulez Boudoir with you all today on SS.  I centered my latest around a sexy two-piece I got from amiclubwear a while back - available for $27.  They're known for "scandalous" rave garb, but they actually carry a lot of everyday stuff, too!  I've gotten a bunch of adorable sweater dresses, tops, and skirts here.  Many of their cocktail + maxi dresses are on point, too!  What do you guys think of their collection?
Other fabulous options for your browsing pleasure:

I don't know about you guys, but I will forever love two-piece outfit sets.  This design's perfect for GNO or date night.  It's bodycon so it pulls my body in in all the right places.  This outfit highlights the small of my waist creating the illusion of a fabulous hourglass figure and elongating my stems. I'm all about fashion illusions so this ensemble is a do on several different levels!  My confidence skyrockets every time I wear this out.  Do you have a go-to outfit when you're looking to impress?
Two-piece:  c/o amiclubwear ($27) || Jacket:  Off Saks Fifth || Bag:  YSL
Photos shot by the amazing Veronica Campbell of Voulez Boudoir.

Modeling for Main Street Ballroom

I'm super excited to tell you guys all about my latest adventure with Main Street Ballroom!  If you follow me on instagram, you've probably already seen behind-the-scene snaps via instastories.  I've been WAY more active with it all lately so make sure you come say hello.
Anywho, I had a really great time modeling for MSB - the building was absolutely beautiful and the creatives were all so ridiculously talented.  It was truly an honor to be involved!  For those of you located in the DMV + looking to rent event/wedding space, you need to check out Main Street Ballroom stat.
Based in historic Ellicott City, MD, Main Street Ballroom is the result of years of dreaming.  Owner Kate Ansari was planning her own wedding and was looking for a venue that felt like home.  She never did find a place with the perfect mix of style and flexibility, but six years after her big day, she finally found the venue she would have chosen.  Now, she's making it a reality for brides across Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania and Virginia.  ALL couples are welcome at Main Street Ballroom, regardless of race, religion or gender.
MSB combines the charm and character of a historic building with modern amenities, including a salon-style bridal suite with built in hair and makeup statements, a state of the art catering kitchen and newly constructed bathrooms.  Your special event will be 200% stress free with their policies. YOU are the only even on your special day aka you'll have access to the Ballroom all day long, no overage charges for extra hours, no hidden fees.  To book MSB, call 301.742.0399 or email them at to book a tour.
BTW, they have a list of amazing vendors who offer clients a discount!  Many preferred vendor lists are simply lists of companies who give kickbacks to spaces for recommending them.  MSB's cultivating the same list, but instead of keeping $$$ for themselves, they're passing 100% of that to their clients to get you the BEST deal possible.
Last but not least, a HUGE thanks to everyone involved in this shoot.  L.A. Birdie Photography, Mobtown Florals, Jewel Hair Design, Beauty by Jackie D, Elizabeth Cooper Design and Susie Saltzman.  Also, for those of you wondering, the other model is Andrea Youniss - such a gorgeous girl!

My Latest Designer Find: Obsessed with Alexis

Alright guys, by now, you all know that I was in Naples, FL for Christmas vacay - see my trip recaps here and here. While I was there, I got my shop on at Saks and bought a few things for myself - hashtag treat yoself!  I was beyond thrilled to find Alexis hanging in their sale racks.  I'm a huge fan of their designs so I was over the moon when I discovered this gorgeous dress!
Everything about this dress is a do.  It fits me like a glove and oozes quality! I seriously can't get over how fabulous the design is.  I mean, just look at the sleeves - aren't they ridiculously adorable?  Who else loves Alexis?  
 Other fabulous Alexis piece I'm currently lusting for:

Shot by the amazingly talented Jared Wolfe.

