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Look for Less: The MIlly Bikini - Triangl Swimwear

Alright guys, I know it's been a while since I last did one of these posts but better late than never, right?  Super excited to share today's look for less!  I'm sure y'all have seen the famous Milly bikini from Triangl Swimwear at some point.

Definitely one of the SEXIEST swimsuits I've seen.  Love at first sight for sure, ha!  The black trim = so fancy.  This stunning two-piece is available for $89 + a flat rate of $20 for shipping.  $109 for a fab two-piece isn't unreasonable per se, BUT I found y'all an AMAZING alternative on +OASAP and just had to share.  It looks exactly like the Milly, and I own it so I can vouch for the quality.

I featured it HERE last summer! Here's a pic from the post...
It's actually my favorite swimsuit!  Heads up, the Oasap version is NOT neoprene - just letting you know!  If you're lookin' for that specific material, go with the Triangl version.  This stunning suit is available HERE in different colors for $18.77 + free shipping.  FYI:  shipping takes 10-25 days so remember to be patient.