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Fevrie Fashion

Happy new year, errbody!  Thank you all so much for your support - it really does mean the world to me.  If you guys have any requests at all, please don't hesitate to let me know!  I always love hearing from y'all - feedback's crucial for sure, and I'm always lookin' to improve my blog.  One should always strive for more *grins*  Anywho, let's get down to bidness and talk FASHION!  I've featured a gorgeous checkered dress from +Fevrie  today on SS.  This piece is mad flattering - the print adds a magical multi-dimensional effect when worn.  The cinched waist pulls you in, accentuating the small of your waist.  Clicky HERE to purchase one for yourself.  OH, and make sure to use code SENSIBLESTYLISTA to get an extra 45% off your purchase.  Valid until 1/31/15. 
An indoor shot for you guys!  I find it tough to take shots inside.  Lighting's always an issue.  Fortunately, this pic doesn't look too shabby.
A full body shot for you guys...
A closer look at my +Nashelle necklace...
Shoes:  c/o Sole + Luster ($38)
Dress:  c/o Fevrie
Bag:  YSL
Necklace:  c/o Nashelle

The Pleated Skater

Super excited to share today's post with you guys!  I've been having a blast shooting pics outdoors.  I hope you guys have been enjoying my scenic shots *crosses fingers* Anywho, I'll be telling you guys all about my new dress courtesy of +Deb Shops...
This stunning skater dress is available here for $17.50 (originally $35).  The lace illusion neckline is beyond cute, and the pleated skirt flatters like whoa.  Super comfy, too!  I styled the dress with a BAMF faux-leather moto jacket for edge.  Y'all know how much I love juxtaposing vibes.
A closer look at details...
I went easy on jewelry because of the gorg lace neckline.  My fab necklace is from +Nashelle.  Such a beautiful piece.  Dainty accessories FTW!  
Dress:  c/o Deb ($17.50)
Bag:  YSL
Jacket:  Ann Taylor Factory Outlet - old
Shoes:   Nine West Factory Outlet - old
Necklace:  c/o Nashelle

Glittery Bow Heels

I'm very excited to share a fun work-friendly look with you guys.  I centered today's outfit around my new printed blouse from Blackfive.  I wanted to jack up the fun-factor so I styled it with my polka-dot pencil from Forever 21.  I then threw on a classy faux-leather jacket for warmth.  I bought this piece WAY back in the day at the Ann Taylor Factory Outlet for about $20 - hashtag bargain buy FTW!
A closer look at my Le Bunny Bleu kicks.  These heels are RIDICULOUSLY cute!  Definitely the highlight of today's ensemble.  You guys need to cop these STAT.  I'm not playin' around here. These shoes are mad comfy and ERMERGERD THEY HAVE BOWS!  Need I say more?  Do yourself a favor and buy these NOW!  OH, and use code LBB_Sensible to get an extra 25% off your purchase.  Offer valid until Nov. 23rd~
Oh, and it was mad sunny out so I wore these trendy cat-eyes!  They're available at Sunglass Spot for $5 (!!!!)  Talk about bang for your buck!
 An overhead shot of my heels!  *grins*
I know you guys already saw a full body pic, but I just had to share this.  Daisy looks SO adorable. Cutest photobomber ever!  

Skirt:  Forever 21
Shoes:  c/o Le Bunny Bleu ($65)
Shirt:  c/o BLACKFIVE ($22.99)
Jacket:  Ann Taylor Factory Outlet
Bag:  Prada - gifted
Necklace:  c/o Nashelle
Sunnies:  c/o Sunglass Spot

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PSS.  Make sure to check out my fave polka-dot picks below!  All under $25 *pumps fist*

The Printed Shirt Dress

Stoked to feature a work-friendly look for you guys today on the blog!  This fab OASAP shirt dress is a serious must-have, especially for all you young professionals.  The print is on point! Make sure you pick one up for yourself by clicking HERE.  FYI:  it comes with a chain-link belt so you can highlight your waist.  
I wanted to look extra classy today so I carried my gorgeous dome satchel (from Paul's Boutique). It always makes me feel mad sophisticated.  YAY for polished me, hardy har har.  You guys need to check out their collection STAT.  Their bags are seriously legit.  They're like the Kate Spade of the UK!
Details, details, details...a closer look at my dainty Nashelle necklace.  If any of you guys are fans of Gorjana, I guarantee you'll LOVE Nashelle.  Browse their collection HERE...
Arm parties FTW!  My gorgeous bracelets are from Fjord and Charlotte Russe.  Oh, and my watch is from Daniel Wellington.  If you're looking for new timewear, make sure to check them out! Especially since I have a sick discount code for you guys.  Enter SENSIBLESTYLIST at checkout to receive an extra 15% discount - valid until the end of August.  

Watch:  c/o Daniel Wellington
Bracelets:  c/o Fjord + Charlotte Russe
Dress:  c/o OASAP ($25.90)
Bag:  c/o Paul's Boutique
Shoes:  Nine West Factory Outlet - old
Necklace:  c/o Nashelle

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The Trendy Evening Gown

For today's second post, I've featured a stunning dress courtesy of Chicwish.  This beautiful number is the perfect mix of glam, trendy, and romantic!  I wish I could wear it for performances - I'm a classical pianist by day - but it's a little short!  I'll have to save it for a fancy event, YAY!
I accessorized with my edgy studded clutch from Handbag Heaven, and threw on a dainty necklace from Nashelle.  I hope you guys aren't sick of seeing me carry my HH clutch, ha!  It's a staple so I feature it often.  
OH, and the BEST part is *drum rolls* my new snake ear cuff from Kristin Perry Accessories. Isn't it absolutely stunning?  I'm obsessed!  Clicky HERE if you'd like to cop one for yourself...
Another close up for you guys...

Necklace:  c/o Nashelle
Cuff:  c/o Kristin Perry Accessories ($20)
Dress:  c/o Chicwish ($59.42)
Shoes:  Candie's via Kohl's - old
Clutch:  c/o Handbag Heaven ($37.56)