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Cute Alleyways in Georgetown

Soooo, funny (but not so funny) story about this outfit.  Sung and I finished shooting it fairly quickly, and I was super happy because the photos looked bomb, BUT while we were walking back to his car, I tripped and completely ripped the skirt to shreds.  It was SO sad! My right heel tore the entire bottom off. You guys have no idea how bummed I was.  It was one of my absolute favorites so I was nearly in tears, BUT luckily ASOS still had my size in stock - and they were on sale for $20ish - so I just bought another one.  I totally lucked out!
Anywho, today's featured OOTD was actually something I wore to a cool event in DC.  Diet Coke threw an awesome party at Longview Gallery a few weeks back, and this was my outfit of the night. I've been going to way more events as of late!  I've been having a blast making new friends and exploring more of the DMV.  I'm actually thinking about covering more events on SS.  Is that something you guys would be interested in? Make sure y'all leave me a comment below with your thoughts.
Since this kickass skirt is only available in size 4 on ASOS, I wanted to link you guys to other fabulous styles they carry!  Here are a bunch I've been lusting for:

Also, for those of you interested, I featured this skirt HERE a while back.  Click to see how I first wore it on Sensible Stylista.  If you want to see more of my remixed looks, click here.  I have an entire section dedicated to 'em in my gallery section.
Skirt:  ASOS ($22) || Bag:  YSL (look for less) || Jacket:  Ann Taylor Factory Outlet (similar) || Top: BCBG (another cute crop) || Necklace:  JWholesale || Shoes:  Aldo (similar-ish)
Photos by the amazing Sung Shin!


  1. Love your statement necklace!


  2. Beautiful outfit . . . the second shot really shows off the necklace. Definitely should cover more events in the DMV as would like to hear about what you find interesting in the area. Michael

  3. I am so jel of that skirt!! It looks stunning on you! <3


  4. Aww haha glad you were able to find a replacement skirt after tearing through it :) It's so cute and I love how the entire look has both a soft (with the pink) and edgy (with the jacket) feel to it!

  5. Love your outfit! The skirt and top is so stylish and glamorous. :)

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer =D You're the sweetest~

  6. Nice style doll :) Pretty looking :)

  7. I absolutely adore that jacket, so so beautiful great skirt and looking so pretty:-)

  8. That's too bad about the skirt. :/ I'm glad you were able to find a replacement for a good price.

  9. Kimberly, I love your style here. I certainly love this skirt the most of all pieces here. Equal love goes for the jacket, cropped top, and the peep-toe booties. Your smile and hairstyle are lovely. The alleyways aren't the only cute thing in this blog post- you are very cute and stylish here. Lovely post, Kimberly.

  10. Love the skirt !