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American Honey

Soooo, it's been a while since I last updated.  I've been away teaching at a music festival so things have been hectic.  I hope you guys understand!  Just bear with me for the next two weeks.  I promise I'll be much more consistent towards the end of the month!  Anywho, for today's OOTD I featured a GORGEOUS vintage floral maxi skirt from BCBG.  I found it in my mom's closet (WIN!) and just HAD to style it.  I paired the piece with a gorg v-neck from MeUndies.  Their tees are beyond comfy - super lightweight!  FYI:  also available in 8 other colors.  If you're looking for classic tees, these tops are for you.  
 A closer look at my necklace and tee...
OH, and I'm super excited to partner up with Paul's Boutique for today's post.  Their bags are seriously legit.  Think Kate Spade.  Sophisticated yet fun with trendy detailing.  Make sure to check their collection out by clicking HERE...
Skirt:  Vintage BCBG 
Shoes:  c/o Deb ($9.95)
Bag:  c/o Paul's Boutique ($137.50)
Necklace:  Off Saks Fifth
Tee:  c/o MeUndies ($25)

PS.  Don't forget to enter my INTERNATIONAL giveaway with Trask to win a pair of $258 sandals by clicking HERE!