Editorial: Prickly Thorn, but Sweetly Worn

Hey guys, it's time for another editorial on SS.  I'm beyond pumped to share today's post with you guys - it's the first of three fabulous shoots I did with the incredible Jared Wolfe in his new studio in Alexandria, VA.  His work is always amazing, but these shots are my favorite by far!  I can't wait to show you guys the rest!  Stay tuned for lots of awesome things to come.
I'm wearing so many of my favorites in today's post.  I told you guys all about my boots HERE a while back so let's skip that and start with my new statement necklace courtesy of JWholesale!  I can't even begin to tell you guys how cute this piece is. I own a bajillion of their baubles, but this takes the cake, and it's even cuter in person!
My new dress is from Gentle Fawn.  You guys should be familiar with them already - since I've featured them on SS several times in the past - but if you need a refresher, they're all about steeze (style + ease).  Their designs are effortlessly fashionable and ooze quality with their fabrics and construction.  I seriously want everything they sell! Have you guys come across their brand in stores yet?
Other fabulous tunic-dresses for your browsing pleasure (under $75):
Shoes:  AMICLUBWEAR || Necklace:  c/o JWholesale || Dress:  c/o Gentle Fawn
Shot by the amazing Jared Wolfe.  To book a session with him, hit him up here.

Strolling Around Dumbarton Oaks

Alright guys, I'm pumped to share a stylish work friendly ensemble with y'all today on SS.  I re-featured one of my favorite dresses because I'm all sorts of sensible (I featured it here back in the day if you're interested).  I paired it with my fave faux-leather jacket, accessorized with a bold necklace, and threw on animal print booties to up my print game.  I can't even begin to tell you guys how much wear I'm getting out of these babies.  They seriously up my style game tenfold!
Shop my look (featuring pieces from varying price points):

A closer look at my necklace from J Wholesale!  Statement jewelry will always be a weakness of mine. That and designer bags...and shoes, ha.  What your favorite accessory?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.
 Dress:  c/o Stitch Fix || Necklace:  J Wholesale || Jacket:  Donna Degnan || Shoes:  Nine West (similar)
Shot by the spectacular Jared Wolfe.

Strawberry Fields Forever

I'm so beyond excited to partner up with Jared Wolfe again on SS for my latest.  I absolutely love working with him - he has an incredible eye, and his style's super distinct. I feel like I could spot his work anywhere!  If you're interested in working with him, hit him up here.  He just opened a new studio in DC so it should be fun times all around!
Anywho, for today's OOTN, I styled a fun going out look for you guys.  I (unfortunately) don't have a dress link for y'all, but I'll make sure to share other cute options for you guys below so scroll, scroll, scroll.

Other sexy dress options for you guys (all under $50):

My neckline's already hella fancy so I accessorized with bold statement earrings instead of a pretty necklace as per usual.  I got these earrings from Charlotte Russe back in the day, and they STILL look fab.  I expected them to change color and whatnot, but they're good as new.  They're no longer available online (since I bought them years ago), but here are other affordable styles for your browsing pleasure:


Editorial: Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Yay! It's time for another fabulous editorial on SS.  Today's look is hella fancy because, well, I felt like getting dolled up for you guys.  I decided to play around with metallics for my latest since I'm a fan of all things shiny, ha. I centered my OOTN around an old dress that I got from Diva NY a few years back.  I seriously need to hit them up again because their clothing was super cute!  Oh how I envy you NY-ers.  I'll have to make a trip up soon!
Anywho, I paired my dress with a BAMF moto jacket (featured here not too long ago) and accessorized with killer heels and a fierce choker.  I can't get enough of chokers as of late, and my go-to jewelry store, JWholesale, has the most a-ma-zing selection.  I recently got a big shipment in the mail, and I seriously love everything.  If you're looking for solid jewelry on the cheap, you need to check them out STAT!  Trust me, you won't be disappointed.
A closer look at my necklace!  How do you guys feel about the whole choker trend - is it a do or a don't?  And on that note, what kind of jewelry do you prefer: dainty or bold?
 Other fabulous cocktail dresses I NEED:

 Choker:  c/o Jwholesale || Dress:  Diva NY || Jacket:  BCBG || Bag:  YSL || Shoes:  Castro
Shot by the amazingly talented Jared Wolfe!